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Hey there everyone!

Although I'm not completely new to blogging, I am new to working with other companies and blogs. Even if I am new to this, I love it! I love talking to and learning from other writers.  Now, I want to expand and grow my blog even more, and I would love to help you grow your blog or business too! 

Like I said, I am new to blogging as a means other than a "personal diary", and although I have only recently started paying attention to my "stats", I feel that they're pretty respectable...

As of October 17, 2013:

GFC Followers: 165
Blog views: 28,027
Pinterest Followers: 1,262
Twitter Followers:  239
Bloglovin' Follwers:  255
Facebook Fans:  989
Google+ Followers: 181

Like I said, "respectable"...I know that some of my stats are small, but I look forward to growing my blog and would love to work with you to do so!  Check out my ad spaces below, and check out my blog, I bet it would be the perfect place for you to advertise! 

I am also working with companies such as Sverve, Influenster, and more recently, ShareASale. Looking to grow your small business? Let me review your product! I love trying new things!

Any questions?  You can email me at mystayathomemamalife@yahoo.com 

*All profits from advertising will go back into my blog.*


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