Wordless(ish) Wednesday! - Play Time!

Hey there Lovelies!  I know, I KNOW I've been gone for so long!  What can I say?  I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from the blog writing!  But, I'll be working on getting back into it!
Today?  I'm working on getting back into blogging....slowly.  By cheating, just a little bit, and "writing" a Wordless Wednesday post ;) 
Because who doesn't love pictures??!

The past few weeks, we've been dealing with the heat and humidity around here!
One day, we hung out at a local playground all morning, with one huge playdate with Princess's Home Headstart group!

And thennnnnnnn, one day (well, evening) we headed out to the Circus that was in town, and my parents came too!  As you can imagine, the kiddos were showered with cotton candy, popcorn, and bright light-up toys!  LOL!

Ohhhhh and did I forget to mention?  S (the hubby) was dragged onto stage by a clown with a bunch of other guys!  LOL!  He did all sorts of funny stuff!  I laughed SO. HARD!!!!

The picture is all crazy LOL!  I (kinda) blame the clown that we had take the picture!

So that's it for now Lovelies, sorry it's so short!  BUT you can find me on Instagram now!  So if you'd like to see pictures like this ALL the time, check me out! :)
I hope you all have a wonderful day, and trust me, I'll be around more often!

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