Where Have We Been?!

Alright Lovelies, you may or may not have noticed, but I took a wicked hiatus from blogging.
For a long time.
Or you could call it "writers block".

BUT, the important thing, is that I'm working my butt off trying to get back into the swing of things.

Because I DON'T already have enough on my plate this month!

First:  you maybe want to know what's been going on with me and the fam?

Dude started Pre-School back in September, and he loves school with a passion!  It's two full days a week for him and he has been learning so much that I'm surprised every day!  The other day, my almost 5 year old told me what a hexagon and an octagon are.  Crazy.  And yup, his birthday is in a few days, so I'm kind of freaking out that my baby will be 5! Lets not talk about the fact that he's gone through a major growth spurt recently and he's so tall he's almost up to my chest!

Princess, who will be turning 3 (!!!) at the end of the month, is now ridiculously contrary, a picky eater, the sweetest thing imaginable, and also loves school!  Because she of course comes with me when I drop off and pick up Dude at school, so she gets to experience some of the classroom and the playground.  I've been trying to get Hubs to be ok with sending Princess to a type of school program through Community Concepts, but he thinks that she should wait until she's a little bit older.  I, however, am going to keep working at it, because I continuously see how much Princess loves "school"!

For Hubs and I?  Oh well, that's a whole bunch of crazy right there.  I recently started working again, two nights a week, Deer Hunting Season just started so Hubs is out an about a lot.  Last Spring, Hubs and I had applied for a Home Loan to buy the house that we are currently renting, but we got denied.  Which sucked at the time, but things have turned around drastically!  We acquired a piece of land, and are planning on building our own house next Spring! 

Aside from all of that, there is a million other things that are going on around here.  Between planning for birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping, I'm going to have tons of things to write about, including the trip that we took to California this summer to visit Hubs' parents and to take the kiddos to Disney!

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful week so far, my week is going to be jam-packed with a million things to do!  But right now, I HAVE to start getting ready for my day....which means finally getting dressed and getting the kiddos ready for school and errands! 
Look forward to lots more blog posts from me during the month!

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