Wedding Post #3!!!!! The Ceremony!!

Let's just say, that between life, in general, and kiddos, and being in the process of buying a house......I'm sorry that I haven't gotten around to it yet?

There is so much to tell you about the actual ceremony and the reception!!! 

WARNING:  This post will have a lot of pictures :D

Where did I leave off?  Hmmmmm.....Well, as most of you likely know, S and I got married last August, and now that our 6 YEAR ANNIVERASRY of actually being a couple is only a few days away, this is prime time to talk about our wedding!  (Sorry about the gushing).  You can read the first two blogs that I wrote about the wedding here, with the set-up , and here, with the Pre-Ceremony !

The music that we had playing during the whole time that guests were arriving?  Well, it's a long list, and S and I wanted to make sure that we had a good mix of cute/lovey, and "fun" music, but here you go:

Making memories of us: The Hit Crew
Cowboy take me away: The Dixie Chicks
What a Beautiful Day: Chris Cagle
Crazy Girl: Eli Young Band
Amarillo by Morning: George Strait
Hard to Love: Lee Brice
I don't want to miss a thing: Aerosmith
Ladies love country boys: Trace Adkins
Different kind of love: Zac Brown Band
Check yes or no: George Strait
Safe and Sound: Taylor Swift
When you say nothing at all: Keith Whitley
Waitin on a woman: Brad Paisley
Toes: Zac Brown Band
Whatever it is: Zac Brown Band

and we told the woman who was running the music for us, that just before everyone knew that I was about to come out, that they should put "Waitin on a woman" back on ;)

Right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle?

I was a complete freaking mess.

I was telling people when to walk, I was trying to just hang out with my dad, there were kiddos running all over the place....

But I was in Heaven :D

I was standing in my mom and dads kitchen, where I have spent numerous hours of my life, and loving every moment of it!!!

Again, a blur............  Ss parents walked out, my mom walked out with my brother, KT and the kiddos walked out.....

The music that we had for the for the processional was:

I won't let go: Rascal Flatts
Lost in this moment: Big and Rich (which I have always LOVED as a wedding song, and wanted to make sure that I incorporated into our wedding!)

and then.....my dad and I walked out.

I get emotional talking about it, there is no way that I'm going to be able to write about it.

The most perfect music was playing, I could see my family out of the corners of my eyes, I had the biggest, most stupid smile on my face, and all I was looking at was S, underneath the birch tree arch that he had made with my dad.

My song, that I walked to the aisle with?  Oh my goodness, I get tears in my eyes, still, when I hear it....

I walked to "Then" by Brad Paisley.  I have loved this song since it came out, and I actually made sure to time it so that I would be walking up to the arch as the beautiful piano/guitar solo at the end of the song was playing!

I can't even begin to describe how happy I was, the biggest smile on my face the whole time, and just seeing the same huge smile on Ss face, the whole thing was like a dream!

My dad and my mom gave me away, and we had a relative of mine as our Officiant!

Our Vows

Welcome on behalf of S___ and C_____, thank you all for being here to share their special day with them as they pledge their love to one another.

Who gives this woman to be married to this man?

My dad said, "Her mother and I"

As S___ and C_____ stand before us today to openly declare their love and commitment to one another, they would like to acknowledge their parents whose love, support, and nurturing are such an essential part of who they are today.  May you take great pride in the fact that the seeds of love you have planted in S___ and C_____ will flourish in the formation of this new family today.

S___ speaks his vows.
I promise to love you for your imperfections as well as the good things. 
I promise to always come home to you. 
I promise to love you to the fullest extent possible for the rest of my days. 
I promise to always have your back in front of the kids, even when I disagree. 
I promise to try my best to remember the important dates. 
And lastly, I promise to finish you off quickly if you are ever bitten by a zombie.

And yes, everyone laughed!

C_____ speaks her vows.
I promise to always defend you.
I promise to support your dreams, idea, and endeavors, but also tell you when they're kinda crazy. 
I promise to not make your "honey-do" list too long. 
I promise to deal with your obsession with boats, fishing, hunting, and guns, somewhat patiently.  And lastly, I promise to fold and put away your laundry in a timely manner.

And yes, everyone laughed :)

S___, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love, honor, and cherish her, and in all respects, to be a faithful husband as long as you both shall live?

Of course he said, I do!

C_____, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love, honor, and cherish him, and in all respects to be a faithful wife as long as you both shall live?

Of course I said, I do!

rings are handed out:

Ancient civilizations saw the circle as a symbol for eternity.  With no beginning and no end, the circle came back to itself representing life.  The hole in the circle represented a doorway to the future leading to both the known and the unknown.  The tradition of wearing a circle of love wedding ring on the left hand comes from the Romans who believed that there is a vein, called "vena amoris" or vein of love that goes from the left hand's fourth finger to the heart, making it symbolic of love.  Today, wedding rings represent the circle of love eternal between two people and provide a symbol of an endless bond.

S: C_____, with this ring I thee wed.

The funny thing?  Because of the heat we had to seriously push that ring on to my finger! LOL!

C: S___, with this ring I thee wed.

I was shaking so bad the entire time!

S___ and C_____, since you have entered into this honorable estate of matrimony by mutual promises as witnessed by your family and friends, by the power vested in me by the state of Maine, I pronounce you husband and wife.  S___, you may kiss your bride!

S and I kissed for a long time.  We started to get comments from the crowd.  LOL!  But it was a great kiss, we were both so happy, and the comments from the crowd?  They were far from disapproving!!!!!  :D


It is my privilege and pleasure to present for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. S___ F____!!!!!!!!  :D

As much as I might dislike the thought of saying the word "obey" in my wedding vows, I'm still old fashioned enough that I wanted to be introduced as "Mrs. F____"  ;)

Our recessional song?  It was "Are you gonna kiss me or not" by Thompson Square!

It was, basically, exactly what S and I had wanted for our wedding!!  Short, Sweet, to the point, and full of laughter!  But serious all at the same time :)

Are you ready for the pictures?



<3 <3 <3
Look for my next blog post in a few weeks about our reception and after party!!!!  <3

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  1. I'm a sucker for weddings. It's so nice to see/read about a couple in love and doing it "right" I hope we all have/find it one day.