The Dead Pig Situation

Yes, you read that right, we have a "dead pig situation."

Back in late February, early March, S and Dude went out for a walk, rabbit hunting, and found a dead pig.....that had been shot in the face.

That's really, really, horrible, sucky, crappy, horrible, traumatizing, and horrible again.......

It all started on a cold morning, that I was most likely all about S taking Dude out for a walk in the woods (so I could get some peace and quiet), to do some rabbit hunting, and it ended with a major problem.

As S and Dude were walking on a snowmobile trail about 2 miles away from our house, S saw a blood trail, consisting of spots, that he decided to follow....because what else would you do?  Of course he wanted to see what was going on, I get it.

S and Dude followed the blood trail for approximately 2 miles before S noticed that the blood trail led off into the woods.  Being the cautious dad that he is, S told Dude to STAY WHERE HE WAS (Dude has done this a lot with S, and Dude has always done as he was told), and followed the blood trail off the snowmobile track (making sure that he could see Dude always of course).

NOT the blood trail that they found, but how a blood trail would look in the snow....

Did Dude listen this time?  Of course not, he's 3 years old.  Perfect.

What did S see just as Dude was coming up behind him?  A pig, maybe less than a year old, that had been shot in the face.  A dead pig that my little son then saw......

Where do I go from here?  Do I tell you about how Dude has spent a lot of time with pigs because my mom and dad raised them (for meat)?   Do I tell you about how Dude has, of course, seen dead animals because he has gone hunting with S on numerous occasions?   Do we wonder about why a pig had been dragged into the woods and then shot?

Let's go over all of that.....

My parents got baby pigs to raise in early 2012 (for the second time), and they took Dude along to get the pigs, a great adventure for Dude because he got to help put the pigs into their new pen.  Dude knew from the beginning that these two pigs would be raised for bacon, porkchops, etc...c'mon people, yes we raise animals for eating, and yes, we told Dude the truth about these animals from the beginning to try and get him acquainted with the idea.  We had known that it might be hard, and confusing for Dude, but we also know that it is a lesson that he has to learn.  When Fall time came around, we made sure to tell Dude that when we went to my parents house, the pigs wouldn't be there anymore, because they had gone off to be turned into bacon, porkchops, sausage, etc and that we would be having that bacon for breakfast.  No problem was had whatsoever.  Honestly.  Dude got the concept.

About the dead animals that Dude has seen while hunting with S?  Of course if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that S always takes Dude out hunting, that we have guns in our house, that Dude knows how to handle a gun....this would of course, lead to that fact that Dude has seen a dead animal.  S has shot squirrels, rabbits, and a deer, all of which (except the squirrel) Dude has seen skinned and has eaten, and has known very well where the meat has come from.  I point out also, that Dude has NEVER had a problem with the animals that his daddy has shot, killed, skinned, and eaten.

And then, the last topic.... why on EARTH would someone have shot a pig and then dragged it all the way out into the woods, to then leave it in the middle of nowhere?

This pig had been shot in the face!  Had it been killed because it was sick?  Because it was a runt?  We have no idea to this day as to why someone would have shot this pig, then put it in a grain bag, and dragged it along the snowmobile trail, and left it in the middle of the woods.....it makes me so sad!

We called the Game Warden, and we were told that because it was a domestic animal that they could do nothing!  We called the local Animal Control, but because it was the middle of Winter and they did not have access to a snowmobile there was nothing they could do about the situation!  What the hell!?

Dude came back from that excursion talking about the dead pig he saw, and honestly, he hasn't stopped since.

For months, he told anyone and everyone that he saw about the dead pig, and I had to explain to everyone what had happened.  It was horrible!  He talked about it so much, that I had to start telling him to STOP talking about it!

In hindsight, I wonder if I shouldn't have made him stop, maybe, if I hadn't made a big deal out of it, it wouldn't still be such a big deal now.

There have been nights that Dude has woken up with nightmares, telling us about a dead pig.

That sucks.

To this day, even though the dead pig isn't talked about all the time (like it was a few months ago), it still comes up at random times, and it makes me so sad that my son, my 3 year old son, who, even though is acquainted with hunting and what it means to hunt an animal and then EAT said animal, is still talking about the dead pig that he saw dead for no reason.

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday! - Town Fair!

Yup, the town fair!  You know, that one that you absolutely LOVE as a kid, but when you get older you realize how pretty lame and dirty it is?  And then you have kids of your own, so you take them and fall in love with the fair all over again because you see how happy and excited your kids get.... yup, that town fair!  :D

Both the kiddos played games and won toys, we hung out in the Maple Sugar Shack, had hot dogs and french fries for supper, and Dude got to ride tons of rides! 

I'm looking forward to taking the kiddos back to the fair later this week to see the animals, and S and I are going to have a date night later this week, but I absolutely love watching the kiddos get so excited over the rides and games :)

S helping Dude with the dart game <3

I took Princess through the Fun House, and no, she didn't like the huge turning wheel at the end :P


LOOK at that smile!  She was SOOOOO excited to be on the Merry-Go-Round!!!  <3

Can you make out the look of terror on Dudes face?  LOL! 
He wanted to go again though as soon as we got to the end!

And yes, I rode on the Merry-Go-Round too :)
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Monday Mingling Blog Hop #33!!! I'm Co-Hosting!!!

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Spoil Me Giveaway!!! Hosted by Funny Postpartum Lady!!!

Sponsored by:

With the kids back in school (for those of us with school aged kids) and the Fall weather starting to show it's beautiful face, I thought it was fine time for a giveaway just for ME! Well, really just for you but you get the sentiment. I have teamed up with some great Sponsors and Bloggers to bring you this FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! 
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Kiddos Reading Material #4 - Going to School / Fall Time!

I KNOW it's been a while since I've written one of these for you, but hey! It was summer time!
There were so many books that we read this summer, that I should probably go back and write about all of those for you!  BUT, it's Fall now (maybe not exactly where you live, but here in Maine, the nights are getting chilly and I'm honestly seeing some leaves changing!) and Fall means apples, pumpkins, pretty colored leaves, and going to school! (Well, for kiddos at least. I know it means lots of other things to adults!)  But with the weather changing and Dude heading off to preschool soon, I've pulled out our Fall books, and loaded up on "going to school" books for the kiddos.

So on to the books!

The first one is: "Fall"  a bright baby touch and feel book.

I bought this book for Dude when he was a baby, and he loved it!  Needless to say, Princess loves it too!  There is something to touch on every page, with illustrations of a turkey, cranberries, pumpkins, and the super soft squirrel.  Every time Princess opens this book, she goes right to the "walk" page and says "WALK"  Obviously she loves it when we all go on walks together!

One of my favorite Fall books is: "Fletcher and the Falling Leaves" by Julia Rawlinson and illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke.

MAYbe I'm biased because of the title, but I LOVE this book!  Fletcher is a young fox, who gets confused when his favorite tree starts "changing".  He gets really sad when the leaves start falling off, and he tries to "help" his favorite tree by "putting the leaves back on" and by asking the other animals of the forest to help him.  Finally all of the leaves fall off, and Fletcher takes the last one home to keep it safe.....then Fletcher is very surprised the next morning when he sees his favorite tree covered in frost!  But he is in awe of how beautiful his favorite tree looks!  A sweet, loving book about the changing of the season!  And the illustrations are wonderfully done in watercolors, which you probably all know that I'm a fan of!  AND there are books about every season with Fletcher!
Then there is: "Apples and Pumpkins" by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell.
With large, easy to read words, this would be a great book for kiddos learning to read, or just starting to identify words.  It's all about a kiddo that goes to a farm with her parents, sees the chickens, gets to pick her own apples, gets to pick her own pumpkin, and then there is even a few pages about Halloween at the end! 
Now on to the "going to school" books!  (Excuse my while I choke up for a second....)
I never in a million years, when I thought of having kiddos and all that it would entail, even came close to imagining the extreme emotions of your kiddo going to school!  Never, I never imagined it would be like this.  And like I've mentioned before, Dude is only going to 2 HALF DAYS A WEEK!  *sigh*
My, by far, favorite book about school is: "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn and illustrated by Ruth E. Harper & Nancy M. Leak.


Now, for a moment of ridiculous honesty.....I first fell in love with this book when I was 17.  Yup, you read that right.  I was in high school, working in a bookstore (craziness, I know) when I realized that the kiddos section for books was the place to be because the artwork was amazing!  (Yes, at the time, I was doing a lot of art, and found a lot of inspiration in the illustrations of kids books.)    I cried the first time I read this book.  For many reason.  The story is about Chester the Raccoon, who is starting school, but is sad because he doesn't want to miss his mom and all of the great things that he gets to do at home.  So, his mom places a kiss on his palm and tells him that it is a magical kiss, and whenever he misses her, he can put his hand to his face, and feel his mothers kiss.  *SOB*  It didn't help that at the end of the book, the mom makes the sign for "I love you"....why didn't that help?  Because my mom would always make that sign to my brother and I as we left on the school bus....hell, she still does that to this day as we drive away from the house.  As you can maybe tell, when I was 17 and the thought that I would be leaving home soon was really hitting me hard, I was feeling ridiculously sentimental.  REGARDless, the book is awesome! I bought this book for Dude before he was even born!  And Princess was given her own copy as well!  It is full of love, yet encouraging your child to try new things that you know they will love....like school.   *sob*

Then there is: "My First Day at Nursery School" by Becky Edwards and illustrated by Anthony Flint.

Another book about a child that doesn't want to go to school because she will miss her mom!  Throughout the book she doesn't want to try any of the things that she can do at school....like paint, play instruments, or do crafts, etc. etc.....she only wants her mommy!  By the end of the book, the child has tried everything...and you guessed it!  She loves school!  And doesn't want to leave when her mommy shows up at the end of the day!  I'm sure many of you have experienced this, and I'm sure that I will too!  Another book that encourages your child, and shows them that they need to try new things.
There are soooo many wonderful books out there about the season, and school, and all of the things that kiddos can do outside and what they will love about school, there is obviously no way that I would be able to tell everyone about them all!  These are just a few of our family favorites to maybe get you started! 
But, here are some more that you can check out!!!

Hope you all have (are having!) a wonderful Fall!

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