In One Week I Will Be a MRS!!

That's right people!! Right now as I'm writing this, it is 1:24pm....
which means that at this time in one week, S and I will be married! 
Eeeeek!!  :D

I've been ridiculously girly about this, I get giddy for goodness sakes!  I get butterflies in my stomach when I talk to people about it, I have random people talking to me about it (as in the tellers at the bank!), I have a constantly running list in my head....and although I have not turned into a Bridezilla, I AM starting to get somewhat stressed!

Plans are all set, we're picking up the last few things that we need, and spending a lot of time on all of the little things that need to be done.

Wedding dress?  Picked up!  I still have to restrain myself from going up to my moms house and just putting it on every day!
Dress Blues?  Picked them up from the dry cleaners yesterday!  I CAN NOT wait to see my handsome man at the end of the aisle!
Playlist?  Done and arranged!
Decorations?  We just have to pick the wildflowers the day before!
Wedding sweatshirt?  It's arrived and I have to restrain myself from wearing it!
Caterer?  Confirmed and paid for!
Drinks?  We're going to put in the order by Monday!

Other than that?  Well, the tent is going to be put up on Friday and it's just the decorating, arranging, and rehearsal that we have to do!

S and my dad built the arch that we're going to be married underneath and it's SO BEAUTIFUL!  It's so cute and amazing all of the things that my parents have done around their house and to their yard, it's going to look so beautiful!

Basically....both S and I are so freaking excited!  I wish that I could post some pictures for you of the things that we've put together, my dress, etc. for everyone to see, but you'll just have to wait like everyone else!  BUT... I CAN leave you with this picture!

My Wedding Sweatshirt!!
<3 <3 <3

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday! - Getting Some Relaxing Done Before the Wedding!

Yup, we've been getting some family relaxing time in <3

We all went to see Monsters University while S was on vacation :)  For some reason Princess is mad about pictures, and Dude was a goober, but it's a cute picture of me and S :)

S got home from work one day, and Princess instantly put her dolls in his lap to play :) 
S was loving it <3

We all headed to the nearby lake one afternoon.....

S trying to get Dude to jump off the dock....

Princess was so mad about the water! LOL!  S doing the comforting daddy thing <3

I was hoping to work on my tan...but the sun pretty much went away as soon as we got there (why I still have shorts on!) 

You KNOW this is funny!

<3 <3 <3

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Criticism (AKA "The Bully")

No, this blog post is not about "kid bullies."  Sorry.
It is about adults...
specifically the backlash that I have received the past few weeks from fellow bloggers. 
I think that "bullying" is a pretty huge issue. 
No, I don't approve of it. 
Who would? 

So, when I am called a bully myself, on my blogs Facebook page.  I had to laugh.  Why was I called a bully?   Because I had written about our recent trip to Boston?  This person chose to read only some parts, and ignore the rest of the post.  I responded with: why was she reading my blog if she didn't like what I wrote about?  Why was she taking time out of her day to comment about it?  Maybe she should read all of the other stuff I had written about.  I pointed out, that I don't force anyone to read my blog, I don't send my blog to S's Ex wife, I never even mention the Ex by her name, if I wanted to be a bully, I would send posts directly to the Ex, or I would have said things to her face.

The comments that came out on that post, are nothing compared to the comments that I received on A Letter to My Future Step-Daughter. 

What to do, what to do about negative comments and feedback?  Laugh at them actually.

Any sort of feedback means that people are reading my blog, and if they hate it, they are maybe sharing it.  Alright.  And when people leave such nasty comments on my blog?  I promote that post even more!  And specifically, I promote that post by telling people to check out the post that made so many people mad...and it works.  So thanks for the advertising! 
But what really amuses me?  That people take time out of their days, to leave such ridiculous comments, most of the time "annonymously"!  If there is a blog, or blog post that I do not like, or do not agree with....I continue on my merry way.  There you go.  Bad comments, in my opinion, are a way for the commenter to start drama.  But hey, if that's what these commenters want to do, since they are so bored....that's their problem.  And they all claim that my life is empty???

What else has been happening?  How else have I received criticisms and censorship from the blogging world? 

About 2 months ago, I was deleted from a blogging group because one of the Admins didn't appreciate an ecard that I had posted on my blogs FB page concerning child support.  She even decided to comment on it.  But instead of saying something privately to me she commented about it on my FB page AND on the blogging group page!  Matuuuure.  And then, even though I hadn't posted that ecard on the blogging groups FB page...I was deleted from the group.  Awesome guidance and support from an experienced blogger.  My personal FB and my blogs FB are MY sites, where I can post what I choose.  Again, I do not make the Ex wife look at my FB page...if she does, that's her right, but I don't post things thinking that it's going to "hurt" her in any way. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was deleted from another blogging group!  This one I had to laugh about even more!  The Admin had endorsed my page on hers, then apparently some of her friends and family complained about my content.  So she finally actually went through my content and decided she didn't want to endorse me any more!  Ok.  But I had to email her to find out why!  She never even emailed me about it!  She informed me that I should take advice from more experienced writers, specifically her, because she had made so much money the past month, and that for me to make money I have to write about things that people are ok with reading.   Ummmmm....right. 

IF I was using this blog only as a means to make money....then I WOULD conform to blogging society, run only giveaways, and only write about sunshine and smiles.

BUT since I'm NOT, I refuse to change what I write about.

I find it so funny that people will only focus on the bad things that I write about.  Never mind the funny posts about my kiddos, all the wedding planning..... nahhhhhh I don't write about any of that.  These people only see that I occasionally write about things that the Ex does, and about the rough relationship that S has with his daughter with Ex.  What it comes down to though, is that some of the things that happen with Ex and K, are a part of our lives as well!  So yes, I will write about them, and I will tell you straight out my opinion on the matter because that is how I write, I don't hold anything back. 

There have been other instances this week, that have made me feel outcasted from the blogging community...a community made (mostly) of women who claim that they want to help other women, that this is all about helping other writers to gain recognition, and yes, make money.  But I won't talk about those instances, because I've already confronted those with who it happened.  I'm still saddened by it though.

I'm also sad that for some reason, there are so many "cliques" in the blogging community. 

For all of you out there who have supported me, and tell me how great my blog is?  Thank you so much!  I've even talked to some of them these past few weeks and they have supported me, laughed at those who have treated me the way they have, and told me to basically "chin up", that there will always be "haters", that any sort of publicity is good publicity....and they are right.

To all of you who claim that you don't like my blog, but continue to stalk it anyways?  Thank you!  You still raise my numbers and you're always good for a laugh!

 below:  something very interesting that I found on Healthy Living Blogs  that descibes to a "T" how people have been commenting on some of my blog posts lately and how I was treated by that first Admin that I talked about.....so who's the bully???

A Bully:

  • Berates someone for being outside the box they have created
  • Leaves snarky comments with an “anonymous” name because they’re too cowardly to face the fall out
  • Leaves snarky comments with their real name for things they would never say in person
  • Makes snarky comments in front of a group to embarrass someone – this also makes you an a**hole in case you are wondering.

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Surprise Bridal Showers Pretty Much Frikken Kick Butt!

Since it was almost a month ago, I should tell you about how I was surprised once again by my family...like they surprised me for Princess' baby shower....let's just say that I cried. Again.

It was Saturday, and  there was a festival going on in the nearby town, so I had thought that I was "on call" for my job.  My manager and another of the waitresses were at a function, so I had made sure to tell the girls who would be working on Saturday, that they had to make sure to call me if they needed anything or if things got crazy at the restaurant because of the festival!  My manager had also made sure to tell everyone that I was on call, and that they could call me for anything.  Now, I knew that I was going to be on call, but mom had called me earlier in the week to remind me that we were supposed to be going wedding dress shopping for her...


Of course I told her, yup that's cool, of course, but that I was on call, and I was sorry if I had to go to work early (I had to work that night anyway).

When should I have known that something was going on?  When S mentioned to me that maybe I should wear something other than my work shirt while dress shopping with my mom.  I said, it's ok, I want to be wearing it just in case I get called in to work.  Yeahhhhh....

Mom picked me up that morning, I kissed the babies and S...they were headed in to town themselves to go to this festival.  Our first stop, we went in to this awesome shop in town called Liquid Sunshine...my mom likes to call it the "hippie store" but it's a great store with some amazing clothes!  Mom tried on some stuff, but wasn't really feeling any of them, but then she insisted on buying me a shirt because she's like that! It IS an awesome shirt though!  At the counter though, mom thought she had lost her debit card, so she paid with something different and we went and sat in her jeep while she called the bank, and retraced allll of her steps over the past (crazy!!) week she had had.  Then before heading to another store, mom said that she wasn't feeling all that great and wanted to sit in the jeep for a few minutes.  Ok.  I admit at this time, I was a little annoyed.  Although I felt bad that mom wasn't feeling good, I was also kind of stressed because mom seemed to be more focused on getting things for me instead of finding her dress.....and I was really worried that I was going to get called in to work before we found her a dress!

I let it go.

We started up the street, but then mom turned in to a restaurant, claiming that she had to use the bathroom.  Okayyyyyyy.  We went in.  THEN she went to the counter and started telling the girl at the counter that she had a reservation! That she was here with CELENA. (Nevermind the fact that I'm wondering why she would say that she was with me for a reservation!) WHAT?!  I said "MOM!  What are you doing?   We're supposed to be shopping!"  Her response?  "I want to have lunch with you!!"  The hostess led us towards the back.....I looked through the doorway to a private room and instantly, and I mean instantly burst into tears!  I could see my Grammie, and my Sis-in-law Taylor, and my aunt Cheryl....and I broke down like a baby, because I knew suddenly what was going on, as I heard my aunt Cheryl laughing and telling everyone that I was crying!

As mom was hugging me, she told me that my SIL had planned the WHOLE thing (even though she lives in NH), because she had wanted to do this for me, and wanted to make it so that no one else had to do anything.  I rushed right over and gave Taylor a huge hug, gave everyone else hugs, and couldn't stop laughing and acting mad at everyone for tricking me again!


It was seriously so great for everyone to do that for me! I really couldn't believe it, and honestly, hadn't been expecting one since S and I have been together for so long! Talk about an awesome family! We all ate some great food, I, yes, had a beer, and got to open lots of presents! Taylor made me a really spectacular "bow hat", there was a huge cake, and everyone laughed at me for wearing my work shirt! 

There were of course, tons of other pictures, but those will have to do! 
Come to find out, that literally everyone had been in on this!  My SIL had been planning this for over a month, and when my mom found out that I would have to be on call that day, she called up my manager at work and basically begged her to make it so no one would call me!  Of course my manager agreed!  She's as excited about this wedding and everything going along with as everyone else is!  So she made sure to tell all the girls at work to NOT call me!  And all the girls laughed at me when I got to work that night! 
And S?  Of course he knew about it...that's why he had told me to wear something else.  That's the last time I ignore something that like from him!  Annnnd it should also be mentioned....that I was a complete cranky a** b**ch that morning and had mentioned to S some things that were pissing me off....concerning him.  Needless to say, I apologized to him hardcore when I got home!  I felt so bad!  He laughed at me, and had told me that when he ran into my brother in town while I was at the shower, that I had been pretty mean that morning and was going to feel really bad.....at least he knows me!
So that was my awesome suprise bridal shower!  I don't think I can get any more surprise anything...but if my family wants to keep making me cry, I'm sure they'll think of something! 
Check me out again soon for more wedding updates!! 
Because you know...it's in 16 days!!  EEEEK!!
PS.  I said to S the other day....
"I'm so excited for blueberry season and to go pick blueberries with you and the kids!  
His response?
"I can't wait for our wedding!"
<3 <3 <3 

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Literary Junkies Link-up - July Edition!

I recently stumbled upon this glorious blog hop and was so excited I couldn't believe it!  Have you all realized yet that I have an obsession with books and reading?  If you haven't, you can read about it at Reading Material #1  I know, I KNOW that I have to write you another one soon, and I promise that I will,  but I also have Kids Reading Material posts, that I'm SURE you'll love!
Now, on to the hop!!  This hop is being hosted by 3 beautiful bloggers that I have very quickly developed crushes on..... Pink Heels, Pink Truck , By the Porchlight , and Catching Cody K  You really should check out these ladies and link up!! 

By the Porchlight

1. What are you currently reading?  Tell us about it.
I just got a book yesterday from the library, so I can't tell you tooooooo much about it...I'm only about a chapter in.  But I'm sure that it will be good, because it's a Nicholas Sparks book!  
So far, there is a wicked storm, and a woman with a 4 year old son who has never talked to her....Sparks is in the process right now of describing her home, how she waitresses at night, and has no money because she has spent so much trying to research what is "wrong" with her son.

2. What book first made you fall in love with reading?
This is a hard one for me.  Honestly.  I've always been huge on books.  My mom has pictures of me sitting on the potty training seat with a stack of Golden Books next to me.  I would sit there for hours!  LOL!  BUT a few of the books that I remember reading over and over again? 

And yes, I still have all of these books on my bookshelves at my parents house, and can NOT wait to pass them on to Princes!

3. Summer is a great time for series.  What are you series recommendations?
My, by far, all time FAVORite series?  The Outlander Series, by Diana Gabaldon!!  There is no way that you can go wrong with these books!  Love, romance, mystery, time travel, history, action....these books kick butt. 

4. Does a song come to mind with the book you are currently reading?  If so, what is it?
Honestly, no.  I just started reading the book people!!

5. Are you participating in any summer reading challenges?
Nope, I read so much it's ridiculous...and I can't see challenging myself to read more!

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The Past Few Days Have Been Pretty Hard....


Because Dude and I have been butting heads all week and I'm going a little crazy.

I want to cry, I want to scream and tear out my hair, I am quickly losing alllllll of my patience. 

And I have no idea what's going on. 

And honestly, at this point, I'm having trouble continuing writing from here....because I have no idea what's going on with us lately...or how to go about fixing it.

Let me start from the beginning of the week.

Honestly, Monday wasn't all that bad.  Tuesday, things started going downhill.  S and I had decided to let Dude go to VBS that day, since his great grandmother was going to be there...and we wanted him to experience it, and it would be good for him from a socialization point of view.  Well, I dropped him off at 9am....and had the hardest time leaving him.  It's not like I was concerned about any of the people who were in the church.  Honestly, I knew about 90% of the people there.  And, I know that when I'm not around, Dude is pretty well behaved.  Princess and I went to town and did some wedding shopping....and we went back to pick him up.  I had everyone coming up to me telling me how sweet and well behaved Dude was!  That's always nice to hear!  Wellllll....when we got home, the Dude and I?  We started....I don't know, I can't even explain what happened!  Everything that he did made me mad.  He ignored me when I asked him things, whined whenever I told him "no", and seemed to do things to purposely make me mad. 

Was I overreacting?  Was I stressed because of everything that's going on with life these days?  Did Dude pick up on that and not know how to handle it?
Who knows.  But things didn't get any better.
Wednesday....I actually pulled the car over on the side of the road and yelled at Dude because he was purposely blowing huge raspberries and spiting all over the truck.  AwesomeI felt like a real great mom right then.  All day while I was trying to talk to people, Dude would interrupt, he would touch everything in sight even though I had told him not to, even though I had explained to him that we were in a very important place, and he had to be good, and do what I said and be a good boy.  It was ridiculous how badly he didn't listen to me..and did everything that I had told him not to even after being put in time out in the middle of the store.....yup, that's always a fun time.
Is this karma?  Am I being put through some crazy test
Thursday and Friday Dude went to VBS again and Thursday he came home in almost a worse mood than he had been in the past few days.  On Friday I almost blew a gasket when I got to the church early to pick him up...and watched from the doorway as my son crawled on the floor under the pews distracting everyone and trying to play with the other kids while the director of VBS was trying to give out awards for the week. I mean, I almost lost my freaking mind on him. Was Dude probably just done with the situation because it had been 2 and 1/2 hours and he's 3????  Probably.  But if I could have screamed at him for the way he was acting I would have!  But there was no way that I was going to disrupt the services any more....I wanted to die of mortification.  When I got out to the truck, Dude knew that I was mad at him, and he even knew why!  My nana tried to tell me that Dude always shows off when he knows that I'm around...but he hadn't known I was around when I saw him acting the way he had. 
I just don't understand!!
It got to the point, of me being so frustrated and upset, that of course I was talking about it with everyone at work last night...and I mean even the customers!!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, told me over and over that "he's a boy" "he's 3" and "it's just because he knows he can push your buttons
I KNOW ALL OF THIS!!! Truly I do!!!  But just because Dude is 3 means that I shouldn't have high expectations?  That I shouldn't expect him to act a certain way?  I know that my son is ridiculously smart, and that he knows how he should act in public....hell, that he knows how he should act at home!  So why doesn't he do it??!! 
The kid is almost in school...he knows that he has to behave when he's in school...he knows he's supposed to behave in public!  I'm seriously screaming inside over the way he's acted this week!
Am I overreacting?  I know I'm not PMSing.....are Dude and I around each other too much?  Of course my heart is breaking when I think of him starting Headstart this fall.....I think it will help our relationship when he starts going to school....people have told me that it will.  But after this week, I'm not sure.  I'm sure that so many people out there will think that I'm overreacting....well you would be wrong...but there is NO WAY that I could accurately write about everything that has happened this week!  If you want to call me a bad mom because I'm stressing out over my relationship with my kid....then you have to look again and realize that what I'm doing right now is hurting really bad because I already feel like a bad mom....
Especially when I see something like this.....
And I feel like the worlds shittiest mom
What am I doing wrong
God, I've felt like crying all week. 
Every night when Dude goes to bed, I take deep breaths and remind myself to wake up different tomorrow, that everything will be better in the morning.  When I wake up in the morning, I remind myself that everything is ok, that Dude is just 3, to try and not let him push my buttons.  Then Dude will walk out of his room already crying and begging me to get him food and I need to put on something for him to watch and if it doesn't all happen in .2 seconds, he whines louder and my nerves are, literally, already shot for the day.
Is there such a thing as Post Partum Depression happening 3 years after the birth???
I know that the stress of all of this is just piling up and making the situation worse.  I do take breaks from Dude, I do find ways to relax.....then my relaxation is instantly gone as soon as Dude does one little thing. How can I fix this?  How can Dude and I get back on the same page again?  I know he loves me, just like he knows that I love him.  I love everything about this kid, from the shape of his head to the way that he sleeps just like his father! 
So why does he seemingly try to purposely make me mad?  I know as a kid it's his job to push my buttons so that he can learn his limits, and learn how to behave in situations...
but if the terrible 3s don't end quickly.....I might lose my mind. 

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A Visit to Boston!! {{AKA Lots of Fun with a Hint of a Ridiculousness Situation}}

Ahhhhhh Boston, I was thinking back, and I'm pretty sure that the last time I was in Boston was back in 2007....what is wrong with that statement?!  THIS trip was a million times different!  The biggest difference...kids, a hubby......and the fact that we were meeting up with Ss daughter who he hasn't seen in 3 years.  And K would be there with the Ex and her latest boyfriend.  You can read all about it here, and what my thoughts about the siutation were.  Trust me, you might want to read about the background of this scenario before you continue reading this post!!

The day started off awesome!  We actually woke the kiddos up around 5am (*gasp*) so that we could get headed on the road by 5:30 or so.....a quick diaper change, getting the Dude to pee (we left them in their PJs) and we set off! 

About 1/2 hour into the trip!

annnnnnd 2 hours into the trip! LOL!
The driving was annoying but short, we parked right in the parking garage right next to the Boston Aquarium (and prepared to give up Dude as payment at the end of the day), got the kiddos dressed (yes, in the parking garage, I know I know, we're such horrible parents!), waited in line, and waited for a text from the Ex.   She told us she was inside....so we headed on in. 
Talk about the most awkward meeting up everUgh.  You would think that the Ex would try, maybe even a little to....I don't know, at least make her boyfriend feel more ok with the situation.  K just stared at S like she didn't even know he was going to be there (Ex had told us the night before that she hadn't told K yet, so I guess she never got around to it).  K and S hugged, and yes S introduced the kiddos as K's brother and sister!   Did the Ex introduce her boyfriend to her ex-husband, Ks real father?  Nope.  Did the new boyfriend bother introducing himself to Ks real father?  Nope.  Good job trying to make yourself look good.  The guy wouldn't even look at us.  Ridiculous.  And miss hypocritical Ex, the one who told me that I had to dress appropriately....yup.  She was dressed so appropriately in her nasty short shorts.  But hey, that's ok.

S and I checked Princess' stroller in the main lobby, and we all went into the main aquarium that has a huge penguin area, Dude loved it!  Ohhhhh but guess what?  K was led off by the Ex and Boyfriend. Big surprise. And that's the way that the rest of the next two hours went.  K was continuously led off so that we were never really hanging out as a group.  We were all around each other for maybe 45 minutes the entire time.  And whenever I tried to get pictures of K and Dude together....Ex would call K off... so ridiculous.  It's ok though, I still got some pictures! 


The four of us had an awesome time though!  Dude was so excited, couldn't stop moving and wanted to see everything he could!  Princess said "fish" over and over and it was so cool to see them looking at everything and being so amazed! 

After a little bit while, the aquarium got wicked packed, and it was starting to get really hot inside.  So after the 4 of us (yeahhh, the Ex was avoiding us again) visited the top of the aquarium, Princess was getting pretty cranky what with all of the walking.  We headed to the main lobby, drank lots of water, then S took Dude to the touch tank while I sat with Princess and gave her a snack.  Then we visited the gift shop and of course got the kiddos some small toys, and S gave me this really cool paperweight with a pink jellyfish inside!  He knows how much I love looking at the jellyfish in aquariums!  And then the awkwardness continued.  Ex, Boyfriend, and K were already outside and we all had to stand around while Ex and Boyfriend hummed and hawwed over what to do next.  S and I had said our kiddos needed to eat.  Ex and Boyfriend continued to be weird.  My response?  "We're wondering if you guys want to have lunch all together?!"  Jeez, you think these two were thinking with one brain.

We ended up walking to Quincy Market, and instead of heading for a restaurant where we could all sit down, the Boyfriend leads us to all of the vendors...inside.  So now we're walking in another wicked crowded area, that is stupidly hot, and S and I have 2 very cranky kiddos who are walking past a bunch of food they can't have.  I put my foot down and said we need to get to a restaurant and sit down.  So we did!  Imagine that. 

We ended up eating at the "Cheers" restaurant!  Was it cheap?  Ehh.  There were items that were reasonably priced.  The atmosphere?  It was great except for the fact that we had to deal with snarky looks from the Ex when we ordered drinks with our meals.  Seriously?  This hypocrite is going to get all snobby because I had a beer and S had a margarita with a meal?  It's not like we were downing Long Islands.  She needs to stop acting so high and mighty since I know she drinks too.  It was especially funny when S was talking to K, and he said something funny that the Boyfriend actually laughed at!  No, that's not the funny thing...the funny thing was that the Ex glared silent death at Boyfriend because he laughed at something funny that S had said.  This guy must have gotten quite the talking to before meeting us about how he couldn't be friendly to us in any way whatsoever.  That's sad.  S and K talked the whole time, and I got to get a picture of S, our kiddos, and K, even though K gave a snotty attitude face at the prospect of having her picture taken, and Dudes face is funny, and Princess is a sweaty mess, the picture is still pretty good!


We finally separated as a group! Wheww.  Then the 4 of us headed back towards the parking garage....and got distracted by this awesomeness!

In the Green between the aquarium and Quincy Market, there's this squirting water playground type thing.  There were so many people and kids there!  The day was so hot that we said "f*ck it" and let the kiddos play in the water!  The holes squirt water up in patterns and all the kids (and adults too!) run around trying to catch the water!  Dude had so much fun!  It was hysterical watching him get soaked and play with the other kids!  Princess?  Did not like the water squirting near her!  LOL!  Every once in a while she would go in, but then get really mad when she got some water splashed in her face....ah well.  S had so much fun playing with them...and yes I got in the water too!

After walking around the Green some more, we got the kiddos some ice cream, relaxed on the wharf for a bit watching the tour boats leave, and finally headed back for the truck.  We paid the ridiculous parking fee (well worth it if you actually stay the whole day - we were there from 10am to 5pm), and got lost trying to get out of the city!  Thank goodness the kiddos fell asleep so fast! Our GPS was leading us in circles the bitch that she is....when I finally got "home" plugged in....we were ok.  Until I realized that for some reason, "home" is still the address that I had in New York.....yeahhhh.  We were almost on I90 West and I was realllly confused because that was the way that I would always go when driving to NY.  I changed our direction really fast and S and I had a good laugh!  We stopped for gas, got the kiddos changed into their PJs (yup, they rode in the truck in their PJs so we could put them right to bed when we got home).....and we drove for about 4 hours....and got home.

S was so happy that he finally got the chance to see K, but he and I were beyond annoyed at how the Ex acted the whole time.  S did get to talk to K a little while we were in the aquarium...but really how fatherly could he act when K kept being dragged away?  S had so much fun with Dude and Princess and loved showing them everything.  During lunch S got more of a chance to talk to K and they had a great time talking.  It was cute watching Princess and K keep trying to get Ss attention! 

Did we spend way more money than we had wanted to on this trip?  Definitely. 
 But it was totally worth it!

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