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Hmmmm..I have been a little MIA lately haven't I?

Where to start?  Where to start?

It seems as though my writers block has been kicking in again lately, and honestly, I'm forcing myself to write this for you all.  I will be honest with you...I have lots of blog posts running around in my brain, but between the crazy long weekend and the rain that had taken over the state of Maine last week, I was unenthusiastic about writing.

I'm a little jealous of all you bloggers out there that write so consistently. 
I need to start a blog post schedule fast.

Why have things been so crazy?

Last weekend, my manager took the weekend off....I was enlisted to take over.  (Yes, I'm not a "technical" SAHM, but for heaven sakes, I only work maybe 3 nights a week...so in my eyes I AM a SAHM!)

What did this mean for yours truly?  That I was tired a lot mainly.  Starting Friday I went in to the restaurant, after shlepping the kiddos to my nanas house (5 seconds away but still, it's tiring getting them in and out of the truck!) then heading about 15 minutes away to open the restaurant (register and such)  and running any errands that needed to be run for the restaurant.  Picking up the kiddos, resting for a few hours, then going back to the restaurant to do any necessary stuff, then working for the night.  Does it sound tiring to you?  Well, it was.  Granted, my co workers let me go home early one of those nights, but after going strong all day, I was wired by the time I would get home every night, and stay up wayyyy past my bedtime.   To then get up and do it all again the next day.  I was grateful when Monday morning rolled around and I was off the hook!  Saturday and Sunday morning I didn't have to take the kiddos to my nanas because S had the weekend off of course, but it just meant trying to get breakfast for them and getting my butt out of the house on time....I was being nice to S because he was basically giving up his entire weekend too!  In the end it worked out really good - since S had worked extra hours on Thursday and Friday, he got to have Monday and Tuesday off which I had off too!

Well, everyone else does toooooo.....

Monday....it wasn't raining! We headed out for a family breakfast then S and Dude headed out to do some fishing....but the wind was wicked and when S tried to take the canoe out with Dude, the waves were basically about to knock the canoe over so I'm told!  S and Dude came home needless to say.  So we all headed out to do some yard-saling!  Yes, this is considered a pass-time where I'm from and we had a good time!  We got a new coffee table, some puzzles for Dude and a new pair of sneakers for Princess that look wicked cute on her!  That night we did some work for the wedding and relaaaaaxed

Tuesday the guys got to spend some wicked time on the canoe while I hung out with Princess at the beach on the lake, and picked lots and lots of lilacs (one of my favorite flowers!)  As I was picking the lilacs....I thought to myself..."What the hell?  Why didn't we try to make the wedding this time of year so we could have lilacs??"  *sigh*  No big deal!  I love our idea of flowers for the wedding!

Princess <3

Speaking of "wedding".....oh so much is in the works!  I'm going to get my dress fitted soon, and just looking at pictures of me wearing my dress today I got ridiculously giddy (yeah yeah I'm hysterical!).  Invitations have mostly been sent out (still a few to go), I talked to our town office today to see what we needed to do for our marriage license, I have lots of ideas for our playlist, and I confirmed the cake just the other day!

Bad news about the wedding?  My nightmares have not only not stopped...they're getting worse and more frequent and that sucks.

I have dreams that no one shows up, that it's raining, that S's parents still haven't shown up.  Ugh.  Talk about stress that makes me wake up frantic and anxious.  Guess this is what a real wedding is all about.

I've been reading a lot, so you should look forward to another reading material post from me. 

I've been stressing a lot, so I'm sure you'll read more about that too. 


And we're going to be planting our gardens this weekend hopefully so look for those pictures!

There is, like always, stupid sh*t going on with Ss Ex, so look for some of those rants soon too!

no, actually, I didn't.....

I'm still working on setting up my own blog hop, so look for that too because I would love it if all my readers joined up!  I'll definitely let all of you know!

Annnnd I guess that's it for now....
I actually think I'm going to try and get another post up after my run tonight now that I've got my "writing" juices flowing a little bit!

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So WHAT Wednesday #7

So What Wednesday

This week?......

So WHAT if: I'm having a hard time watching the news?
So WHAT if: it's raining today and I HAVE to get groceries and I HATE getting groceries when it's raining?
So WHAT if: I'm having a slight writers block?  I think I'm going to write up a few blogs when I get the chance and post them at different times....
So WHAT if: the kids sleep later when it's raining?  I freaking love it!!
So WHAT if: S and I are laughing over the Ex threatening him about changing Ks last name?
So WHAT if: I'm really excited to read "Bringing up Bebe" and point out that not ALL kids need to be treated for "ADHD"?
So WHAT if: I read "50 Shades of Grey" in 24 hours last week?
So WHAT if: it's supposed to rain all weekend?  S has two days off next week that coincide with my days off and are supposed to be beautiful!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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Wedding Invitations - A Pain in the A** (AKA - The Night I wanted To Strangle My Fiance)

You would think that after being together for 5 years, that S and I would have no problem whatsoever getting our wedding invitations made up.


Our invitations have been, by far, the most annoying thing so far about this wedding.  What's up with that??

I knew from the get-go, that we would have a large guest list, and that having the invites printed up through a company wasn't happening....let's be honest, we're trying to cut corners here. 

A few weeks ago I started looking into it.  I figured I would be able to get a PDF file on Etsy, after doing some research I found some that I really liked for around $45.  That was ok.  Then I researched it further.  Even though it was a PDF file that would be emailed to us, and we would print them out ourselves, we were still looking at an approximately 2-3 week turnaround time (depending on the company).  What?  Oh right, it's right before wedding season.  Didn't see that complication coming. 

What to do now?  What to do?  You see, we had decided on a date later on in the game....we like to procrastinate like that.  And when it came down to it....we needed those invites....yesterday. 

I started brainstorming.  I started taking pictures.  And started burning up the compute with PicMonkey.  Yup.  I got a picture of the birch trees that my clothesline is hanging on....and messed with it a bunch of different ways while S was at work so that I could show him a bunch of things I could do with PicMonkey.  S was game, but I could see his mind running with skepticism!  That's ok.  Like I said, we needed those invites quickly, and I knew this was going to work.

the original

So when S got home from work, and after the craziness of playing with kiddos, supper, and getting them to bed, we sat down and got to work. 

Designing the invites was the easy part.  It was the wording that almost killed us.  Earlier in the day, I had found this website from "theoffbeatbride" that's full of wedding invite wording "that doesn't suck".  And it definitely helped!  They have so many funny invites and S and I found lots that we liked and wanted to implement into our own invite.  Very helpful.  We didn't want the run-of-the-mill invite since we've been together for so long, and wanted to have some fun. 

This is when we started snipping at each other.  Things he liked, I wanted to change the wording.  Things I liked, he wanted to change slightly.  There was a lot of grumbling.  I got really frustrated at one point trying to figure out how to change the wording on the invite and put the computer down.  S instantly grabbed the computer and fixed the problem.  He got a "thank you" and a really dirty look.  Mostly I was just frustrated that I hadn't been able to figure out how to fix the problem myself.

With some more snipping, then some laughs, we had a finished product and set about printing up an example.  Showed it to my parents the next day, the we picked up nicer paper and envelopes and now we're in the process of getting them mailed out......what a hassle.

finished invitation

All of the other planning stuff is going magnificently smooth and S and I haven't wanted to strangle each other again since! 

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Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Gotta Love Weird Weather

Happy Wednesday!! 
Remember how I posted pictures a couple of weeks ago of the kids playing with the hose...yeah.  This past weekend it rained, was cold, and the other day when I took the kiddos out they had to wear hats, as in, winter hats.  *sigh*  Supposedly this cold front is leaving soon, until then, I'll wear my sweater inside the house....
Happy Late Mothers Day!!   :)

Yes, S took the kiddos outside to play in the rain!  It was still kind of warm that day, and the Princess was cutting some teeth and verrrry cranky!  
She needed a definite distraction and it worked! 
Why is my son so blurry?  Because he was jumping in the puddles of course!
Flowers that my grammie brought me for a late birthday present <3 
And Dude and I picked all the small white daffodils while we went for a walk on Mothers Day.

My Hearts <3

Honestly, Dude took this picture! 
I was in the process of telling Princess "No" about something...that's the look she gave me. 
Could be a long 17 more years......

Dude took this picture too!  LOL! 
Our eyes are shut because Dude was so close and had the flash on hehehehe :)
Even as a kid myself, I never knew the importance of a dandelion bouquet. 
Now Dude picks them for me all the time <3 
Yesterday, he informed me that he always wants to pick flowers for me <3

Reading to the kiddos before bed on Mothers Day <3 

Tuesday morning cartoon zone out LOL!

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