Some Friday Funnies!

S doesn't have to work today!  After he and I had a very late night last night, this morning was a little bit slow going...but now we're into the swing of things!

The guys headed outside to work on cleaning up the garage, and Dude now has the responsibility of taking the compost bucket (it's actually a small bowl) to the compost pile by himself...it was pretty funny to watch from the window.  And, I ended up having a little boys tricycle parked outside my front door.  Because obviously that's where it belongs.

What have Princess and I been up to while the guys are outside?  Well, she showed so much interest in the broom while I started sweeping up the house, that I put down my broom to go into the kiddos room and try to find Dudes little toy broom....the result?  Princess and I ended up emptying out the toybox (even though we found the broom pretty fast) because we both got distracted by all of the treasures we found.  So my "spring cleaning" mode ended up making more of a mess.  Yeah.

And yes, she is inside of a smaller toybox.....


Now, Princess is down for a nap!  Which gives me time to share these lovelies with you! 

Dude recently has an obsession with "gettng ready for work" along with me...which means that he empties out my makeup bag and combs his hair.  The other day, he decided to "get ready for work" while I wasn't in the bathroom with him, and he comes out covered with my lipstick.   Handsome.
Anyone remember how I mentioned that our house is an ever-changing obstacle course?  This is just one example.  This was Princess' attempt at helping me cook.  Because apparently I like to use everysinglepaninthehouse while I'm cooking. 
One night, while doing exercises with Dude to tire the crazy guy out, I looked over and Princess was on her hands and knees putting her head down to the ground.  My little girl was doing pushups!  So, I did pushups with her.  Obviously you can see from her face that she thought this was hysterical!

Then there's this genius idea.  I've read numerous places about the "pick up basket" idea.  You know, clean up the house really quick, throw everything into a laundry basket, then take care of everything in the basket later.  So, I'm trying this, and this is what happens.  I never get around to cleaning out the "pick up basket".  I am now down to using just one laundry basket for our actual laundry, and I have acquired another toybox in the livingroom.   When this basket gets emptied out because the kiddos are playing.....all of the toys end up back in the basket at the end of the day when they're picking up their toys.  It's a never ending cycle.  It's seriously on my to do list, to clean out the "pick up basket".  Ridiculous.

So it's a short one, but a funny glimpse into the funny things that go on in our house on a daily basis.  Now, I need to get my butt in gear because I need to pull out my short skirt for when S and I go out tomorrow night! Hey, it's getting warmer out, you know?

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So WHAT Wednesday! #1

So What Wednesday

So WHAT....if I'm ridiculously excited about the wagon we just bought for the kiddos?

So WHAT....if I can tell what time it is in the morning (on weekdays) according to what show is on PBS at the time?

So WHAT....if I ignore how many dishes are in the sink?

So WHAT....if our house is an everchanging obstacle course?

So WHAT....if I still have boxes to unpack from our move (last September....)?

So WHAT....if sometimes I get tired of always cooking breakfast, lunch, and supper and get really happy when S offers to cook supper that night?

So WHAT....if there's a pile of shoes right next to our front door?

So WHAT....if sometimes I've had such a hard day with the kiddos that I already have their pajamas out and ready to put on by the time supper time rolls around?

So WHAT...if I "ignore" the kiddos for 5 minutes during breakfast and escape into a few pages of the book I'm currently reading?

So WHAT....if sometimes the kiddos have Cheezits for a snack?

So WHAT....if I have a basket of clothes that always needs folding?  I have other things to do too!

So WHAT....if sometimes I exercise with the Dude and get him to do "jumping jacks" to try and burn up some of his energy?

LOVING "So What Wednesdays" over at Life After I "Dew"!!  Check it out!!

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Why do I keep screwing up my hands?


Apparently, in my 20's, it was my feet.  It seemed like there wasn't a weekend that went by where I didn't smash a toe, or break half of a toenail off.

So....what?  Now that I'm in my 30's it's time for me to start screwing up my hands?

Maybe you've read this pretty little number ?  If you haven't, it's a doozy.  If you have?  An update:  the fingernail, did fall off, it did grow back very nicely and is even a normal color.  I just have a small ridge in the nail.  Whew.

A few weeks ago though, I managed to do it again.  Not smash my finger almost friggen flat.  Nope.  I managed to almost cut the tip of my left pointer finger off while cutting up meat to put into the crockpot for supper. 

Imagine this:  A nice relaxing Thursday morning, I didn't have to work that night so I was doing numerous things around the house as the kiddos were playing in the livingroom.  I was chopping up some left over pot roast we had so I could put it into the crockpot with some more stew meat for a wicked hearty stew....and wouldn't you know it?  I took my eyes off what I was doing for .2 seconds to see what the kids were doing (there's a divider between the kitchen and livingroom, so I can actually see into the livingroom from where I was standing) and instantly started screaming as my brain registered what my eyes had already seen.  The nice, dull, serated knife I was using amost slicing off the tip of my finger.  Yeah, that's right. The knife didn't even manage to go all the way through, so that when I looked down all I saw was red and a huge piece of skin flapping around as I was waving my arms around in the air freaking out and losing my shit. 

That last part was an exaggeration.  Honestly.

I did scream.  I said some very bad words as I was stomping my feet and running water over the cut to get all the meat juices washed out of it.  Dude instantly came into the kitchen wanting to know what was wrong.  My response?  "Mama wasn't paying attention baby and I cut my finger.  Really bad, ok.  Please go in the livingroom ok?" 

Did he?  Of course not. He was way more interested in the huge blue dishtowel that I had wrapped around my hand. I honestly thought the cut was a lot worse than it ended up being.  As in, I thought the tip of my finger was almost gone. 

Now, I haven't even really looked at my finger at this point.  And what happens next so that all of you that are moms of little boys might relate?  Dude asked to see my finger, so, of course, I showed him.  His reaction:   "What did you do mama?  Did you cut your finger?  You better get a bandaid mama." 

Thanks bud. 

Princess' reaction?  She stayed in the middle of the livingroom floor completely transfixed by the towel wrapped around my hand.  She would not take her eyes off of it.

Now imagine the next 15 minutes.  This happened right before S was about to come home for lunch.  Which means I was also in the process of making lunch for the family as I was cutting meat for the crockpot.  So, I then proceeded to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kiddos....one handed.  Got Princess into and buckled into her highchair....one handed.  Then served them, and waited for S to pull up.   When he did, I met him at the door with my blue towel wrapped hand up in the air.  Asking for help.  NOT what S expected to see coming home for lunch!  He washed my finger, doused it, bandaged it, told me it would be ok.....and to not get it wet for the rest of the day which was pretty cool considering the dishes I had to do.  Then he finished cutting up the meat and the vegetables for me.  Just adding to the list of reasons why he's pretty cool.

Now, almost 2 weeks later, my finger looks a lot better.  The skin stayed on and even though the tip of my finger is numb (except for when I hit it on something) I can spend my day without a bandage on my finger. 
And unfortunately, I'm back to washing dishes.
The other problem lately with my hands?  I've had an outbreak of wicked hangnails.  I mean bad ones.  I seriously think that it's because I've run out of the Biotin that I was taking.  Which means I need to get my butt in gear and buy some more.  I hadn't really noticed the effects of the Biotin when I was taking it, but I really think that all of these hangnails are a result of me not taking Biotin for the last month or so.

I don't think my poor hands can handle another 10 years of this.  I'm not really sure how my feet survived my 20's......
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Such Childish Reactions

By now, I'm sure that many of you have read my last blog to my future step-daughter here, but if you haven't it's basically worth your time to go read it just because of the reactions that I got from the Exes family!

OMG!  You have no right to write about your own feelings!

When someone takes the time to write a blog about their own feelings, when they are taking the time to write down their point of view, when all they are doing is telling their side of the story, when someone is writing about how they care about a little girl who will soon be a part of their family.....and the only comments that people can leave are complete and utter filth, well, it's just sad.

I seriously think that it is hysterical how much these girls went off on me!  One girl, who is one of the Exes half sisters, I have literally never met, never even talked to.  How is it that she knows how I feel?   I understand that her opinion is warped because she's only ever heard the Exes point of view, that's fine.  That happens with a lot of people.  But this person is a mom herself, how can she be mad that more people care about her niece?  Wouldn't she want as many people as possible who love K, to be in Ks life?  I guess not.  The other girl is another one of the Exes half sisters (yeah, the family gets around, another reason that I'm worried about Ks home life), and I have met this girl once.  Um, ok, so she has the right to say shit about Dude about how he "came out yellow"?  I laughed so hard when I read that!  This girl, who is 20  (?), does not have a child, who has no sort of anything in her life, is giving me a hard time because  my son had jaundice?  This little girl obviously has no idea what she's talking about.  You see, jaundice is actually common.  I had it, S had it, hell, Ss youngest sister had it.  Oooooooh, what a bad thing to have jaundice when it runs in the family.  Dude got rid of his jaundice in 2 days thanks so much.  Shall I point out to you, that my son does not have asthma (k did), that I am not drugging my son for acting like a 3 year old (K started ADHD meds at 3 years old!!).   But that's all besides the point isn't it? 

The fact of the matter is, that these girls are crazy.  And all they are doing is making their entire family look pathetic, psycho, crazy, childish, and proving that they are all uneducated and can't spell.  I have never laughed so much in two days as when I was reading their comments.  And now I have lots of pretty comments saved because I have literally been threatened to have my ass kicked.  By a 20 year old.  Shaking in my boots over here.

So, because of one heartfelt blog, and because the Ex posted that blog for all of her family and friends to see (which, yes, I know she did) what has happened?  Well, I've had almost 500 views on this blog!  I personally think that's awesome!  I never expected such a reaction to something I was writing flying by the seat of my pants!  And I genuinely say Thank You to the Ex and all of her family and friends for making it so popular!  However, if you had all just left it alone, didn't stalk my shit like a bunch of crazies, it would have never gone viral like this. 

Oops.  Guess you screwed that one up.

If the Ex had actually thought about it a little bit, she wouldn't have had all her family and friends look at my blog or let them make comments, which in the long run, skyrocketed the popularity of that particular entry!  Thank you again Ex!

It's sad that you all care so much about what I say.  You all say that I'm not important to you or K, well, it's obvious that you all do think that I have some sort of presence, because all of you, all you ever do is stalk my blog, facebook, etc, and freak the fuck out.

Grow up.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I have the right to my own opinions, to write what I want, and to express what I have seen the Ex doing.

I think it's funny that the Exes family is ignoring the fact that the Ex is the reason that the Ex and S got a divorce.  Ignoring the fact that the Ex had  gone through 2 divorces before K was 4!  The fact that the Ex at one point, had 2 men living in her house....one a "friend", the other was her fiance for about one month, then she dumped the fiance, the friend stayed, and then the Exes old fiance moved back in.  They were married for approximately 4 months before they separated.....how is it Ss fault that K is so screwed up?  I know that the Exes family have all given her a hard time because she's been in so many relationships, why is she suddenly so perfect?  Why are they all ignoring that the Ex got knocked up at 15?

Beats me. 

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A Letter to my Future Step-Daughter

Dear K,

This recent situation between us is breaking my heart.

I remember when I first started talking to your daddy, and I was nervous about the fact that he already had a little girl who wasn't even 2 at the time.  But your daddy told me about all of the things that had happened between him and your mommy, that they were getting a divorce, and when it came down to it, I loved your father, from the first moment that I started talking to him....this love between us?  I knew that it would make me love you too, because you are part of his life.

When I first met you, I was unsure of how to act.  Like an aunt of some sort?  Love you, play with you, send you home.  That's how things went, but we grew to care about each other a lot.  I remember teaching you things, helping you go to the bathroom when the 3 of us went out to eat, getting you ready to go to the beach with me and daddy, taking you places, laughing with you, having you hug me because you were so happy.  I wiped your snotty nose when you were sick, gave you snacks, made sure your daddy didn't give you any more candy because we were about to take you home and you would be having supper. 

Did I act like your mommy?  Maybe a little because we were around each other so much.  But of course I knew that I would never be your mom.  That was ok....you have a mommy. 

But your mommy has tried continuously to hurt my relationship with your daddy.  This is where things got bad between all of us.

There was a time that I was invited along with your daddy to have supper with you and your mommy at your house.  I was invited to your 3rd birthday party, and was even asked to make the cake.  Do you remember that cake?  Your mommy had me watch you all by myself, because she had class and your daddy was at work.  Your mommy told me that she trusted me to take care of you, that she felt better sending you off with daddy for a visit because I was there.  Do you remember being at the aquarium with me and daddy and you were sick and all you wanted to do was cuddle with me?  We have pictures to prove it.

But then there were times that your mommy wouldn't let me in the house, because your daddy had proposed to me.  She threatened to have restraining orders put on me.  She taught you to call me "bitch."

I can understand how a young girl would feel like her daddy had left her, how she would be confused as to why her daddy hadn't come to visit her....let me explain.

Your daddy and I and Dude, moved to Maine when he got home from Iraq, because this is where Im from.  Dosn't your mommy always want to move back to California because that's where she is from, and where she is more confortable?  Your daddy understood why I wanted to be around my family, dosn't your mommy want to be around her "family"?  There wasn't anything in North Carolina for you daddy unless he reenlisted in the Marine Corps.  Then he would have deployed again and would have been away from his family all the time.  He didn't want to be in the Marine Corps anymore, no matter how much your mommy tried to tell him that it was a good option.  It wasn't a good option for your daddy and me.  About never coming to visit you?  Maybe some day, you will understand the concept of "money" and how much it takes to travel so far.  Your mommy has invited your daddy to come and visit, but it would have had to be only him.....this is not something that a grown man, who is dedicated to his family does.  Your mommy wanted us to send a few hundred dollars on top of the $400+ that we send every month for child support (do you see any of it??), so that you and mommy could come up to Maine.  Like I said honey, I really hope that someday you will understand, that the extra $200 or $300 she wanted us to send, would have taken food out of our childrens mouths and diapers off their butts. 

When your daddy and I first moved here, you still wanted to talk to me all the time.  We talked on the phone all the time.  You talked to Dude on the phone, you were excited to talk to us!  Then for a long time, your mommy didn't let you and daddy talk.  I'm sure that during this time, your mommy talked about me, talked about how I had taken your daddy away, that I was the reason that your daddy didn't visit.  I can only hope that someday you will realize that your mom hates me and is jealous of me.

And now, you and your daddy are talking again, having Skype calls when your mommy will allow it.  You have seen me numerous times while talking to your daddy on Skype....but have never said anything unil this past Thursday.  After your conversation with your daddy, where a fraction of my shoulder was able to be seen....you and your mommy called your daddy back so that you could tell him that you were uncomfortable with me being around.  Your daddy tried to explain it the best that he could.....tried to tell you that he and I are in love and that I'm going to be around for a long, long time.  That I'm never going to interrupt with your conversation with him, that I'm not going to laugh at you.  K, I love you, I have since I first met you when you were 2....the reason that I'm on the couch while you and daddy are talking?  It's because I'm hoping, and hoping, and hoping that you will want to talk to me again.  That you will disregard all the nasty things your mommy tells you about me, and that you will remember that at one point in your life, I was there a lot, and taking care of you, and pushing you on the swings, and watching movies with you. 



I have so many pictures of you K, that there is no way I could put them all here....

Your daddy and I are going to be getting married this summer K....and we talked, at length as to whether or not we should invite you...about whether or not you would actually be able to come.  Unfortunately K, we decided that you wouldn't want to come to our wedding, because you can't even stand seeing me on the computer....so you say.  We also know that your mommy would insist on being there....and I hope that one day, you'll realize how inappropriate that would be.  But your daddy and I know that your mommy is controlling, and manipulative, especially to you, her daughter....because when it comes down it, your mommy dosn't want to share you with your daddy, nevermind let me be part of your life.  Even if that meant that you could have an even better life with me and my family accepting you as a part of our family, and you would have that many more people love you. 
You will technically, be my actual step-daughter this summer, even though I've considered you my step-daughter for almost 5 years now.  I can only hope that someday, you will grow into an open-minded woman who wants to know the whole story, who wants to know me, who wants to know someone who could love your daddy so much that she would work through all problems with him instead of asking for a divorce like your mommy did.
I know that your mommy will not read you this letter, that she will not show you the pictures that show that we used to have a connection.  But someday, I will show you this letter, and I hope that we can sit down and talk about all of it....and that you will maybe be able to see that I do love you K.
I'm sorry that your mommy is turning you against me.  I'm sorry that your mommy is constantly introducing strange men to you, that she is never around because she is always out with these men.  I'm sorry that your mommy started medicating you before you were 4 for ADHD....I'm sorry that your mommy had you at such a young age and that she obviously couldn't handle you so she drugs you instead.  I am sorry for so many things K, but I will never be sorry that I love your daddy and that I love you and want to be a part of your life.

Love, C.

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I ain't doing shit today, I'm a dinosaur.

This is, basically, our son, The Dude.
More often though, he's a dog, or an alien, or a robot.....complete with sound effects, walking on all fours, or in the aliens case, waving his arms around and bumping into us claiming "I'm an aliennnn" in a strange voice.
Do I love Dudes imagination?  With a passion.  It warms my heart to see him open a book, then re-enact the story, to watch him "fight" like a Ninja Turtle, to listen to him tell stories.  But when he refuses to do what I ask him to because he's a "Ninja Turtle" at that time, well, that's where I start to lose my patience.
Since day one, Dude has been one of the most important things in my life, I love him with all of my heart, but lately, now that he's almost 3 and a half, he's been running this emotional roller coaster he has me on.  And running it like a crazy man.
Some days, Dude is so ridiculously sweet and responsible and he listens to everything that I ask him to do, and does it with a smile on his face.  This will last for a few days, for as long as a week.  To the point where S and I start to wonder if the Terrible 3's are over (because everyone was right when they said that 3 was worse than 2!).....and we start waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Then it drops.  And we get reintroduced to the "nos", the "I don't have to do that right now", the "I don't feel good", and the negotiating, and the not eating his meals without arguing and frustration.
I want to cry when I think of Dude going off to school, I actually want to cry when I think of Dude going off to preschool even though it will maybe be 3 days a week.  My heart breaks when I think of him getting on the school bus.  But then I hear "Mama mama mama mama mama mama" for the hundreth time that morning and I want to scream.  When I can't pee without a seconds peace, when he continues to ask me to get him things even when S is home from work.....I want to scream even more.  And sometimes by the end of the day, when he and Princess are in bed...I want to go to bed too because I'm so emotionally exhausted. 

There are times that Dude will sleep until 7am or, blissfully, even later.  This time allows me to wake up early in the morning with S, have a few cups of coffee, and get in a wicked workout, so that by the time Dude wakes up I'm ready to start my day with a bounce in my step.

so peaceful *sigh*
But then there are times when he will wake up at 5am or 5:30am and even after telling him that it's still dark out and that it's still bedtime, and putting him back into bed numerous times, he still gets up, gets up, and then lays in bed talking to himself until the sun is barely up and comes into the living room with a smile on his face informing me that he can be up now because the sun is up.  These days, are usually long, struggling days. 

Dude is an amazing kid.  He is awesome with his little sister, is already good with identifying and explaining his emotions.  Colors pictures with a passion, loves to fish with daddy, loves to cook with me.  He's a wicked charmer, and a flirt, and has a smile that is a lady killer.  He's strong, active, but also a wicked cuddle bug.  I couldn't love this kid any more if I tried.  Except for when I want to strangle him.

The other day, I caught him about to poop in his underwear as he was hiding behind the coffee table.  Is Dude fully potty trained?  Of course he is, but he is known to have accidents (regressing slightly because Princess is older and getting more attention?  We're sure of it.).  So I rushed him into the bathroom and got him on the toilet gritting my teeth the whole time because I had already had enough with poop that day since I had just changed a nasty ass diaper of Princess'.  As I shoo Princess out of the bathroom so she wouldn't try to touch that appendage of her brothers that was so conveniently sticking out since he was sitting on the toilet, Dude informs me "There's nothing to be mad about ma."  I grit my teeth and hold back a scream (it was a hard day) and continue to get ready to wipe my sons ass.  Again. 

Those are the times where I anxiously await "4"....but then I start to tear up again because "4" means preschool.

Like I said, my son has me on an emotional roller coaster mess. 

Why do we deal with it?  Because he's awesome, and so like us, that it's ridiculous.  I'm sure that the reason the Dude and I butt heads so much is because he's as stubborn as I am.  And I actually like that.  I'm sure he won't take peoples shit when he gets older, and that makes me proud.  And, because he still says "Thank you so much for getting me a Buzz Lightyear for my birthday!"  with the biggest, sweetest smile on his face.

Dudes 3rd birthday

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My own Freebird

My Princess.  The most beautiful thing in my life.  The light of S.s eye.  This girl drives us crazy and makes us laugh at the same time.  How do I even start to explain what this little girl means to me?

I imagine it's about the same for my mom.

And frankly that makes my heart break, knowing that there is no possible way to explain how much you love someone. 

But then there are times when I look at her, and I imagine she looks like this:

No, this is not an actual picture of Princess.  No, we do not put cigarettes in her mouth for photo ops.  No, we do not leave bottles of booze on the coffee table for photo ops.  But oh my goodness, when I saw this all I could think of was Princess.  I imagine that when my mom sees this picture, she will envision me.
It is downright scary how my daughter already resembles me in more ways than one, and frankly that scares the living hell out of me.  She does the same perfect pout (that I did as a baby) when she's about to start crying when you've gently scolded her or taken away something she could choke on.  We cry the same way!  Her eyes light up when daddy comes home the same that mine did as a baby (so I'm told).  She's rough and tumble, makes truck noises while pushing trucks across the floor, carries dolls around, hates having her hair brushed, picks on Dude with a passion, and can make literally anyone smile and say "awwwee, she's so beautiful."

Already I know that there is nothing that I won't do for this little piece of heaven, I know now how my mom feels.  I can only hope that someday, Princess will ask me for advice, lean on me, and trust me, the same that I do with my mom.  All I can do is help raise her to be a good kid, be a good adult, be nice to people, to stand up for herself, to know that mistakes are ok and that they are going to happen......

My parents did a good job with me, hell, I'd say they did a damn fine job raising me actually.  I was a good kid, I'd say I'm a good adult.   It's the in between those times that scares me a little for Princess.  Let's face it, I screwed up, I did some crazy. ass. shit.  Took a lot of chances, and lucked out more times than one.  Lets look at this classic that isn't even near the craziest thing I've ever done.....

When I was a few days from graduating college, and drunk, and after getting down from the horse, I walked with 3 friends back to our college...which took maybe an hour....*sigh*  Do I regret it?  Hell no!   Do I want my precious little sweetheart doing this?  No freaking way!  But I have to suck it up and admit it to myself that most likely, she is going to do dumb shit like this....when actually, if she tells me long enough after the fact, I might laugh.
And then there was the time when I called mom from North Carolina, after I had gone for the weekend to visit S. (this was of course when we first started dating), and told her that I felt like staying and moving in with S.  Know what she said?  That I had to follow my gut.  Know what happened?  I now have a wonderful family with S. and we've been together, and engaged, for almost 5 years now.  

How am I going to be able to let go?  How am I going to be able to suck it up and let her go and make her own choices and pick her up when she makes mistakes and falls and calls me crying?  How am I going to give her advice when all I'll want to do is cry because I'll feel bad, and feel that I didn't help her enough? 
I know what I need to do.  Stop thinking about it and let the future be just that, the future. 
Oh, and I'm going to lie my pants off about all the shit I've done so that she dosn't get the wrong idea.

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I could really go for a freaking soda right now (AKA: I feel like everything in my house smells like puke.)

Yes, both of those titles are perfectly applicable to what my last week has been like.

You missed me didn't you?

The soda thing?  Ohhhhhh, since I'm not one to do Lent, I hopped on the "giving something up for a month" a little late.  Better late than never?  So I have decided to try this little challenge:  The No Soda Challenge from SkinnyMs.


How's it going for me so far?  Well, I had to slip a little bit on my very first day....because I was so ridiiculously nauseous from the weird ass 48 hour flu that was rampant in our house (that would explain the puke smell), that I really DID have to have a few sips of flat gingerale.  Does that even count?  Wait, really, does flat soda count?  Yeah I'm pretty sure it does.  Oh well, it helped my belly.  This challenge has been pretty easy for me so far since I never really drink soda at home.  It's a challenge at work, which is where I knew it would be.  When you're standing in a hot kitchen and literally 6 inches from a soda machine all the time between expediting food, making salads, etc.  It's easiest to just grab a nice cold, bubbly, fountain soda....sigh.  So I started bringing my own 30oz bottle of water from home (yes, I refill it).  I find this makes it easier to have my own bottle right there and it reminds me to drink that instead of grabbing a glass.....of soda.  As maybe you can tell, even though this has been a somewhat easy challenge for me, I'm still craving it wicked.  But, it WILL be interesting to see if, between this challenge, and starting running again, what happens with my weight.

So I guess I better stop talking about it.

My house smelling like puke?  

Well, I know it dosn't smell like puke.....maybe the smell is stuck in my nose?

Last week for us was pretty busy all week.....Monday we had playgroup and appointments to go to, Tuesday we walked to the library and hung out for a while, Wednesday the Princess had her 15 month check up so the Dude stayed with his great grandmother for a couple of hours.  When the Princess and I were done, we went and hung out with them at her house, where S. joined us for lunch, and I worked on some crocheting (finally!). 

Thursday?  Shit started getting bad.  I had to work that night, so I was ready to go by 3 or so (I was leaving around 4), and right about the same time, Dude puked alllllll over the couch, and the pillow he was laying on, and himself, and the floor. 

You may remember me writing about the Dude puking about a month or so ago, when he had a wicked ear infection.  ( http://mystayathomemamalife.blogspot.com/2013/01/throwing-up.html ).  Well imagine that, it hasn't gotten any easier to deal with since then.  He then threw up in the bathroom and cried a lot, and I started contemplating not going to work.  Then a few minutes before S. was due to be home, Princess woke up screaming in her crib, I run in, and oh yeah, there it is......Princess and her blankets, and her bed...covered with puke.  This was the first time Princess has thrown up.....crappy.  I actually took off my shirt so that Princess wouldn't rub her puke covered hands all over my work shirt, and grab this poor kid to throw her in the bath while making soothing noises to try and stop the sad whimpering and on the way to the bathroom knocking frantically on the kitchen window because I can see S. outside (thoughtfully) scraping the snow and ice off of the truck for me, and I want him to come in NOW.  I got baby washed and a load of laundry started, the whole time feeling like an asshole because I had to leave for work while my babies were puking.  I talked to S. about me staying home, but he said he was fine (even though I know he can't handle puke very well), so I went, with the determination to leave as soon as possible.  Come to find out, the kids puked some more, the Princess actually puking on S.....that's a good father right there. 

Friday?  I layed on the couch all day.  Could. Not. Move.  Didn't go to work.  Had a splitting headache.  Cleaned up more puke (the kids, not mine).  But Dude did seem to be feeling better, so S actually took him ice fishing for a while to get him out of my hair so when Princess went down for a nap I could too. 

Saturday?  I woke up feeling amazingly better.  The Princess was not.  But it was also S.s birthday, so I bucked up and bundled Princess up to take her into town to do the shopping that there was no way that I could've done on Friday.  S. and Dude headed out at the same time to do some more ice fishing (yes, they both love it and they've been catching a lot of fish!).  Did I forget to mention that S. told me to get some gas at the local store before driving the 15 minutes into town because the gas light was on?  Did I forget to mention that I completely ignored him thinking, "I've made it into town on this much gas before." ?  Yup.  Didn't work so well, this particular day, and about a mile down the road past the first gas station you come to when you come into town (I didn't stop there because it's much more expensive than the gas stations 10 minutes away), while going up a hill......putter putter putter.  This is where I started swearing and leaning forward in my seat hoping that would help me get up the hill and into town.  It didn't work and I ended up stalling/driving into the parking lot of a big apartment building.  Pretty awesome considering I had given the phone to S. to use since he would be on the lake.  Needless to say, someone stopped and let me use his phone, and S. headed out.  He filled me up, he was annoyed, he got over it pretty fast.  The Princess and I went shopping.....after going to the gas station.  And the rest of S.s birthday was good, considering that we were all still sick.

So, here we are, almost a week later.  Dude has thrown up a few more times, and it really took Princess a few days to get back to normal, but everyone is fine now.....I've done so much laundry it's ridiculous.  But apparently I still have more to do....some of the blankets are obviously going to have to hang outside on the clothesline to fully get rid of the smell.  So gross. 

And a tidbit about the Ex?  She texted us to ask if we had gotten a message that she had sent us on Skype....GASP!  But wait, this bitch complained and complained and fucking complained that she didn't want us sending her messages over Skype because it wasn't convenient for her....so what the hell is she doing sending US messages on Skype?  She had wanted to ask if S. wanted to have weekly conversations with K....but then decided against it because K.s therapist said it wasn't a good idea.  Um, how about you go with your gut?  You say that K is bored and that she may need more regular conversations?  Then TRY it and see how it goes....but that would be too easy wouldn't it? 

Then she goes on to tell S. that she and K are ok with Dude and Princess being involved with the calls, if they can't go to bed early because I'm at work that night.....meaning, they should have the calls even when my work schedule conflicts with the calls.  Um, no again.  Since I know you stalk my blog, you should really not ignore me when I say this....my kids will not talk to your kid unless I'm involved.  S. knows this and it will not change.  Don't even waste your time trying to change it.

So, because S and K haven't talked in a bit because they're so busy and my work schedule changed a little, we texted, and messaged the Ex on Sunday to see if K wanted to talk.  We got ignored. Surprise.  Then we finally received a text informing us that a call would not be happening that night, and in the future we would have to ask a day in advance?  Really?  Your slutting it up is taking up that much of your time?  We're trying to work with you here!  Sometimes we don't know until the day off if a phone call is even possible that night.  Try being a little bit more flexible and maybe you won't be talking about how K is bored and dosn't really want to continue talking to S. 

Just a thought. 

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