Wait. Who the hell is "Cindy"?

This is the thought that has been occupying my mind the past few days.

It's not what you think....

So, the Dude has a very active imagination.  He always has.  It's awesome, and we never get enough of it, or the stories that he tells from his imagination. 

But something has happened in the past week or so, that has me wondering, and wondering, and wondering.....

The Dude has started talking about "Cindy."

At first we thought he was talking about someone that he had met at some point along the line, but the Dude claims that this is someone he met at work.  Yes, our son always talks about his "job" and about how he has to get ready for work....obviously from listening to me and S.  Alright.  Then Saturday, the Dude talked to S all day while they were out ice fishing, about "Cindy" and the Dude even talked to her on the phone...a rock that he found and picked up and used as a phone...see what I mean about his imagination?  Then Sunday the kiddos spent the day with my parents and when they dropped the kiddos off, mom told me about how the Dude was telling them about "Cindy" and how he works with her.  Alright.

So, Tuesday as I was driving to the grocery store with the kiddos, I started asking the Dude about "Cindy."

"Hey buddy, what does Cindy look like?
"What color is her hair?"
"Lellow."  (hehehehe, he's always said "lellow" )
"Is it long or short?"
"How old is she?"
"She's 4.  She's older than me."
"What kind of clothes does she wear? What does her shirt look like?"
"It has a dinosaur on it."
"That's cool buddy.  Does she wear pants or shorts?"
"She wears shorts."
"Even in the winter?"
"Does Cindy have a mama and daddy like you do?"
"Yup.  But they don't live with us."
"Does Cindy wear glasses?"
"Yup.  She wears glasses like A____."  (his cousin)
"Is she nice to you?"
"Oh yeah, she's nice.  But one time I threw a snowball at her face and she was sad so I wiped it off for her."
"Oh. Well that wasn't nice to throw a snowball at her face, but I'm glad you wiped it off for her."
"Yeah, you only throw snowballs at jackets."
"That's right bud."

That's about where the conversation about "Cindy" ended between me and the Dude.  But that night at supper I told S about all of this and even he got a little weirded out.  So we started asking the Dude more specific questions.

"What color is her dinosaur shirt?"
"It's red."
"What kind of dinosaur is it?"
"It's a T rex."
"What color are her shoes?"
"They're blue."
"Are they sneakers or sandals?"
"They're sneakers."
"Does Cindy wear anything else?"
"Yeah, she wears a headband like mama."
"Does she wear anything under her clothes?"
Yeah, underwear."
"What kind of underwear?"
"Princess underwear."
"Have you kissed Cindy?"
"Yeahhhhh."   (bashful face)

And on and on and on.....yup.  We're two pretty weirded out parents.  S like the jerk he is, said "Yup, our son is talking to a ghost."  Why the hell would he say something like that?  Jeez. 

Our conclusion?  That our son has developed an imaginary friend.  The way that he answers all questions consistently and without any hesitation makes this pretty clear.  The Dude dosn't go to preschool yet, he dosn't have playdates.  We do go to playgroup twice or more a month, but there are no girls there either named "Cindy" or that are even older than him.  I guess the imaginary friend theory is all we can go with.  And where do we go from here?  Continue to get a little weirded out when the Dude talks about her?  Play it up?  Encourage it?  Stop it?  It's funny that when the Dude is playing by himself, I never hear him talk to "Cindy", but S says that he has heard the Dude do this......interesting.

Ohhhhh Cindy, just please don't make my son start insisting that I set an extra plate for you at meal times, ok?

This kind of imaginary friend would be much weirder I guess.  At least "Cindy" sounds like the Dudes kind of chick.....

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Goal Weight?

So, it's been almost 5 months since I wrote my last progress post (http://mystayathomemamalife.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-new-new-years-eve-aka-progress.html) .....how's it going?  Let's just say that at times I've become very, very frustrated! 

My weight is now fluxuating between 116 and 119....no big deal right? Right?  Well to me it is.  I had set my goal weight at 110, because, lets face it, it's an almost impossible goal weight for me according to my height....unless I want to be skin and bones.  But I don't want to be skin and bones.  I want to be toned, tight, and slightly muscular....should this be my new goal and I should give up on my goal "weight"? 

I'm completely aware of the fact that muscle weighs more than fat....and since I use weights a lot in my workouts, I shouldn't feel annoyed that I can't get down to 110.  But I am.  Seriously, how hard can it be to lose 6 lousy pounds in a healthy way?  Why is it that losing the last few reluctant pounds is so hard?  Should I do some sort of crash diet again and make my family crazy with my hunger induced bitchiness?  Probably not. 

What do I know that I should do?  Add more cardio, which I have done.  Up my workouts each week, which I have done.  I was working out 4 to 5 times a week....helllloooo to now working out 5 to 6 times a week.  The most important thing that I know I need to do?  I need to start running again.  Easier said than done....I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather.  However, S. is home earlier now, so it's at the point where it's still light out when he comes home for another half hour or so, perfect for a quick run.  The sun still up will help out with the chilliness.....I need to suck it up and just go.  sigh. 

When it comes down to it, what I really need to do is stop bitching.  I've worked really hard for the body that I have now and I know that I need to be prouder of it and stop focusing on the number...and more on the results.  That however, is hard when I see something like this, that makes me say... "What the hell, just get it done already Cel."

And then there's this back shot that I love......


And this....

And why should I stop bitching?  Because this was me about 6 months pregnant with Princess, back in September of 2011....

And this is me now, Feb 2013.....

Yup, those are obliques, and abs, and there's even a beginning of those "triangle" abs at the bottom there....

And here's my own version of that back shot like above....

Is it time to get over my own bullshit and truly realize that muscle weighs more than fat?  Is it time for me to focus more on the results than the end goal?  Or is it time to get over my doubts and just get my ass down to the goal weight that I've wanted for so long....and then move forward with muscle tone?

Whatever the answer is, it includes continuing the workouts....and running.

I'll let you know in April (one year since I started working out regularly) what the results are....

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Guess what?

The Ex has consistently claimed that since SHE is Ks mom, that if S and K talk, the Ex WILL be involved, and that she WILL be nearby or that K will be in her lap.

Well, if K decides that she wants to talk to MINE AND S'S SON, then the Dude WILL be sitting in my lap.  Just like he was last night.  Because guess what?  That's where he feels most comfortable in new situations and since he hasn't spoken to K or even sees pictures of her, it's a new situation.  Sound familiar?

And it speaks VOLUMES that your daughter won't even acknowledge me while she and the Dude are talking and he's in my lap and I'm completely visible.  It speaks volumes on how YOU are raising your daughter to be incredibly rude and what you have brainwashed her into thinking about me. 

Good job.

But trust me, S and I had plenty of laughs over how mad she got at you.  Good parenting you've got going on there.

So, you might want to start brainwashing K into thinking that she dosn't want to talk to Dude, because I WILL be involved, so if S and I have to look at your ugly sour puss the whole time he talks to K, then you WILL see ME if K and the Dude talk.  :)

Source: dumpaday.com via Celena on Pinterest

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I completely own up to the fact that I am a Pinterest Whore.

And why shouldn't I?

Have you seen this sight?

If you yourself are not a Pinterest addict, then I commend you. 

I on the other hand, have fallen down a wicked spiral of knitting patterns, workout videos, recipes, and dream home ideas.....spiral of WICKED AWESOMENESS that is.

I have whipped up so many awesome dinners, and desserts that even S. has remarked on it.  I have made things for my children, gotten so many ideas for being a prepper (a different blog in the making), AND I have successfully shed my post and pre baby weight......so suck it if you think Pinterest is stupid.

I don't even really remember how I came across this little piece of housewife Heaven, but I think it's actually been about a year since I started "using" this sight.....have I pinned EVERYthing there is to pin?  Of course not, mainly because, well, lets face it, this sight is neverending.  BUT here are a few tidbits, and some of my favorites that I have fallen back on time and time again over the past year, and have been helpful for our family in some way.

The first pin that I ever actually did something with....

Yes, I still use this laundry soap to this day, it's crazy easy to make, takes no time at all once you get the hang of it, and it works great! Seriously.

Then there's this awesome sandwich recipe that I've fallen back on more than a few times.....

I don't add the seeds, and I always use whatever bread or rolls we have on hand at the time (usually the end of an Italian loaf).  This sandwich is so ridiculously good.....now I want to make some....soon.

Then there's this butt workout from Cassey Ho that literally killed my ass for DAYS....if you haven't heard about this girl, then you're missing out, because she's awesome inspiration and although annoying to listen to, her workouts are brutal.

Source: youtube.com via Celena on Pinterest

Then there's my new favorite hair-dos.....

Source: zszywka.pl via Celena on Pinterest

Yes, that bottom picture is of Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2, don't judge, her hair is freaking awesome. At least I'm not copying Jenelle Evans' hair with all of her Kesha hair feathers......

Source: diylol.com via Celena on Pinterest

Then there is this craziness, where, if you like to look at scary things, then this picture of this doll is for you.

And then, there is the most recent yumminess that I've baked...easy enough for the Dude to help me!

I could probably go on for quite a while about how much I love Pinterest...you know, I've even used Pinterest to advertise my blog, and advertise my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/CSFWorks?ref=si_shop  ) and it has helped me find new ways of making money and helping out my family financially.....is there anything that this sight CAN'T do?

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