What on EARTH Have I Been DOING?!?!?!

Oh my goodness people.  You're probably all wondering where I have been!  What have I been doing in the months since I've written!  I'm sorry!  Maybe what happened is that I took a subconscious hiatus from my blog?.....sorry again.  If you're jonesin' for some information about what's been going on in this stay at home mamas life, you should definitely follow me on my Facebook Page!  I actually manage to get on there every day...you know, with the spare minutes that I have with the craziness that's been going on! 

BUT, I am finally here to tell you everything that I have been up to!!  I promise that I'll try to be better, I've already decided that it should be one of my New Years Resolutions!

Ready for this craziness? 

In October, S and I participated in a Haunted Hayride!  S LOVES Halloween, and started to help plan this haunted hayride months and months ago!  He had always wanted me to be in it with him, but I was hesitant, because, well, Halloween's great and all, but it's not my deal like it is his.  But I went along, and actually had a really good time! 

Yup, this is us, covered in fake blood.  Our skit?  Well, S chased me with his chainsaw (he had taken the chain off folks!) and I screamed bloody murder that could be heard all over the entire woods that the hayride was going on it!  It was hysterical!  Until, the engine blew on Ss chainsaw.  Bummer.  Then we spent the rest of the night hiding in the woods and jumping out and screaming at the passengers.  We got a huge kick out of it!  S hit his leg really bad, and was later yelled at by people because he never got stitches (it's really bad people, he bled forever, and the cut is still healing), and at one point I told S to drag me off into the woods.  However I was laying on my belly, and forgot about all of the dry leaves.  My shirt ended up around my neck, and I had "rug burn" from dry leaves and sticks all over my stomach.  That sucked.  THEN because my parents were watching the kiddos for the night, S and I went to a local bar (still covered in fake blood) and played some pool.  It was definitely interesting trying to order a beer while the bartender eyeballed me the whole time.....

Hunting season started!  You all might know that S loves to take Dude out in the woods with him, and one day, it was DUDE who randomly found this while they were out!!  Talk about pretty freaking cool!  Dude was ecstatic! 

Dude finally started Preschool!  This is my handsome 3 year old son on his very first day!  And of course, my beautiful 1 year old daughter who insisted on taking a picture with him!  Dude looooooves preschool with a passion and it's obvious that he's been learning so much!  You know, writing all the letters, following rules, etc etc......and some weird attitude problems that I know he's picked up from the other kids.  *sigh*  That whole thing is going to take some getting used to - him picking up the habits of other kids.

What do Princess and I do while Dude's at preschool?  Well, we do a whole lot of this.....

Princess had insisted that I hold her baby while she ate her breakfast.  She fed the baby some of her eggs, then gave some to the cat....then laughed hysterically about it!  Princess is such a  sweetheart!  She "helps" me do housework, we watch Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Sofia the First, Daniel Tiger.....and soap operas.  I know that she misses "Bay-men" wicked bad while he's at school, just like I know that he misses her while he's there, and that's so sweet!  Princess has also started pitching fits about the fact that she doesn't get to stay at school.....looks like we'll be signing her up for preschool pretty soon.....

Halloween finally rolled around!  Of course we all decorated cookies!  Do you think Dude put enough sprinkles his???

Dude was Raphael (the Ninja Turtle, not the painter) and Princess was Audrey Hepburn.  However, when I had decided on this particular costume for Princess, I was unaware that her character in Breakfast at Tiffanys was that of a "call girl".  Um.  I wouldn't have put her in that kind of costume on purpose.  But whatever!  She looks wicked cute!  They got so much candy and we all had an awesome time walking around town together.


 There's been a lot of this sweetness:

And this silliness:

(I walked in to get her one morning, and she was using her sock as a sock puppet!)
I spent a really long time getting ready for a craft fair that I participated in to help our local library!  It was the very first craft fair that I've done, and I had a great time, and yes made some money!  I very much look forward to doing it again next year, and maybe having a table at some other craft fairs!
Dude turned 4.  Enter sobbing mama.  I can't believe my baby boy is 4.  I can't deal, so I'll just leave it at that.  We had a nice, small party for him, he got a ridiculous amount of presents and he was beyond excited about the Cars cake that he had been asking for for.ev.er.

Then, my beautiful baby girl turned 2.  Again I can't deal. Again, a small party, lots of presents.....this, was by far, the best picture of the day!

And ahhhhh Thanksgiving!  Usually, my parents make a huge dinner at their house, but they decided not to this year. So, yes, I made an entire Thanksgiving meal!  Nothing got burned.  No one got sick.  However, I think that the kiddos may have gotten a little bored while waiting for the turkey to get done!

And we are into December! I got to spend an awesome day with my mom and my nana doing a lot of Christmas shopping!  I am currently not working.  S and I are talking about me going back to school in the New Year.  We're also looking into buying a new vehicle and a house in the New Year too!  Next year could be crazier than this year has been!  S and I have officially been married for 4 months! Annnnnnd we have already gotten a lot of snow here!  It's been cold.  Really, really cold.  As in, the trucks sometimes have a hard time starting.  As in, below zero temps.  But, the kiddos love the snow, and they definitely love playing in the snow with their daddy!

I think that's about it.

Yes, we have our tree and our Christmas decorations up.  We finally finished Christmas shopping (and spent wayyyy more money than we had intended to on our babies) and now it doesn't even seem like Christmas is next week!  Maybe it's because we still have to wrap all of those presents....

If, for some reason, you don't hear from me again before Christmas,
then I hope that you and yours have a wonderful, Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays,
and a great season!  <3

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  1. Geez...I'm absolutely exhausted after reading your post. You have a beautiful family! Now following you via bloglovin. Found you via the Fun Friday Blog Hop...I'm co-hosting with you. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Hope you can stop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

  2. sounds like you had fun on the haunted hayried lol I'm laughing....I don't know what I would have thought if I had to serve someone covered in "fake blood"...lol. You have a beautiful family.
    I found you on the fun friday blog hop, I am now following :)


  3. I love all your photos Celena. I enjoy your blog and I've just set up ads to sponsor you. I'd love to see you grow and prosper in blogland. I'm following you on I think all you venues but I had trouble getting GFC to work. I will try it again later. Looking forward to working with you.

  4. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest google+ follower from the “Fun Friday“ blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back: godsgrowinggarden.com