Sponsor Spotlight! Amanda & Long Winter Soap Co.

This post is a long time in the making...

Why?  Not because Amanda has sponsored my blog in the past, but because Amanda has actually supported me for a few years now!

That's right people, I actually know Amanda, and I have watched this awesome woman make her soaps, perfume oils, and lip balms!

Oh, you didn't know that Amanda is the entrepreneur of an amazing company?  You didn't know that she makes these ridiculously fabulous products?

Well you do now!
And you need to check them out at her online shop! 

Pumpkin Spice Soap!  Just one of the amazing soaps Amada has for sale!
"This is an essential oil blend for the bad girls. Or the good girls who fall under questionable influence on Halloween, whichever. It's mostly patchouli (that's the witch part) with a hefty amount of dark smokey vanilla, and a touch of star anise and clove."
I need to try this one!!! 
Annnnnnd then we have one of Amandas most popular items ever!  It's awesome! 
Yes I have tubes of it!!
"Smells just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts! Which smell like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that."
AND you should also know that when Amanda makes her amazing soaps, she has to let them "cure" for some time before she can actually put them up for sale.  SO sooooon she will also have soaps for sale with lovely names like ""Pink Peppermint", "Coal Miner", "Almond Biscotti", "Campfire", and "Lavender Oatmeal"!!!!  I for one, can NOT wait to get my hands on these soaps!

You may also be wondering how Amanda has been helping me out, sponsoring me, supporting me for a few years now?  Well, because we actually lived next to each other for a time, back in 2010.  She would hear me constantly vacuuming, and I would smell amazing smells coming from her side of the wall!  We became friends and I got to watch the mixing, and hear about new scents that she was using, and even try some of the soaps!  Amanda encouraged me to get my own Etsy business up and running and gave me so many ideas and tips on what to do to really get my own business running.

And a little bit about Amanda in her own words!

"Long Winter Soap Co. started in 2007 when my youngest daughter, Lucy, was born with red hair and the skin to go with it. Everything made her break out in a rash, which led me to seriously distrust commercial products and revert to my soaping skills to create a recipe she could touch.

Five years later, it's a full time gig. I get up at 6, make coffee, answer convos, get the kids to school (sometimes on time!), answer more convos, pack orders, make stuff, pack more orders, hit up the post office, make more stuff, pack more orders, make peanut butter and jelly sammies, answer more convos, take a pee break, make more stuff... You get the idea.

How is this stuff made? I think the most interesting is the soap. I use the cold process method, which means I take sodium hydroxide (lye), mix it with a liquid, then mix the lye + liquid with a special blend of vegetable oils. I mix all of that until it thickens, add scent and color and all that fun stuff, then pour it into a big long mold. The soap sets up overnight, then is cut into bars and allowed to sit for 4-6 weeks until it's nice and hard and the pH is nice and chill."

Go and check it all out! You're going to love Amanda and her Long Winter Soap Co.!!!

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