Wordless(ish) Wednesday! - Town Fair!

Yup, the town fair!  You know, that one that you absolutely LOVE as a kid, but when you get older you realize how pretty lame and dirty it is?  And then you have kids of your own, so you take them and fall in love with the fair all over again because you see how happy and excited your kids get.... yup, that town fair!  :D

Both the kiddos played games and won toys, we hung out in the Maple Sugar Shack, had hot dogs and french fries for supper, and Dude got to ride tons of rides! 

I'm looking forward to taking the kiddos back to the fair later this week to see the animals, and S and I are going to have a date night later this week, but I absolutely love watching the kiddos get so excited over the rides and games :)

S helping Dude with the dart game <3

I took Princess through the Fun House, and no, she didn't like the huge turning wheel at the end :P


LOOK at that smile!  She was SOOOOO excited to be on the Merry-Go-Round!!!  <3

Can you make out the look of terror on Dudes face?  LOL! 
He wanted to go again though as soon as we got to the end!

And yes, I rode on the Merry-Go-Round too :)
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