The Escaping Fish

S had a "brilliant" idea a few months ago.  I?  I was not so keen on the idea......but I pretty much let it slide because let's be honest, he could be doing crazier things.

S decided to get a fish tank, then get shiners out of the local stream, keep them in the fish tank for the next few months, and then use those shiners for bait during ice fishing season so that he wouldn't have to spend so much money buying bait.

Seriously, I thought this was a crazy idea....but the nearest bait shop closed recently, and S would have to travel a couple of towns over to the nearest bait shop....over roads that I know get nasty in the winter.  So I gave in.  Whatever.  I knew it would give the kiddos a thrill, and I know how much S and Dude loved ice fishing together last winter. 

We get a fish tank......

S and Dude catch a bunch of shiners (and a crawfish) from a local stream............and we go about the business of trying to keep them alive until ice fishing season.


The kiddos spent a lot of time watching the fish, there was always procrastination because they wanted to "look just one more time" at the fish, and things went pretty good for a week or so.

Then my nana came to visit one afternoon as she was coming home from town.  No, that wasn't the problem.  The problem was that while she was here, Dude found a dead fish on our living room rug.  That's so incredibly awesome to find while my nana is visiting and I would like it if my nana thought my house was slightly clean.  Grrrrrrrrr.  I tried to not let my blood pressure raise too drastically.  I blamed the dog!  It was honestly my first reaction!  During ice fishing season, S had thrown some dead shiners out in the woods and there had been a few times that our dog Ares would show up in the front yard throwing around a dead shiner that he decided he wanted to play with.  So I naturally thought, that Ares had found that pile of dead fish again (the dead fish on our carpet looked pretty old, if you know what I mean) and had brought one into the house without me noticing!  I got rid of the dead fish all while squirming inside with embarassment and loving my nana even more for not giving me a hard time about dead fish on my carpet.

LATER that day.....I walk into our bedroom (where the fish tank is) and spot one of those freaking shiners on the floor next to the tank!!  Holy Crapola!!  I didnt know if one of the cats had somehow gotten it out or what!  BUT there was no way that I was going to pick up that fish with my bare hands!  I got some spoons and managed to get the still alive (?), cat hair covered shiner back into the tank (you know you have pet hair on your floors too!).  The shiner seemed to come back to life.....he swam around for a little bit......

it died later that day.


S came home and I told him about his horrible dog and his horrible fish.....and we got to talking and figured out that the fish were actually jumping out of the tank themselves.  Awesome. (SORRY Ares!!)  Apparently that hole in the back of the cover of the tank?  Yeahhhhh, fish like to jump out of it.  That was something that S forgot to tell me that happened to him a few times when he had a tank as a kid.  That's so fun.

What happened a few days later?  You know that crawfish that S and Dude had caught along with the shiners?  Dude spotted it on the floor of the dark hallway outside of mine and Ss bedroom!  I don't know what the hell that crawfish did, but I do know that S and I are not worried about Dudes eyesight at all.  I probably would have had a heart attack if I had stepped on that thing.

A few weeks later?  All of the shiners were dead.  S thinks that there may have been something on one of the fish (I mean they were "wild" fish) and it got passed on to all of the others in the tank? Maybe?  We don't know, but Ss plans of keeping a whole bunch of shiners going for a few more months were shot. 

He decided he wanted to go get a bunch of fish from the pet store.

I think I got manipulated.  S has been wanting a fish tank for a looooong time now...and he finally got it because I saw how much the kiddos loved watching the shiners.  *sigh*

So the other day when my mom and nana took the kiddos for the day, part of mine and Ss shopping date included going to Petsmart and S and I spending a ridiculous amount of money on fish.  Yup.  We did.  I let it go since I spent a ridiculous amount of money at Kohls :P  We get the fish home, and S set them up in the tank so that we could surprise the kiddos when they got home, and it totally worked!  The kiddos were so excited about the fish!

A few weeks later?  All of the fish are dead.

None of them ever escaped that I know of.

But I have since made it known that from now on, we will only be buying cheapo goldfish.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't accidentally step on a fish while trying to get into bed some night.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Unconventional Mommy Tails sent me your way and I totally love it! Hehe I was giggling the entire time :) I can't imagine a fish on my bedroom floor! (yes I have pet hair all over too...no matter how often I vacuum!) We have gerbils and I am always terrified that they will get out...fingers crossed and knock on wood..so far in the 5 months we have had them they have not!

  2. I'm glad I read this. If my kids or husband start asking for fish, I'm saying NO! before they can even fully form the idea! Fun to watch, sure, but getting out of the tank, No Thanks! Glad your kids love watching them and still have (or again have) some goldfish to watch :)

  3. 1) I had to look up "shiner" but I'm now well versed.
    2) I'm glad the crawfish was apprehended before he had to be cleaned off from the bottom of your foot. ;)

  4. HAHA! This was too funny.

    Thanks for linking up with Bloody Marys Count as a Salad :)

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