Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Cuddles and Playtime

Lots of stuff going on during the last few weeks of summer!  
Including playing outside as much as possible...with no shirts on!  :P

Princess doing some wicked cuddling before bedtime <3

I promise, my kid isn't stoned!!!

On our way to go blueberry picking!

We LOVE how cute they are, insisting on sitting next to each other to watch cartoons!

Playing "soccer" with daddy last night, Dude's got some funny moves!

And then Dude wanted to play "grasshopper" and of course daddy and Princess got involved :D


digging in the dirt with the kiddos

I got into playing "grasshopper" with Dude too!

then they were holding hands and Dude was leading Princess all over the yard showing her things
<3 <3 <3
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  1. Adorable! Part of me can't wait till Everett is walking so we can explore more. He's terrified of grass and won't crawl in it! lol

  2. Great photos look like you are having a fab summer x

  3. Hi there! I like your Wordless Wednesday photos, looks like a great time. I am stopping by from FunnyPostpardum Lady and now following you on bloglovin. Stop by and check me out sometime...www.armytankerswife.com