Wedding Post #2 - Pre Ceremony!

Ahhhhhhh, where did I leave off?  You can read all about the week before, and the set up for the wedding here and you would really have to!  There was so much that happened that week, what with my In-Laws coming in to town, and with how much last minute prep we had to do!

The morning of the wedding....we woke up incredibly tired, and even though we still had a million things to do, I wanted desperately to go back to bed for hours...seriously, I almost did.  I knew it was going to be a crazy long day, and an even longer night!  Instead, S and I got our butts in gear!

S and I gathered all of the things that still had to be taken up to my parents house (last minute decorations and the signs), and while S did some last minute things around OUR house, my brother came to get me and the kiddos up to moms so that I could finish decorating the tent....and so mom could feed my kiddos some breakfast!

My brother came down to the tent with me...but my SIL quickly came down after and pointed out that it would probably be better for HER to be helping me....sorry Luke, but she was RIGHT!  My SIL is awesome with the decorating stuff, and managed to make the entire deal look amazing!  During this time, S was out in town picking up the beer, ice, and the desserts that one of my co-workers had made for us.  After Taylor (my SIL) and I had set up the tables and started to put out vases, I ran up to the house to get some of the things for our guest table (the "guest book", coloring pictures, and such) and as I went to go back down to the tent, I realized that S had shown up!  So of course I couldn't go down again (yes, we were doing the thing where we didn't see each other before the ceremony, even though we had seen each other a few hours before!)  But it was ok, because I realized that it was about 10am, and that I had to start getting ready since the photographer was going to be there in about an hour!

I'll be honest, I kept peeking out the window to see if S was still there, and to see what he was doing!

S finally left, after he had set up the kegs and went back to our house to get his Dress Blues on.  While he was doing that, I was curling my hair.  It took freaking forever.  But it looked so good!

S got back to the house!  Ss parents showed up and joked around with me while I was finishing my hair and makeup while still dressed in my pajamas (sweatpants, and I was wearing a blue dress shirt of Ss) then they helped out with a hundred things!  I'm not really sure of everything that was going on since I was in my own little world!  My mom was getting dressed and hanging out with me, Taylor helped me with my hair, a friend of mine from high school brought the cake that she had baked for us, the caterers showed up, my manager was there.....it was a huge blur! 

Then the photographer showed up!  There will be posts about the photographer and the baker by the way!  But my photographer was awesome!  She started taking pictures, and I know she was all over the place taking more pictures, and I CAN NOT wait to show you all the pictures when we get them from her!  For now you guys will have to be ok with some of the pictures that we've gotten from others who were at the wedding! I can't wait to see the picture that I know she took of me putting my eyeliner on!

I started freaking out.  I was yelling at people that they needed to get me a drink!  Yes, I drank a couple of beers before my vows.  I was so stressed and nervous, so yeah, I did.  :P

I put on my dress.......I started getting blurry eyed, my mom made me cry a little....my MIL was so wonderful, some of my relatives came in to see me....there was actually a lot of crying!  LOL!

One of the pictures that I wanted to make sure to get, was of me and S holding hands around a corner, but not seeing each other!  I knew this would be hard because of the way that my parents house is set up, but it came out awesome!

Then S was hustled off to talk to the guests that were showing up, music was playing, and it was time for everyone to line up for the processional! 

And with that I'm going to leave you with lots of pictures!
I know you all want to see pictures!
And next post will be about the ceremony itself and the reception!

decorations outside the tent

table decorations

Princess "helping me" with my makeup!

S setting up beer in the tent

the tent

yeah...I made that!

S waiting <3

The "Guest Table" with our "guest frame" and an old trunk for presents

the tent

more decorations

I couldn't seeeeee S,
the photographer wanted me to poke my head around so she could get my face in the picture :D


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  1. This is all so ADORABLE!! Love it all! Just found your blog, can't wait to read more!! :)

  2. Great pics!! Love the one of you hiding but holding hands!! & I was a nervous wreck the day of my wedding too! I think I had a glass of champagne (I can't remember) -I know I had a lot after LOL!! Can't wait to see more pics!
    ~Candice @http://mylittlecircusandme.blogspot.com/

  3. OMG!!!! Everything looks amazing! Congratulations to you and your Marine! <3

  4. Beautiful! I am waiting for the beautiful wedding photos and flowy bridesmaid dresses!

  5. Love the "mutual weirdness" sign, pretty cute. Found you on the Bloody Marys Count as Salad link up! Look forward to reading more...you have also motivated me to pick up my knitting needles again :)

  6. Thanks for joining the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop last week! This week's hop is live now...hope you'll join us again!


    -Cristyl @ CHill Thoughts