Wedding Post #1 - The Set-Up!

Alright alright alright....it's been long enough, I reallllllly owe it to all of you to start posting about the Wedding! 

The ENTIRE week before our wedding was frikken cray-zay
(Please don't mind my vernacular....it's the only possible way to convey how weird everything was!)

Ss parents and youngest sister flew into town on Tuesday and I took the kiddos to see Pumpkin (what the kiddos call my MIL) and their aunt KT on Wednesday (my FIL and S had to work that day so they weren't able to hang out). We all went to lunch and did some shopping, and the kiddos were so happy to see Pumpkin and KT!  We've been doing regular Skype dates for some time now which definitely made this visit a million times easier even though Princess has never actually met them.  Princess was still a little shy, because that's what she does, but by the end of the weekend, she had them all wrapped around her fingers and she was so in love with them!  The Dude of course, remembered them a little from our trip to Kentucky 2 years ago (please don't mind the grammer!  remember that I wrote it 2 years ago!) and he's always so happy to talk to them!  Then Wednesday night after S and FIL were done with work, we all went out to dinner at our local chinese restaurant! YUM!

<3 <3 <3

annnnnd the ridiculously appropriate fortune that I got!!
Thursday.....ummmm would it be horrible if right now I can't really remember everything that happened?!?!  S had taken that day off so we headed out to town early to pick up a few last things that we needed.  The tent for the reception was going to be put up at my parents house that afternoon, so we grabbed some lunch on the way and headed up. 
Setting up the tent!  You can see our Arch on the side <3
Dude already dancing on the dance floor <3
That afternoon the granparents and KT took the kiddos out to town and S and I got to hang out alone for a while!  We headed to the restaurant where we were going to all have dinner together (the restaurant I work at!) and we had some drinks in a quiet setting before Ss parents came with the kiddos LOL!  After a wicked good dinner and lots of laughs, we headed out to do some late night shopping and Ss parents picked us up some new furniture for our house! 
Friday was THE CRAZIEST day I think!  Let's see.....I took Princess up to hang out with my mom, while I went to a couple of different places in town to pick the wildflowers I wanted.  It was raining that morning (which put a wicked knot in my belly!) so it was pretty funny standing on the side of the road in my moms yellow galoshes while cars kept honking at me!  Of course they were all people that I knew and they knew what I was doing!  The grandparents and KT came up to my parents house and we started putting up tables and brining the decorations down, it had stopped raining so it was getting really humid!  We planned on having the rehearsal at 6:30, so I wanted as much put up as possible before then......which was working out great until a thunderstorm came along and blew all of the tablecloths off the tables!  UGH!  This is probably where I started really freaking out.  We were all stuck under the tent for a little while because the rain was so bad....when we finally had a break, Pumpkin, Grandad, and KT took Dude out to Walmart to buy tacks for the tablecloths!  While we were doing the tables, my mom and dad had gone out to town to pick up more flowers that they had bought (daisies and babys breath).....and when they got home, my nana, mom, and I got to work putting the vases together while S set up the stereo.
By the time our Officiant showed up by 6:30, there were tons of people there...my grandparents, my brother with his wife and kiddos, Ss parents and sister, my nana, and of course my parents and Dude and Prncess.....things were getting crazier.
I ran through with everyone what my idea was for the processional, we ran through it....then it came to going through our vows.  Seriously I was shaking just during the rehearsal!  S and I were holding hands so tight and just smiling like fools at each other!  When it came time for me to say "I Do"  I jumped the gun because I was so happy!  I shouted out "HELL YEAH"  then everyone started laughing hysterically because I was so eager that I hadn't noticed that the Officiant had snuck in the phrase "and OBEY"!  I had told her that there was NO WAY that I wanted that phrase in my wedding vows!  So she decided to see if I was listening!
After the rehearsal, we all had some pizza, hung out talking, and then we all finally headed home...
Where S and I still had a million things to do!  I made the signs that would be put up on the road, cut Ss hair, and a million other things.....there was no night that week that S and I didn't go to bed before midnight!  Can you imagine how tired we were when we got up at 6am Saturday morning?!
OK, that will have to do for now because I want to get this up for everyone! 
I'll get the Pre-Ceremony post up for you soon! 

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  1. It sounds like you went non-stop. I guess that is typical in the week leading up to the wedding. I hope the wedding is beautiful and all you've dreamed about. I wish a happy marriage for you!!