Did We Just Have a Summer Vacation?

WHAT just happened???

I don't know if it's because the kiddos are older, and it's easier to do different activities with them and all together as a family......or if it's because Dude will be starting Headstart in a few weeks......

But I'm pretty sure that we just experienced a "Summer Vacation."

Every summer since we've moved here, of course we've had fun, gone places, etc.....our first summer, S and I took off randomly one weekend with Dude and spent the weekend on the coast!  And then there was the summer that we flew to Kentucky to spend the week with Ss parents, sister, and grandmother!

Boothbay Harbor

2 babies went with us to Kentucky <3

But there was just something different about this summer!  Maybe it was because the school supplies kept catching my eye?  Maybe it was that I kind of had to stop myself from crying frequently with the thought of Dude going to Headstart?  Even though I don't have to buy school supplies, or prepare lunches, etc......the whole "school" thing is really hitting me hard, so I guess it would seem appropriate that I feel like we just had summer vacation.  There were so many activities, playing outside, going places, and so many plans made, that this summer FLEW BY!

Of course the kiddos got to spend some (lots of) time with my parents!  There were also many weekends that my brother and his family came up to visit, so the kiddos got to have lots of playtime with their cousins, and do all of the things that are involved with hanging out with Grams and Grampa!  Collecting eggs, 4-wheeler rides, and arts and crafts with Grams!

There were quite a few weeks where it was rididculously hot up here!  Yes, it can get hot in Maine!  And believe it or not, this house that we're in now, is the first house that we've lived in up here where we had access to a hose!  Crazy, I know.  The kiddos definitely got introduced to playing in the hose, and drinking from it!  Funny stuff!

There was so much playing outside with their 4-wheeler, their buckets, shovels, etc, that there is no way that I could show you all of them, but I love this picture!

This summer we started a new tradition as a family, where we all go out to breakfast together, usually Sunday morning, but sometimes Saturday!  This is something that S and I love, and I'm pretty sure that the kiddos love it too!  They get to talk to and see lots of different people (we always go to the same place), they love the owners, and they get to color and play and eat pancakes!

There were many, many, days and afternoons that S took Dude out fishing!  This is something that they love to do together and I love getting some quiet time with Princess!  So, Princess and I would do things those afternoons, whether it was watching General Hospital together or going to the beach!

We planted a huge garden in our backyard this summer!  Of course in the long run, our "Victory Garden" wasn't so victorious, but we had so much fun planting it, watering it, and now they love picking the green beans and eating them out in the yard in the sunshine.

These two play hard.....this was actually a common sight this summer!  This particular picture was taken after they had spent the night camping on the island.....

The kiddos and I also did quite a few activities through out Community Concepts program!  One day we went on a "Book Walk" on some local walking trails.  We would walk the trails while the kiddos kept their eyes open for the next page of the story, then collect pictures from the book so that they would be able to tell the story with their pictures when the walk was over!  The kiddos had so much fun!
And of course since it's summer time, the playground at the local elementary school is open all the time to the public.  Dude's been to this playground before, but the last time Princess went, she was still in the stroller.....they both loved it!  Of course Princess tried to copy everything that Dude did! 

We definitely spent some time at the local beach when S would get home from work.  Princess didn't really like being in the water, and always had to be near S!!

And of course there was this good time/fiasco!!  We went to the Boston Aquarium, mostly so S could see his first child for the first time in 3 years.  But we (meaning me, S, and our kiddos) all had an awesome time!

Especially once we finally got away from the awkwardness and got to play in this craziness!!!

And we all did lots of relaxing at the end of the day!

And then, there was this....you know, S and I got married!!  There was so much planning, and craziness involved, but we had an absolutely amazing wedding!

And I bet you thought that was the end of our summer didn't you?  NOPE!  Just recently, my mom and nana took the kiddos school shopping!  Yes I know, it's funny, but the kiddos got to spend some time away from us, and WE got to go shopping by ourselves too!  We got so much stuff, and got to have a quiet lunch with lots of cuddling!
The next day, S and I took the kiddos on a picnic and went blackberrying!  The kiddos have had doctors appointments, dentist appointments, we've bought new crayons and different crafty things.  Their tans are perfect, Dudes hair is quite blond.  There have been so many laughs, good times, pictures, activities, and family outings! 
In my opinion, what an awesome summer vacation!

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  1. I'm with you! I don't know if it's just because the kids are older and easier, or if I'm finally lightening up. But I really enjoyed this summer much more than the past ones. We relaxed, we spent time at the parks, and at the river, and we went on day-trips. It has been an amazing summer!

  2. looks like you guys had a blast! <3 My summer vacation was the same as any normal day :) lol

  3. So the way I see it and everything on you're facebook you're a bitch and you should really let S deal with his ex and not let you be a big ass cunt on facebook. you're life runs only to talk about you're ex. He should really just say fuck it and leave K alone. Have a good night.....

  4. Lol. Oh boy!! Looks like you got your hands full, with some of these comments!

  5. I think you seemed to have a pretty awesome summer as well. And congrats on getting married!!! So fun. I think ti's wonderful hat you started some family traditions. I wish we did more stuff like that. I'm glad you and a great summer and don't worry, school won't be so bad :) You get used to them going off. I cried the first two years and now I'm better about it :)
    Thank you for sharing this at The Mom Diaries