Wedding Update!!

Since the wedding is 28 days away (EEEEEEK!!!), I figured it was time to fill you all in on what's going on with our planning!
.....and my freaking out.
Like before, all of our planning is going....well, it's going as planned.  In all honesty, I do wake up every day thinking to myself..
"Sh*t, there's only 5 more weeks."
"Holy crap, there's only 4 more weeks!"
"Oh man....there's literally only a few days left."
Venue? ready to go.  I just need to call the rental place to ask specifics that we will need for decorating.
Decorating aspect?  I got together with my mom and nana the other day and we got a lot of the decorations all made up.  Of course we have some more to do....like cutting flowers - which has to be done the day before obviously. 
Catering?  All set, they have the "go" that they need. 
Drinks?  We're working with the beer vendor right now, and all that stuff will be delivered a few days before the wedding, and we will be buying all the other drinks in the next few weeks.
Dress?  Picking it up soon!
Blues?  Need to be dry cleaned.
Cake?  Confirmed with the baker and delivery time all set up.
Cake topper?  Bought.
Rings?  Bought!
Vows?  Written.
When it comes down to it, there's just a few minor details that we need to put into place and a few more things that we need to buy!
So why would I tell you that I'm freaking out?  Well, mayyyybeee it's because my mom and my nana are starting to freak out.  And they're passing it on to me.  I told them this on Wednesday (the 3d, so yes, one month away from the wedding), and they both at least had the grace to look bashful....
It just so happened that Monday I spoke to my mom about a bunch of wedding related things....during which conversation she got herself a little wound up and kept repeating that the wedding is 4 weeks away...yes mom, I know.  A few hours later, my nana called and we talked about wedding plans and she also mentioned to me a few times that the wedding is only 4 weeks away.  This is when I started taking deep breaths. 
That night I had horrible, horrible nightmares.  Nightmares that included, but were not limited to:  we didn't have the rings.  We forgot to get Dudes outfit and he was wearing these weird brown pants and shirt.  The music wasn't set up.....I could go on and on.  Don't even get me started on all of the other dreams that I've had where no one showed up, where the dance floor was replaced by a huge mud puddle.....it's been rough, these nightmares of mine.  I wake up the next morning freaking the f**k out. 
My mom and nana could be called "planners'.  They are the kind of people that need to have pretty much everything set, planned, in order for something as big as a wedding.  I love that about them, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them being planners.  But  S and I?  We're procrastinators, we fly by the seat of our pants in most things, and do things the last minute and everything comes out golden.  While S and I know that everything will come out ok, and we've actually put more thought into this wedding than we have most things....my mom and nana are obviously starting to get annoyed that we are not taking this....more seriously perhaps?
My advice to you if you're getting married? 
Find a third party to plan your wedding!

In the meantime, if you're vaguely interested, you can always check out my Wedding Planning <3 board on Pinterest, and of course you should be on the look-out for a wicked blog post after the wedding!!  :D

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