Surprise Bridal Showers Pretty Much Frikken Kick Butt!

Since it was almost a month ago, I should tell you about how I was surprised once again by my family...like they surprised me for Princess' baby shower....let's just say that I cried. Again.

It was Saturday, and  there was a festival going on in the nearby town, so I had thought that I was "on call" for my job.  My manager and another of the waitresses were at a function, so I had made sure to tell the girls who would be working on Saturday, that they had to make sure to call me if they needed anything or if things got crazy at the restaurant because of the festival!  My manager had also made sure to tell everyone that I was on call, and that they could call me for anything.  Now, I knew that I was going to be on call, but mom had called me earlier in the week to remind me that we were supposed to be going wedding dress shopping for her...


Of course I told her, yup that's cool, of course, but that I was on call, and I was sorry if I had to go to work early (I had to work that night anyway).

When should I have known that something was going on?  When S mentioned to me that maybe I should wear something other than my work shirt while dress shopping with my mom.  I said, it's ok, I want to be wearing it just in case I get called in to work.  Yeahhhhh....

Mom picked me up that morning, I kissed the babies and S...they were headed in to town themselves to go to this festival.  Our first stop, we went in to this awesome shop in town called Liquid Sunshine...my mom likes to call it the "hippie store" but it's a great store with some amazing clothes!  Mom tried on some stuff, but wasn't really feeling any of them, but then she insisted on buying me a shirt because she's like that! It IS an awesome shirt though!  At the counter though, mom thought she had lost her debit card, so she paid with something different and we went and sat in her jeep while she called the bank, and retraced allll of her steps over the past (crazy!!) week she had had.  Then before heading to another store, mom said that she wasn't feeling all that great and wanted to sit in the jeep for a few minutes.  Ok.  I admit at this time, I was a little annoyed.  Although I felt bad that mom wasn't feeling good, I was also kind of stressed because mom seemed to be more focused on getting things for me instead of finding her dress.....and I was really worried that I was going to get called in to work before we found her a dress!

I let it go.

We started up the street, but then mom turned in to a restaurant, claiming that she had to use the bathroom.  Okayyyyyyy.  We went in.  THEN she went to the counter and started telling the girl at the counter that she had a reservation! That she was here with CELENA. (Nevermind the fact that I'm wondering why she would say that she was with me for a reservation!) WHAT?!  I said "MOM!  What are you doing?   We're supposed to be shopping!"  Her response?  "I want to have lunch with you!!"  The hostess led us towards the back.....I looked through the doorway to a private room and instantly, and I mean instantly burst into tears!  I could see my Grammie, and my Sis-in-law Taylor, and my aunt Cheryl....and I broke down like a baby, because I knew suddenly what was going on, as I heard my aunt Cheryl laughing and telling everyone that I was crying!

As mom was hugging me, she told me that my SIL had planned the WHOLE thing (even though she lives in NH), because she had wanted to do this for me, and wanted to make it so that no one else had to do anything.  I rushed right over and gave Taylor a huge hug, gave everyone else hugs, and couldn't stop laughing and acting mad at everyone for tricking me again!


It was seriously so great for everyone to do that for me! I really couldn't believe it, and honestly, hadn't been expecting one since S and I have been together for so long! Talk about an awesome family! We all ate some great food, I, yes, had a beer, and got to open lots of presents! Taylor made me a really spectacular "bow hat", there was a huge cake, and everyone laughed at me for wearing my work shirt! 

There were of course, tons of other pictures, but those will have to do! 
Come to find out, that literally everyone had been in on this!  My SIL had been planning this for over a month, and when my mom found out that I would have to be on call that day, she called up my manager at work and basically begged her to make it so no one would call me!  Of course my manager agreed!  She's as excited about this wedding and everything going along with as everyone else is!  So she made sure to tell all the girls at work to NOT call me!  And all the girls laughed at me when I got to work that night! 
And S?  Of course he knew about it...that's why he had told me to wear something else.  That's the last time I ignore something that like from him!  Annnnd it should also be mentioned....that I was a complete cranky a** b**ch that morning and had mentioned to S some things that were pissing me off....concerning him.  Needless to say, I apologized to him hardcore when I got home!  I felt so bad!  He laughed at me, and had told me that when he ran into my brother in town while I was at the shower, that I had been pretty mean that morning and was going to feel really bad.....at least he knows me!
So that was my awesome suprise bridal shower!  I don't think I can get any more surprise anything...but if my family wants to keep making me cry, I'm sure they'll think of something! 
Check me out again soon for more wedding updates!! 
Because you know...it's in 16 days!!  EEEEK!!
PS.  I said to S the other day....
"I'm so excited for blueberry season and to go pick blueberries with you and the kids!  
His response?
"I can't wait for our wedding!"
<3 <3 <3 

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  1. Awwww, you made ME cry! This was nice, the picture of you when you just walked in is where I lost it :) it reminded me of the surprise birthday party we threw for my Grandmother, she immediately started crying then shaking her finger at me and my sisters, she said "You NEVER throw a surprise party for a 75-year-old, our hearts can't take it." we ALL started bawling! Nice story, looked like a beautiful shower.
    You have an amazing circle!
    Thanks for coming by the blog hop, even if you made me cry :D

  2. That is so totally awesome! I had a couple of great friends do the same for me with the two lil ones! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story for This Momma's Meandering Mondays! Have a great weekend!

  3. This is truly so sweet!! You are a lucky girl with a great family, but I'm sure you know that already!

    That quote at the end was so sweet!

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    Hugs, Cathy