Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Summer Vacation?

There has been SO MUCH going on lately, it's like we're taking advantage of summer vacation around here...although we technically don't have that yet!  I could write posts about all of these things that we've been doing, but right now, I'll leave you with some highlights!

Princess and I in the mall before my wedding dress fitting! 
We were actually headed to Victoria's Secret in this picture   ;)
I wish so bad I could show you pictures of my fitting...but I can't!  So just imagine all the pictures you'll be able to see after the wedding LOL!

S and Dude went out camping one Saturday night.  Legit camping, in a tent, on the island of a nearby lake and they did lots of night fishing....when they got home then next morning, we all went out to breakfast....and this is what happened when we got home!

What happens every day when S gets home!

And of course both the kiddos have to sit on my lap during playtime...

On our bookwalk with our Home Headstart teachers.
Of course I have LOTS of pictures from my surprise Bridal Shower, and you can expect a post soon, but this one pretty much sums it up!

My son the monkey!

Beautiful cautious girl.

It was so bright out we could hardly look at the camera LOL!

One of the stunts my son did to give me some more gray hairs!

At the beach! 
Annnnnd that's our son over there, trying to mack it to some 8 year old girl.....*sigh* 

<3 <3 <3

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    The bridal shower hat is priceless.