Princess doesn't talk too much...

Another thing that has created quite a few conversations between S and I.....the fact that our Princess just doesn't talk.
Ehhhh, don't get me wrong.  She does. 
A little.

She fits into the criteria of her age - which is: does she say 5 to 10 words?  Yup....dada, mama, dog, bird, cat, up, butt, "bellybutton" (her version of course!), hand, eye, mouth, no (her favorite!!), hi,
bye-bye, and lots more.

So what's our issue?

I guess it comes down to the fact, that we keep comparing her (lack of) talking to the Dudes ridiculous amounts of talking when he was 18 months old.  Peoples ears bleed when they hang out with Dude! LOL!   By 12 months, I swear to god, Dude was a ridiculous chatterbox and had the most amazing vocabulary.  I'm not exaggerating in any way when I tell you that he was saying dinosaur names by that time.  It astounded S and I to no end.  Everyone who talked to Dude was astounded by his vocabulary. 

Why on earth do S and I compare Princess' talking skills to Dudes?
Seriously, why?

We know that all kids are different, honestly, we know this.  But how can parents not compare their kids in some way?  We always talk about how their hair is different (yeahhhh, we think Dudes hair was prettier), how Princess is the cautious one, how she needs to warm up to people before she will even smile at them, how Dude will talk to literally anyone (which is starting to be a big concern of mine!), how Princess is still a petite little peanut, how Dude has Ss skin tone (year round tan) while Princess is pale as hell like me, the list goes on and on.  So really, why wouldn't we compare something like their talking "skills"? "abilities"?  Whatever you want to call it. 

Since DAY ONE, Princess has been the cautious one...as a baby, she was quiet and observant (scarily so!), checked people out hardcore (she cried while looking at my parents for freaks sake until she was about 5 months!!) To this day, she intently watches people until she thinks it's ok to smile at them. Princess is definitely the more reserved of the family!

How concerned are we about Princess not talking?  Well, I know that she's not speech delayed.  I actually looked online the other night, doing research for this post and found this on BabyCenter.  Because obviously I should take to heart eveything that I read online.  And when it comes down to it, Princess shows all the "readiness signs" that are talked about.  Princess will do things that you ask her to (she can obviously hear), she communicates in her own way, and she points to things that she wants.  She will pretty much repeat, or try to repeat any word you say to her, it's just that she doesn't usually say them on her own, or string any words into "sentences". 

When we took Princess to her 15 month check up, we talked to her pediatrician about our concerns of course.  She said to give it time, that all kids are different, that Princess was still in her guidelines.  But that if we were really concerned about it, we could make an appointment with Child Development Services to have Princess evaluated.  We hemmed and hawed...and decided to leave it until her 18 month appointment.  Well, her 18 month appointment rolled around, and we were still at the same point....so I said..."let's just get her evaluated and get it over with."

Probably not the best way to explain it, but that's basically what happened.  So we had the Pediatrician put in a referral to have Child Development Services call us and set up an appointment for them to meet Princess. 

What has happened in the two weeks since her 18 month appointment?  Well, Princess has of course started saying more words, and will hang on our pants while chanting "up up up". 

Because, you know, as soon as you start seriously freaking out and whathaveyou, your kid will prove you wrong.

We still plan on having CDS come and "evaluate" Princess....but since S and I know deep in our hearts that nothing is wrong with Princess, this appointment will be for nothing except a peace of mind. 

It's helpful and awesome to have so many people tell us that there is nothing wrong with her, to have my parents point out that I didn't talk for a long time, for people to say "she's your "baby", so you baby her and know what she needs without making her say it, to hear that even Dude knows what she wants without her having to say it, to hear that probably she can't get a word in edgewise because Dude talks. so. MUCH.  Yes, we know all of these things, but we still need to hear it from a professional...sorry.

But then there's that one annoying person, yes, the Ex....who, when she heard that Princess didn't talk yet (it was during a Skype call when K tried to talk to Princess and S explained to K that Princess doesn't talk yet....and Princess was about maybe 14 months old at the time!) the Ex decided that the best move was to make a snarky freaking face and roll her eyes.  Really?!  When I heard about this I lost my mind.  Because you know, she has SO MUCH experience with a second child!  I can't wait to see what kind of snarky faces she makes next week....


And as I write this I wouldn't be surprised if Princess wakes up tomorrow speaking in sentences.

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  1. Stopping by from Friend Connect Blog Hop.

    My ex had a nephew who didn't speak for the first seven years. One day, after pointing from his cup to the fridge and making a sound that did not produce the desired result, he sighed heavily and said, "B*tch, I want milk! Is that so hard?" Minds were blown. They asked why he never spoke before. He replied, "Never had to."

    Got him tested later. Turns out his IQ is like Einstein level.

    Your child will speak when your child is ready, and when that form of communication is important enough to surpass other needs, wants, and goals. Some people don't talk early, but figure out how to run- they go to the Olympics or make millions on sports teams. Just saying that there is nothing wrong with developing a different skill set first. I am no child expert or anything, but that is the view I was raised on.

    Actually, it was more like, "Good, be silent. Silent is better for hunting. No words are needed to get a deer."

  2. I only have one child of my own, but my friends with two have definitely noticed that their second child doesn't talk as much or as quickly. Seems like their first does a lot of the talking for the second, but once they really start watch out!
    Stopping by from the bloghop.

  3. I totally agree with one of the other comments...sometimes the younger ones can do tons of things later than older ones did at the same age...but definitely once that wall breaks...oh my! LOL! I have two that tend to rattle incessantly...but to hear them say I love you...no better thing than that! Thanks for linking up with This Momma's Meandering Mondays!