Kiddos Reading Material #3 - Happy Fathers Day!

Let's be honest, there will be another post about how awesome fathers are tomorrow, but for now, let's check out some awesome books for your baby daddy to read to your kiddos!

The first book I'd say you should read?  "My Dad is Awesome" by Nick Butterworth....cause let's face it, dads are awesome!  This book is cute!  From singing in the shower like a rockstar, to being strong like a gorrilla...it will point out all of the things that the dad in your life does!

This next book is a favorite in our household...hence why I can't give you a picture of the actual "cover" of  this book!  "Just Me and My Dad" by Mercer Mayer (yes we love "little critter"!!)  This funny book is about a son and dad that go camping and fishing....which you may know from my blog and FB page..happens a lot around here!

 (yes, S and Dude are out camping tonight, and they took this book along <3 )
A sweet book that's good for the younger kiddo in your house?  This one...that I bought for S a long time ago!  Easy to find, with simple and cute illustrations, you can't go wrong!

Another book we love?  "What Dads Can't Do" by Doug Cushman....I actually found this book before I found it's brother (sister?) which you can read about in my other kiddos reading material.  I love this book..because everything that is mentioned....is S, and the way that he is with our kiddos <3  

I've found that it's a little hard to find books about how much daddys love their kiddos...why is that?  In our house though..it's normal for us to take out books from the library that we think that S would enjoy reading to our kiddos.....books about fish, the ocean, etc etc.....oh, and there's the book about snakes that I always let Dude take out from the library then won't let him read to me.  That's Daddy's job!!  LOL! 
I hope all of you Daddys out there have a wonderful Fathers Day!

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