Happy Fathers Day to My Amazing Hubby!

When S and I first met, we actually started talking about having kiddos pretty fast...well considering that he asked me to marry him after talking for only a month...us talking about kids was a given!

After moving in with him in October 2008....we actually thought that I had gotten pregnant near the end of the month...I hadn't of course, but we sat down and had the most incredible conversation....do we stop "not trying" ?  And yes, we decided to not prevent a pregnancy in any way...it was one of the most awesome conversations that I had had with him up to that point! 

So when we found out I was pregnant in March 2009, we were overjoyed, hugging and laughing and going crazy in the bathroom while I was holding the test!  We didn't tell anyone until I went to the local clinic a few days later.  S was so over the top happy it was adorable and we started talking about names right away.  Now, while I was prego with Dude, S and I went through a tough time because he was gone on his second deployment. It sucked.  But we worked things out and I will never forget the Skype conversations we had with the camera aimed at baby Dude the whole time...Dude already responded to Ss voice, it was adorable!

I was so happy that we moved up to Maine as a family....and even more happy when during a Fourth of July BBq, with Dude smelling of sunscreen and his hair styled into a mohawk with all the sunscreen, with food all over his face and S and I had another amazing conversation where we made the decision to "stop preventing" again!  It was amazing!

It took a little bit longer this time to conceive...I found out I was prego with Princess in March of 2011 and we were both over the top happy again!  Seeing Ss face when Princess was born was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen in my life, and up until that moment I had neer truly understand "wrapped around her finger".  Let me tell you, S is so smitten with Princess it's a little ridiculous sometimes....

Dude and Princess are Ss whole world.  Since day one, I have constantly been amazed at how good he is with them.  He stays calm when I want to lose my mind, he puts up with the face poking, the ear pulling, the playful kicking.  He is always tickling, wrestling, and kissing them.  It's ridiculously cute watching him put Princess' hair into ponytails, reminding Dude to eat his vegetables, and carrying them to bed.  He insists on going to their doctos appointments, is always teaching them new things, has been more more than amazing by watching them while I'm at work (well, maybe not this incident so much :P ), he bathes them, can't stop buying them toys, and finds it hilarious when they give him wet willies.  My heart swells with love when I see constantly, every, single, day, how much he loves them and that he would do absolutely anything for them.

The best?  Watching him kiss them goodnight, how he tells them "sweet dreams", thanks Dude for going fishing or hunting with him that day, telling Princess that she's beautiful, then pulling their blankets a little bit higher and kissing them just one more time before he leaves the room....

S and Dude meeting after S got home from his deployment, 2010.

S will literally stop anything if the kids ask him to read to them.

at the playground <3

can't take his eyes off of her.

he loves to cuddle her.


playtime before bed

yes, those pushups!

blowing raspberries :)

So, in short, Happy Fathers Day to a ridiculously loving, amazing, playful daddy, we all love you from the bottom of our hearts!

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  1. these photos are so beautiful! happy belated fathers day and thank your hubby for his efforts. My guy just got back and we missed him very much!