Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Gotta Love Weird Weather

Happy Wednesday!! 
Remember how I posted pictures a couple of weeks ago of the kids playing with the hose...yeah.  This past weekend it rained, was cold, and the other day when I took the kiddos out they had to wear hats, as in, winter hats.  *sigh*  Supposedly this cold front is leaving soon, until then, I'll wear my sweater inside the house....
Happy Late Mothers Day!!   :)

Yes, S took the kiddos outside to play in the rain!  It was still kind of warm that day, and the Princess was cutting some teeth and verrrry cranky!  
She needed a definite distraction and it worked! 
Why is my son so blurry?  Because he was jumping in the puddles of course!
Flowers that my grammie brought me for a late birthday present <3 
And Dude and I picked all the small white daffodils while we went for a walk on Mothers Day.

My Hearts <3

Honestly, Dude took this picture! 
I was in the process of telling Princess "No" about something...that's the look she gave me. 
Could be a long 17 more years......

Dude took this picture too!  LOL! 
Our eyes are shut because Dude was so close and had the flash on hehehehe :)
Even as a kid myself, I never knew the importance of a dandelion bouquet. 
Now Dude picks them for me all the time <3 
Yesterday, he informed me that he always wants to pick flowers for me <3

Reading to the kiddos before bed on Mothers Day <3 

Tuesday morning cartoon zone out LOL!

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  1. What a perfect 'snapshot' of your beautiful life! And even more beautiful children. I love playing in the rain. But here in Edmonton, Alberta, we have only a thin slice of time where it could be considered warm. We have to play fast. I think your Dude shows promise as a photographer . . . :)

  2. You all look so happy! Your kiddos are adorable! Our weather is goofy to 85 one day and 50 the next.

  3. Your kids are adorable! A very beautiful family!!!