Wedding Invitations - A Pain in the A** (AKA - The Night I wanted To Strangle My Fiance)

You would think that after being together for 5 years, that S and I would have no problem whatsoever getting our wedding invitations made up.


Our invitations have been, by far, the most annoying thing so far about this wedding.  What's up with that??

I knew from the get-go, that we would have a large guest list, and that having the invites printed up through a company wasn't happening....let's be honest, we're trying to cut corners here. 

A few weeks ago I started looking into it.  I figured I would be able to get a PDF file on Etsy, after doing some research I found some that I really liked for around $45.  That was ok.  Then I researched it further.  Even though it was a PDF file that would be emailed to us, and we would print them out ourselves, we were still looking at an approximately 2-3 week turnaround time (depending on the company).  What?  Oh right, it's right before wedding season.  Didn't see that complication coming. 

What to do now?  What to do?  You see, we had decided on a date later on in the game....we like to procrastinate like that.  And when it came down to it....we needed those invites....yesterday. 

I started brainstorming.  I started taking pictures.  And started burning up the compute with PicMonkey.  Yup.  I got a picture of the birch trees that my clothesline is hanging on....and messed with it a bunch of different ways while S was at work so that I could show him a bunch of things I could do with PicMonkey.  S was game, but I could see his mind running with skepticism!  That's ok.  Like I said, we needed those invites quickly, and I knew this was going to work.

the original

So when S got home from work, and after the craziness of playing with kiddos, supper, and getting them to bed, we sat down and got to work. 

Designing the invites was the easy part.  It was the wording that almost killed us.  Earlier in the day, I had found this website from "theoffbeatbride" that's full of wedding invite wording "that doesn't suck".  And it definitely helped!  They have so many funny invites and S and I found lots that we liked and wanted to implement into our own invite.  Very helpful.  We didn't want the run-of-the-mill invite since we've been together for so long, and wanted to have some fun. 

This is when we started snipping at each other.  Things he liked, I wanted to change the wording.  Things I liked, he wanted to change slightly.  There was a lot of grumbling.  I got really frustrated at one point trying to figure out how to change the wording on the invite and put the computer down.  S instantly grabbed the computer and fixed the problem.  He got a "thank you" and a really dirty look.  Mostly I was just frustrated that I hadn't been able to figure out how to fix the problem myself.

With some more snipping, then some laughs, we had a finished product and set about printing up an example.  Showed it to my parents the next day, the we picked up nicer paper and envelopes and now we're in the process of getting them mailed out......what a hassle.

finished invitation

All of the other planning stuff is going magnificently smooth and S and I haven't wanted to strangle each other again since! 

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  1. The frustration had to be worth it--those invites are beautiful!

  2. I love PicMonkey and what a great idea! I love how you did it yourself. Too fun!

  3. Oh, gosh. I remember invitations being a pain...and a hand cramp!

  4. Like William Shakespeare said, "All's well that ends well." (Actually one of the characters in one of his plays said it) You get my meaning. Ha, ha! The invitations look great! Good job!

  5. We did the do it yourself invites too. I wasn't nearly as creative as you though, I bought the kit and printed them out on some more traditional looking invites, but I did do a wax seal with our initial that I thought was kind of cool. Pain in the ass to do all those invites but I liked the finished look.

  6. Well looks like your wedding invitations came out just lovely. I am sure at the end it was all worth it. I have been waiting to start looking into designs for the invites. I guess I should really start looking. Thanks so much for the post.