So WHAT Wednesday #7

So What Wednesday

This week?......

So WHAT if: I'm having a hard time watching the news?
So WHAT if: it's raining today and I HAVE to get groceries and I HATE getting groceries when it's raining?
So WHAT if: I'm having a slight writers block?  I think I'm going to write up a few blogs when I get the chance and post them at different times....
So WHAT if: the kids sleep later when it's raining?  I freaking love it!!
So WHAT if: S and I are laughing over the Ex threatening him about changing Ks last name?
So WHAT if: I'm really excited to read "Bringing up Bebe" and point out that not ALL kids need to be treated for "ADHD"?
So WHAT if: I read "50 Shades of Grey" in 24 hours last week?
So WHAT if: it's supposed to rain all weekend?  S has two days off next week that coincide with my days off and are supposed to be beautiful!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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