Kids Reading Material #2 - Happy Mother's Day!

Ahhhhh Mothers Day!  The day that moms dream about.  Where moms envision breakfast in bed, playing with their kiddos all day and having fabulous pictures taken of them, and receiving some sort of beautiful gift from their signifigant other that makes them swoon with love.  They get to go to the bathroom by themselves, shave their legs without being eyeballed the whole time through the shower curtain, and get covered in kisses from their kiddos that doesn't leave them feeling sticky all over. 
Let's be serious.  Do a lot of moms get this sort of day?  Sure.  But in the real world, not in soap operas, moms still do the same things that they do every other day.  They still change diapers, probably run at least one load of laundry, will still wipe noses, and wash their hands a hundred times because that "sticky" feeling never goes away.  And you know what I'm talking about.
But, even if all of you moms out there don't get your perfectly envisioned Mothers Day, you can still read some cute books to your kiddos, that will hopefully knock some sense into them about how much us moms do for them.  Or at least remind your signifigant other how freaking cool you are and how much you do. 

Five Minutes Peace
By: Jill Murphy
Yeah, we all need it.  It never happens, but it's fun to think about!  This book was suggested to me by the librarian of our local library, who I have known for my entire life because she's my moms best friend (and a mom and a grandmother herself).  Why did she give this book to me?  Because it was obvious that I was having a hard time with the Dude that day.  I laughed when I read it. 
The mom makes herself a tray of goodies, runs a bath, then continues to be visited by all three of her children while she's taking her bath.....she finally finds some peace after leaving the kids in the bathroom and she goes back to the kitchen. 
Sound familiar??

What Moms Can't Do
By: Douglas Wood 
Illustrated by: Doug Cushman
You're probably thinking to yourself: "What the hell Celena?  Why did you put this book in here?  Moms can do anything!"
Well, you're right, we can.  That's not really what the book is about, and you'll just have to trust me on this one.
Examples:  "And they have trouble keeping things cleaned up."
"Moms aren't good at saying good-bye."
"Moms can't push grocery carts fast enough"
I could go on and on because I really love this book and the illustrations.  All of the things that moms can't do?  They have to do with how they need their kids help, and how life is so much better with our kiddos in our laps....it's cute.  Read it!

uh huhhhhh....

"Sometimes moms can't hear themselves think (whatever that means)."  LOL!!

My Monster Mama Loves Me So
By: Laura Leuck 
Illustrated by: Mark Buehner
Just because it's cute and the illustrations rock.  Perfect for all you mamas out there that feel like your kid is a monster...or maybe you feel like you've acted like a monster all day and you need something silly to read to your kid(s).

I'm Glad I'm Your Mother
By: Bill and Kathy Horlacher 
Illustrated by: Kathryn Hutton
Ready for a flashback?  I swear to you, my mom gave this book to my brother and I (no, I'm not going to show you the inscription, it's personal!) when we were young'uns ourselves.  I have passed it onto my own kiddos, and I love it. 
Of course it's sugary sweet.  Of course the illustrations are freaking cool because they're so classic.  It's beautiful and if you can get your hands on it somehow, it's worth it.

"I'm glad I'm your mother when you make me a painting - or you hide your creatures to keep me from fainting."

"I'm glad I'm your mother when you kiss me good night - or you tell me you're sorry when something's not right."
I Meant to Tell You
By: James Stevenson
Ready for the tear-jerker?  Really ready?  Here it goes.
I wasn't expecting this book to be one, I'm not sure why, but boy was I surprised.  With minimalist watercolor illustrations, it lets you almost put yourself and your family into the pictures.  Unfortunately, for some reason, the pictures I took of this book stunk, and then the battery ran out, so there's only a few.  But the book is about a parent remembering all the things that they did with their kiddo(s). 
I kind of had to read it to the kiddos fast so I wouldn't cry....

Annnnd maybe a few honorable mentions so that you're not actually left off with a tear-jerker recommendation?
Just Me and My Mom
By: Mercer Mayer
Little Critter is a big hit in our house.

My Mom is Excellant
By: Nick Butterworth

Because moms are excellant :)
Happy Mothers Day!  Happy Reading!
Love you mom <3

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  2. I love what mom's can't do!!! Great book! Thanks for giving me lots of other ideas too!

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