A Sunday Social and A Monday Mingle

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Happy Mothers Day!!
Enjoy your day mamas! 

This weeks questions:  Where were you....
1. One year ago today... The weather was much nicer and we spent the day going to lawnsales and went to see my own mom.
2. Five years ago today... Hmmm....I had just turned 26, was living and working in NY, I probably bartended that day, called my own mom, and I'm sure I talked to S :)  We had just met, he had just sent me a dozen roses for my birthday and we had told each other that we were falling in love with each other.
3. Ten years ago today...god...I had just turned 21 and thought I had the world by the ass....I had just graduated college and was getting ready to move out to Montana for the summer.
4. One year from now....S and I will have been married for 9 months and 11 days :)  Dude will be 4 and Princess will be 2!!
5. Five years from now... S and I will obviously still be married, I'll be celebrating Mothers Day with a 8 year old *gasp* and a 6 year old!!
6. Ten years from now.... I'll be the mom that still gets carded ;P
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This week's Theme: Mother's Day

Don't worry! Since today IS Mother's Day, we want to make this weeks post quick and easy! So, Show us what "Motherhood" looks like. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

Awwwweeeee  <3  The "good"
LOL The "bad".....I wanted a family picture after the Circus last summer...it ended up being a picture of S laughing as I tried to position Dude and I'm probably telling him to "Sit and SMILE!"

The "ugly"  LOL!  Dude learning how to eat spaghetti...
Annnnnnd Princess had a messy night...

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  1. Hi! I found your blog hop on facebook. I liked your page and didn't know you had a blog ;). Anyways, I'm following you now via GFC and Google.



  2. Hello! I found your blog on Modern Hippie Momma blog hop. Your kids are so adorable. I'm following you now on twitter, pinterest and google+. Looking to get to know more mommies in the blog world. I just started my blog last month: http://getfithealthylife.blogspot.com