Wedding Planning Nightmares (Literally).

First of all, I know I should have been expecting this....I had nightmares while prego with the kiddos.  Of course people are going to stress about such a huge event and this stress comes out in your dreams, right?  But..*sigh* ...does it have to start already?

I have no idea why I'm already having dreams about the wedding...it's still months away and honestly, I'm not stressed in the least.  I'm being straight up serious about not being stressed.  The plans are coming smoothly, everything is actually already planned, we just have to combine it all.

Venue? Check.
Date and Time? Check.
Caterer? Check.
Cake? Check.
Dress? Oh, that's a very big Check and I'm refraining from gushing about how awesome and beautiful this dress looks!
S.s Dress Blues? Half of a check. (He needs to order some medals)

I'm sure I'm being a little crazy and I've forgotten a million things, and of course there's things that we've done that I have written down here, but we have even started gathering decorations, have table decorations and flowers decided on, and know how the procession is going to work.

Why am I stressing to the amount that I'm having dreams already?  Who the hell knows?  I'm thinking that it's because my brother and his family were in town this weekend and we were all talking about plans and I tried on my dress again!  Of course S. didn't see it!  But Dude did, and then he walked into the kitchen and informed S. that I looked beautiful (that kid is crazy good with compliments!).

What was this "nightmare" about?

I dreamt that as I was walking downt the aisle I had forgotten to order a special sweatshirt that I want to wear after the ceremony when we go out on the town. Seriously, these dream created a lot of anxiety.....weird.

I'm actually going to get one that says "Mrs. F____"
Why on earth woud this dream cause so much anxiety?  I don't know but this crap better stop wicked fast because it's completely unnecessary! And no, it wasn't an actual "nightmare" but if I do get any of those, I'm going to be pretty annoyed, because an awesome, incredible, and wicked happy moment, is nothing to stress about!

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