Wedding Dresses and Randomness

A Touch of Nervousness?


Because I'm going wedding dress shopping this weekend.

Is this something to get nervous about?  Probably not, but since I've never been in this scenario before....I'm going to say that it's ok to be nervous.

I'm heading out with my mom, nana, and Princess to find a dress to marry S in.  I have lots of ideas, and inspiration (Thank YOU Pinterest)  and look forward to spending this time with 3 of the most important ladies in my life.  I think it may get emotional! 

Some of my ideas?

I love birdcage veils and I think I'm going to wear one for the reception

With a traditional veil for the ceremony

Do you see a trend with the dresses?! 
But this last one is really my favorite!  
We'll have to see on Saturday!

Other than the dress shopping (which may not be easy), our wedding plans are coming along easily and the planning has been smooth with some really cool ideas!  And we really have an awesome idea for our parents involvement in the ceremony! 

What else is going on?
The Dude has been coming into our room every night to cuddle with me.....I'm talking about coming in at about 2am.  At this point I'm so sleep-stupid that I can't even manage to just get up and put him back in his own bed.  The cute thing?  The other night, he was sleeping so close to me with his forehead squished against my forehead.  It was wicked sweet!  S woke up and saw us sleeping like this and thought it was hysterical and very cute! 
The Dude is in the habit of saying "Oh wow that is dysterical."  Yes, you read that right.  He says "dysterical".  That's not really the funny thing because it's actually cute....the funny thing is that last night in bed with S, I was telling him a story and said "dysterical" without even realizing it.  S did though and got quite the laugh out of it!
What is UP with the recent cold front coming in?  It sucks.  Especially after Easter Sunday was so warm and so much snow melted!
I've been having weird cravings lately.  Onion rings, orange KoolAid......wtf?
I'm catching up on General Hospital (I was 10 shows behind!)....and WHY is Richard Simmons the dance instructor?  I'm flabberghasted and annoyed by this.
And, when I have numerous days off in a row...I basically ignore the housework.  I'll wash and dry the clothes of course, but ignore folding it.  Wash some dishes, but ignore putting them away.  Sweep the floor, but not go crazy about the mopping.  Etc etc etc.  Why?  Because I'm busy with the kiddos....having long bathtimes and getting soaked by the splashing, coloring in Ninja Turtle and Spiderman coloring books, doing puzzles, putting doll dresses on repeatedly, cuddling, dishing out snacks, and reading books.  And it's awesome.

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  1. So you're getting married? Congrats to you in advance. I love wedding gown with a super long veil and princess bridal gown. Feel like a princess. Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to read about the big event :)


    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the Congrats :) I'm so excited and I found the perfect dress! I can't wait to write about the big day! And I'm sure you'll hear about it along the way :)