Peeing - Escapades and an Annoyance


Anyone who has a toddler son knows that all things "peeing" can be interesting.  I've been told that it's the same with toddler girls...but since Princess is still in diapers and nowhere near potty training, I don't have any funny peeing stories about her.....well maybe one.

But the Dude?  Oh this kid has given me lots of funny stories for the telling.

Are there pictures that I would love to share with you about these escapades?  Most definitely!  But there's no way that I'm posting those kinds of pictures on here...you'll have to use your imagination. 

The Dude was awesome with potty training and caught on real quick since we took away diapers cold turkey.  The funniest thing about Dude peeing now?  It's that he has no shame whatsoever and will pee on command...even in our yard.

Yes.  As in our front yard.  Right next to the road.  Yes.  If you ever drive past my house and see Dude peeing.....I guess I should apologize in advance.  But it's actually quite funny, so at least you'll get a good laugh out of it.

The other day I was outside with Dude and Princess, raking the front lawn, doing random things to clean up after this long winter, when I look over and Dude is doing his very dramatic "pee-pee dance".  Don't deny it, you all know what this entails.  The hopping from foot to foot, crossing legs with every hop, and grabbing at the crotch.  I've done it as an adult.  Don't deny that you've had to do it too. 

So, I ask him:  "Do you have to pee?"  
"Well, baby, then just go."

And go he did.  Pants down around his knees, sweatshirt hiked up around his chest, butt cheeks clenched so hard to push his little boy business out as far as possible so that he doesn't pee on himself.  Facing oncoming traffic.  And apparently this boy had to go, because his pee was going straight up into the air.  Awesome.  I was already laughing at his cuteness.  Then what happens?  Of course a truck drives by.  What do I see as I'm laughing?  The older man in the truck was laughing hysterically too.  I'm pretty sure that anyone would have gotten a good laugh out of that one. 

Dudes reaction?  "Why are you laughing mama?" 
"Because I love you so much baby."

He then pulled up his pants on went on his merry way.

Nevermind the awesome picture that I have of Dude peeing off of his Grams' porch.  Wrinkled butt, winter hat and jacket, and pants down around knees.  Hysterical picture.  Or what about the picture I have of when the Dude was potty training and he decided to sit on the toilet for about an hour while reading books?  That's an awesome picture.  Especially since I have one of me doing the same thing when I was potty training. 

Ahhhh.  Peeing, great photo ops for everyone. 

The other morning (3am to be exact) Dude crawled into bed with us, I managed to wake up fully and take him back to his own bed.  Then a little while later, I saw the bathroom light click on and heard Dude peeing in the bathroom.  My thoughts?  "He's getting so big."  My heart swelled with love.  Then he went back to bed all on his own....leaving the bathroom light on.  I said "the hell with it" and rolled over and went back to sleep myself.  Now, I'm not sure if I was dreaming at this point or not, but I swear that instead of actually going back to bed, Dude hung out in the living room, in the dark (except for the bathroom light), and was reading books to himself.  I smiled and left it alone.  Who am I to judge if he wants to read at 3am?  Then at 4am, I'm awoken again by Dude yelling at me from the bathroom informing me that he was done pooping.  I smiled, went and helped him out, thanked him profusely for going to the bathroom when he needed to despite the hour, and tucked him back into bed. 

It's got my mind spinning sometimes how big he's getting.

The funny story about Princess?

Well, occasionally we let her run around without a diaper on, to, you know, get some air on her girly business (what girl doesn't appreciate that?).  One night....as she's standing next to the coffee table (on the hardwood part of the floor!) she got this shocked look on her face and looked at me with a look that seemed to say "What!?"  I then see her shifting her feet around and looking annoyed.  Yup, she had peed all over herself...and was then standing in a huge puddle.  Poor girl.  But really, she didn't seem too concerned about it after it was all said and done. 

An Annoyance

Our cat Galore has been peeing all over our dog Ares' dog beds.  Yes, he has more than one.  Yes, she has peed on 2 out of 3 of them. 

Not cool.

When I think about it, the last time that she was doing this was when we first got Ares.  Galore and Ares do not get along.  In the least.  When Galore first started peeing on things....it was actually on our bed...on S.s side of the bed to be exact.  S was not happy.  He was ready to get rid of Galore.  We didn't obviously, because S gave her to me for our anniversary back in 2010.  We thought that she was peeing on his side of the bed because she was going into heat.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Obviously she's mad about something.  But now that I've had to wash two comforters in 2 days, I'm mad too.  Galore has been smacked on the butt.  The comforters have been hung outside and may hang there all summer, and I'm racking my brain about what to do about the situation. 

At least it's not dried cat poop in my pocket. 

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  1. Lol Potty training stories can be hilarious!! (When they're not traumatic that is!) ;)

    Thanks so much for visiting and following The Active Mum! I'm your newest GFC follower! Looking forward to reading more..

    Aanie x

    1. Thanks for the follow! And potty training? The stories never end do they? LOL!

  2. I have two girls and cannot imagine the adventures with little boys. Sounds like a hoot!

    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. Dude has definitely given me some funny stories! And thanks again for inviting me to the bog hop! :) See you next week? :)