{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday!

I love the idea of "Wordless Wednesday!"  However I'm pretty certain that I will be unable to be completely "wordless" .... especially since I'm going to be writing another blog later!  But here is my first attempt for you!  Just some randomness around our house!

frozen blueberries are a HUGE favorite at our house!

they dumped out the "pick up basket" and proceeded to play in it...for a long time...

silliness after breakfast and Dudes blueberry tongue

it's scaring me how big she's getting

the Dudes new haircut that Daddy gave him while I was at work
....and Dudes new favorite way to pose for pictures!

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  1. Hahahaha!! Your family is adorable! Love the blueberries!

    Kiddos do grow up way too fast too.

    Take care!

    1. AWWEE THANKS!! :D I think S and I make pretty good looking kiddos ;P My kiddos LOVE blueberries! We picked I don't KNOW how many quarts last summer and froze them all (the season always seems soooooo far away in the middle of winter!) but I'm almost out! *GASP* I need to wean them off the blueberries until August LOL!