MHO Monday Mingle #11

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This week's Theme: SPRING

1. What is your favorite part of Spring?
Hmmmm....getting out and raking, the kiddos being able to head out without wicked jackets, daffodils, frogs peeping, driving with the windows down.

2. What is your favorite holiday or date in Spring?
My birthday of course LOL! :P  It's coming up!

3. Is Spring your favorite Season? If not, what Season is?
Both Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

4. Has Spring been what you've expected this year?
Definitely not.  It's been cold for far too long.
5. Thinking about my last question, what would be the perfect Spring for you?
All of the snow being gone before April (or at least by the beginning of April), a vase of daffodils in every room, and barbequeing every night.

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