MHO Mingle #9

Back for another wonderful  Mothers Helping Others Mingle Monday Blog Hop!
All about vacations:
1.  Do you take family vacations?
As of now?  Not yet.  "Our family" is still pretty young and the past few years have been more focused on spending time together when we get it....not worrying about going somewhere.  Our kiddos are 3 and 1!  They think spending time at the nearby lake is a vacation!  LOL!  The summer before Princess was born though, S, Dude and I did go to Kentucky with S.s family and THAT was an awesome time!  I can't wait until we can do that again!

funny picture of the 4 of us!  LOL!
Yup, that's a picture of Dude giving the kangaroo a kiss at "Kentucky Down Under"
2. Did you take family vacations as a kid? 
If so, what is the one you remember the most?
We did take family vacations when I was a kid and it would be VERY hard to narrow it down the ONE that I remember the most.  Our week long snowmobiling trip to NH was craziness in itself....and one year we spent a week down in New Bern, NC and I got the worst sunburn ever....as in: blistering sunburn.  It was a great week though.
3. What is your dream vacation as a family, a couple,
or even alone?
As a family, of course S and are excited for when we can take the kiddos to Disney, and I can't wait to take them out to California!  As a couple, I want to go on a Vikings Cruise in Europe with S!
4. What is your preferred method of traveling?
NOT a bus!  LOL!  Flying is ok, but it actually makes me nervous.  I like driving because you can see so much more, but sometimes it's just not practical.
5. Have you already made vacation plans for this summer,
or are you planning a "staycation"?
We are really excited to take the kiddos camping this year....there's an island on the nearby lake that S thinks would be perfect.  And for S and I?  We're planning on getting some kayaks.  So for us, just leaving the kiddos with their grandparents for a few hours and getting to do some kayaking would be an awesome "staycation" for us!
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Happy Monday everyone!

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