A "mistake"? My Patootie....

How have the Skype "dates" between S and K going?  Fairly well.

Except the past two calls.

Last week Sunday:
S had spoken with the Ex two or three times during the past week, confirming that S and K would have a Skype call Sunday night at 7:30. 

Cool.  All set up. 

Sunday night comes around, we put the kids to bed early (7pm instead of 7:30) to ensure that they would be asleep (Dude mostly) and not try to come out and get on the computer with S.  No big deal, they're pretty cool at going to bed early and don't make a fuss.  But then 7:30 rolls around and S calls the Ex on Skype......no answer.  He calls 2 more times..of course, no answer.  So, we get the cell phone so S can text the Ex to see what the hell is going on, because he had, like I said, confirmed this call a few times, the last time being Friday.  We then realize that we have a message (who keeps their cell phone on them while in the house, busy with getting supper ready then getting kids in bed?), from the Ex.  Which she had sent to us at 7:00!! 

To paraphrase, it said that the call wouldn't be happening that night, because she had just suddenly realized that they had a Christening to attend.

Um.  What?!

We started texting back.  Really?  You send us a text a HALF HOUR before the phone call was supposed to happen, when S had confirmed this call numerous times during the past week?!

Her response?  That it was a mistake.  That she had only remembered that night.  She has a lot of things on her plate and she is human and forgets things from time to time.

No.  That is not how this is supposed to go.

If S had bailed on a Skype date last minute like that, she would have flipped the freak out.  She had the nerve, when S told her that she took time away from him spending time with Dude and Princess, and that we had put them to bed early specifically for this call, to respond with:  C could have stayed up with the kids.

No.  She didn't get the point there.  She was taking time away from S spending time with his kids.  Not just Dude and Princess, also K.  The Ex then told him about how K didn't care about missing the call.  And that Dude and Princess being in bed early gave S and I more time together.

Then she went on to tell S to "get over it."

NO.  Like I said, if S had bailed, we would have never heard the end of it.  Never.  Because according to her, S wouldn't have been keeping up with his end of the bargain, wouldn't have been trying to build his relationship with K....which she is awesome about harping on....over and over and over.

Maybe this girl should find a better way of keeping her schedule. 

Maybe she should try and keep her word.

The last Skype call?   Last Sunday?  Oh, that was a real treat.

In the middle of the phone call, K informs S that she was playing with some other girls in the neighbors yard.  An older mans yard....although we never heard how much older.

Um.  What?

Listen.  This is some older guy who has lived in the development since it began.  That's all well and good...but what the hell is the Ex doing letting her not even 7 year old play in this guys yard when she has her own yard to play in?

S and I jumped to the same conclusion in our minds:  creep.

What was S.s reaction?  He told K that she should be careful because not everyone is a good person.

What did the Ex say?  That Daddy shouldn't worry about it because Mommy takes good care of K. 

Doesnt't she want S to be a daddy to K?  Doesn't she want S to be involved in Ks life? 

Then let him!

It was completely normal for him to question it!  He didn't say that K shouldn't be over there!  He didn't tell K to never go over there again!  He simply told K to be careful.

If the Ex wants S and K to have a relationship, and for S to be a daddy to K, then she should know that as a father, he is going to question things, and try and make sure that K is safe!  Instead, the Ex makes smart ass remarks in front of K (because, you know, the Ex has to be doing Ks hair while K is on Skype so that S has to look at the Exes cranky-ass face the whole time) to make it seem like Daddy is acting stupid.  Way to go.

He told K to be careful!  How is this bad or annoying in any way whatsoever? 

She needs to get over herself and realize that if she's going to let S and K have a relationship, then that means that S is going to act like a daddy to K and treat her like a daughter and want her to be careful and safe.

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