A Day of "10's" {{MHO Mingle #10 and a 10 Day Blog Hop Challenge}}

You see what I did there? Ha!  I'm a dork and that's ok.

First up: 
The Mothers Helping Others Blog Hop #10 hosted by Story of a Girl and Funny Postpartum Lady. Head on over and check them, and this fun blog hop out!

This weeks theme: 

1. When is your Birthday?
Coming up real soon actually: May 6th

2. Do you normally have a big party?
Nope.  S is planning something pretty cool for this year though! 
3. When are your SOs and kids birthday? Do they fall close together?
S just had his birthday back in March....and *drumroll* the kiddos birthdays are actually 2 weeks apart. Seriously.  Both in November.  Right before Christmas.  It's a little brutal on the wallet, and it's plainly obvious what S and I get up to around Valentine's Day......

4. How do you celebrate their birthdays?
I try really hard to get something that S really wanted, or take him out (we still have to go bowling for his birthday!  We were supposed to go bowling this year.....but had to postpone it!  For the kiddos, we love going all out for them....they're still young enough that parties at the house are acceptable and fun, we invite family, and can never seem to stop buying them presents.  Even when we put a limit on spending. 
It seriously never happens.

5. If you could have one thing for your next birthday what would it be?
Meh.  Gifts aren't important!  If there's something that I'm really dying for, I'll let S know, otherwise, presents are just a nice little bonus to spending the day with my family. 
However, S has been made very aware that he can access my Wishlist Board on Pinterest at any time.

Next up: 
This cool blog hop challenge that I came across that's hosted by Teresa over at Freebies 4 My Family.  You can check out blog hop here!  It's 10 days of questions and I'm looking forward to starting it, so here it goes!

Day 1
Photo of yourself and 5 facts:

1. I love playing pool.
2. I'm a procrastinator.
3. I have soap operas that I can't stop watching.
Specifically: Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.
S makes fun of me for it.
4. It tears me up inside hearing my kids cough.
5. I can't imagine never having met S and our love story and how we met, makes people go "awwwee."
And another wedding planning nightmare for you?
Last night I dreamt that we had booked a venue (obviously it was completely different from what we actually have planned) and payed out a buttload of money for it.  Then come to find out, that so many other people had booked the same venue for the same day, that the venue was only allowing for the ceremony part of the wedding, not the reception.  And I was ridiculously angry and trying to change our venue at the last minute.  What an annoying dream!
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