10 Day Blog Challenge (Day 6)

Day 6 of the 10 Day Blog Challenge from Teresa over at Freebies 4 My Family!  Have you checked out this challenge yet?  Have you checked out her blog yet?  Because you should! 

Day 6 - What's in your makeup bag?

(Yes, I went to go get my makeup bag, because honestly, there is no way that I would be able to remember the things that are in it...)

Maybelline Fit Me shade #115 Ivory - Foundation, Cover Stick, and Pressed Powder
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Very Black
CoverGirl Blush Soft Mink
2 hair clips, pink and blue
a makeup sponge
Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner Blackened Sapphire
Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel
5 hair-ties, yellow, green, orange, black, purple
3 of Princess' barrettes and 2 of her hair ties
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm Twilight
a bobbypin
a razor cover
a knitting stitch marker
a heart bellybutton ring
a vial of Long Winter Farm perfume oil Pumpkin Chip
a piece of a brown crayon

LOL!  It's funny to empty out something and see what has collected at the bottom.  Now, this is not all of the makeup I use, my makeup bag is kind of small.  I keep my eyeshadow in another place because I hardly ever use it.

Some of those smaller things...the crayon, the knitting stitch marker, etc...those ended up in my makeup bag because either Princess walked into the bathroom with it in her mouth so I put it somewhere else (my makeup bag the most conveniently reached place) or Dude walked in with it and I wanted to put it away so that it didn't end up in Princess' mouth.  Apparently my makeup bag has become something akin to my pockets without me realizing it....a catch-all. 

Hope everyone is having a great day and that you're all still keeping Boston in your thoughts and celebrating with them today!

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  1. Good morning, This is Nicole from southern charm! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog! I love your challenge you have going on! I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend, Nicole!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the follow! I need to catch up on that challenge LOL I got sidetracked yesterday with my anniversary oops!

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking up at Thumping Thursday's blog hop. Seeing this post makes me realize I desperately need to go thru my make-up bags....yes bags...I have 2 make-up bags and 2 more dedicated just to lipstick, lip gloss, etc, lol. I don't even wear much make up anymore since becoming a SAHM, but have a hard time parting with some of these things. I do know however that some of these items NEED to go. You inspired me to clean out my make up bags, so thank you for that :) Now following thru Bloglovin'. Have a great weekend!

    Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

    1. THAT'S a LOT of makeup!! LOL! Hey, everyone collects something right? How did the cleaning out go? Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. I've got the Mary Kay acne treatment gel in my bag too. Thanks for stopping by this morning.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! How familiar are you with Bloglovin' though? I can't, for some reason, get my sight to show my recent posts...if you click on the link it goes right to my blog though! So confusing! I'm wondering if I'm going to have to kind of start over, and rename my blog and such...