Why do I keep screwing up my hands?


Apparently, in my 20's, it was my feet.  It seemed like there wasn't a weekend that went by where I didn't smash a toe, or break half of a toenail off.

So....what?  Now that I'm in my 30's it's time for me to start screwing up my hands?

Maybe you've read this pretty little number ?  If you haven't, it's a doozy.  If you have?  An update:  the fingernail, did fall off, it did grow back very nicely and is even a normal color.  I just have a small ridge in the nail.  Whew.

A few weeks ago though, I managed to do it again.  Not smash my finger almost friggen flat.  Nope.  I managed to almost cut the tip of my left pointer finger off while cutting up meat to put into the crockpot for supper. 

Imagine this:  A nice relaxing Thursday morning, I didn't have to work that night so I was doing numerous things around the house as the kiddos were playing in the livingroom.  I was chopping up some left over pot roast we had so I could put it into the crockpot with some more stew meat for a wicked hearty stew....and wouldn't you know it?  I took my eyes off what I was doing for .2 seconds to see what the kids were doing (there's a divider between the kitchen and livingroom, so I can actually see into the livingroom from where I was standing) and instantly started screaming as my brain registered what my eyes had already seen.  The nice, dull, serated knife I was using amost slicing off the tip of my finger.  Yeah, that's right. The knife didn't even manage to go all the way through, so that when I looked down all I saw was red and a huge piece of skin flapping around as I was waving my arms around in the air freaking out and losing my shit. 

That last part was an exaggeration.  Honestly.

I did scream.  I said some very bad words as I was stomping my feet and running water over the cut to get all the meat juices washed out of it.  Dude instantly came into the kitchen wanting to know what was wrong.  My response?  "Mama wasn't paying attention baby and I cut my finger.  Really bad, ok.  Please go in the livingroom ok?" 

Did he?  Of course not. He was way more interested in the huge blue dishtowel that I had wrapped around my hand. I honestly thought the cut was a lot worse than it ended up being.  As in, I thought the tip of my finger was almost gone. 

Now, I haven't even really looked at my finger at this point.  And what happens next so that all of you that are moms of little boys might relate?  Dude asked to see my finger, so, of course, I showed him.  His reaction:   "What did you do mama?  Did you cut your finger?  You better get a bandaid mama." 

Thanks bud. 

Princess' reaction?  She stayed in the middle of the livingroom floor completely transfixed by the towel wrapped around my hand.  She would not take her eyes off of it.

Now imagine the next 15 minutes.  This happened right before S was about to come home for lunch.  Which means I was also in the process of making lunch for the family as I was cutting meat for the crockpot.  So, I then proceeded to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kiddos....one handed.  Got Princess into and buckled into her highchair....one handed.  Then served them, and waited for S to pull up.   When he did, I met him at the door with my blue towel wrapped hand up in the air.  Asking for help.  NOT what S expected to see coming home for lunch!  He washed my finger, doused it, bandaged it, told me it would be ok.....and to not get it wet for the rest of the day which was pretty cool considering the dishes I had to do.  Then he finished cutting up the meat and the vegetables for me.  Just adding to the list of reasons why he's pretty cool.

Now, almost 2 weeks later, my finger looks a lot better.  The skin stayed on and even though the tip of my finger is numb (except for when I hit it on something) I can spend my day without a bandage on my finger. 
And unfortunately, I'm back to washing dishes.
The other problem lately with my hands?  I've had an outbreak of wicked hangnails.  I mean bad ones.  I seriously think that it's because I've run out of the Biotin that I was taking.  Which means I need to get my butt in gear and buy some more.  I hadn't really noticed the effects of the Biotin when I was taking it, but I really think that all of these hangnails are a result of me not taking Biotin for the last month or so.

I don't think my poor hands can handle another 10 years of this.  I'm not really sure how my feet survived my 20's......
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