Such Childish Reactions

By now, I'm sure that many of you have read my last blog to my future step-daughter here, but if you haven't it's basically worth your time to go read it just because of the reactions that I got from the Exes family!

OMG!  You have no right to write about your own feelings!

When someone takes the time to write a blog about their own feelings, when they are taking the time to write down their point of view, when all they are doing is telling their side of the story, when someone is writing about how they care about a little girl who will soon be a part of their family.....and the only comments that people can leave are complete and utter filth, well, it's just sad.

I seriously think that it is hysterical how much these girls went off on me!  One girl, who is one of the Exes half sisters, I have literally never met, never even talked to.  How is it that she knows how I feel?   I understand that her opinion is warped because she's only ever heard the Exes point of view, that's fine.  That happens with a lot of people.  But this person is a mom herself, how can she be mad that more people care about her niece?  Wouldn't she want as many people as possible who love K, to be in Ks life?  I guess not.  The other girl is another one of the Exes half sisters (yeah, the family gets around, another reason that I'm worried about Ks home life), and I have met this girl once.  Um, ok, so she has the right to say shit about Dude about how he "came out yellow"?  I laughed so hard when I read that!  This girl, who is 20  (?), does not have a child, who has no sort of anything in her life, is giving me a hard time because  my son had jaundice?  This little girl obviously has no idea what she's talking about.  You see, jaundice is actually common.  I had it, S had it, hell, Ss youngest sister had it.  Oooooooh, what a bad thing to have jaundice when it runs in the family.  Dude got rid of his jaundice in 2 days thanks so much.  Shall I point out to you, that my son does not have asthma (k did), that I am not drugging my son for acting like a 3 year old (K started ADHD meds at 3 years old!!).   But that's all besides the point isn't it? 

The fact of the matter is, that these girls are crazy.  And all they are doing is making their entire family look pathetic, psycho, crazy, childish, and proving that they are all uneducated and can't spell.  I have never laughed so much in two days as when I was reading their comments.  And now I have lots of pretty comments saved because I have literally been threatened to have my ass kicked.  By a 20 year old.  Shaking in my boots over here.

So, because of one heartfelt blog, and because the Ex posted that blog for all of her family and friends to see (which, yes, I know she did) what has happened?  Well, I've had almost 500 views on this blog!  I personally think that's awesome!  I never expected such a reaction to something I was writing flying by the seat of my pants!  And I genuinely say Thank You to the Ex and all of her family and friends for making it so popular!  However, if you had all just left it alone, didn't stalk my shit like a bunch of crazies, it would have never gone viral like this. 

Oops.  Guess you screwed that one up.

If the Ex had actually thought about it a little bit, she wouldn't have had all her family and friends look at my blog or let them make comments, which in the long run, skyrocketed the popularity of that particular entry!  Thank you again Ex!

It's sad that you all care so much about what I say.  You all say that I'm not important to you or K, well, it's obvious that you all do think that I have some sort of presence, because all of you, all you ever do is stalk my blog, facebook, etc, and freak the fuck out.

Grow up.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I have the right to my own opinions, to write what I want, and to express what I have seen the Ex doing.

I think it's funny that the Exes family is ignoring the fact that the Ex is the reason that the Ex and S got a divorce.  Ignoring the fact that the Ex had  gone through 2 divorces before K was 4!  The fact that the Ex at one point, had 2 men living in her house....one a "friend", the other was her fiance for about one month, then she dumped the fiance, the friend stayed, and then the Exes old fiance moved back in.  They were married for approximately 4 months before they separated.....how is it Ss fault that K is so screwed up?  I know that the Exes family have all given her a hard time because she's been in so many relationships, why is she suddenly so perfect?  Why are they all ignoring that the Ex got knocked up at 15?

Beats me. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Sounds like you have had quite the week, Hope everything starts looking better K, sounds like she needs some good parents in her life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by MY blog :D Would love it if you follwed me! We ALways have quite the week around here! And you're right, K DOES need some good parents in her life, that's one of the reason that S has been trying so hard to reconnect with her, but the Ex hasn't been very helpful since my last two blog posts....imagine that!

  2. Ummm the ex sounds like my husbands ex. She is crazy. I have had exs of hers after my husband and her split, contact me to tell me she is crazy a few times. She is now married and has another child with this man but is still just as petty as she was in the beginning. I am a bio mom and a step mom and my older 3 kids have a step mom and yes, we had some issues at first but it didn't take long for all the nonsense to stop. She is nasty and evil and it rubs off on the children because they have a negative attitude just like hers, about everything. Last issue we had was over a year ago because their son was still peeing the bed at night and I told my husband that we were gonna have to get some overnights or something because I was tired of washing the sheets and blankets and since they dont have their own beds here the other kids dont want to sleep in someone elses pee bed. I didnt say it to be nasty, I want it resolved, but she jumped on him about it and sent me a msg on Facebook about how her and him were the parents and it was their responsibility....well here it is, a year later and he is now 9 and peeing the bed. She takes everything and turns it negative. Its a bit annoying. :)