Some Friday Funnies!

S doesn't have to work today!  After he and I had a very late night last night, this morning was a little bit slow going...but now we're into the swing of things!

The guys headed outside to work on cleaning up the garage, and Dude now has the responsibility of taking the compost bucket (it's actually a small bowl) to the compost pile by himself...it was pretty funny to watch from the window.  And, I ended up having a little boys tricycle parked outside my front door.  Because obviously that's where it belongs.

What have Princess and I been up to while the guys are outside?  Well, she showed so much interest in the broom while I started sweeping up the house, that I put down my broom to go into the kiddos room and try to find Dudes little toy broom....the result?  Princess and I ended up emptying out the toybox (even though we found the broom pretty fast) because we both got distracted by all of the treasures we found.  So my "spring cleaning" mode ended up making more of a mess.  Yeah.

And yes, she is inside of a smaller toybox.....


Now, Princess is down for a nap!  Which gives me time to share these lovelies with you! 

Dude recently has an obsession with "gettng ready for work" along with me...which means that he empties out my makeup bag and combs his hair.  The other day, he decided to "get ready for work" while I wasn't in the bathroom with him, and he comes out covered with my lipstick.   Handsome.
Anyone remember how I mentioned that our house is an ever-changing obstacle course?  This is just one example.  This was Princess' attempt at helping me cook.  Because apparently I like to use everysinglepaninthehouse while I'm cooking. 
One night, while doing exercises with Dude to tire the crazy guy out, I looked over and Princess was on her hands and knees putting her head down to the ground.  My little girl was doing pushups!  So, I did pushups with her.  Obviously you can see from her face that she thought this was hysterical!

Then there's this genius idea.  I've read numerous places about the "pick up basket" idea.  You know, clean up the house really quick, throw everything into a laundry basket, then take care of everything in the basket later.  So, I'm trying this, and this is what happens.  I never get around to cleaning out the "pick up basket".  I am now down to using just one laundry basket for our actual laundry, and I have acquired another toybox in the livingroom.   When this basket gets emptied out because the kiddos are playing.....all of the toys end up back in the basket at the end of the day when they're picking up their toys.  It's a never ending cycle.  It's seriously on my to do list, to clean out the "pick up basket".  Ridiculous.

So it's a short one, but a funny glimpse into the funny things that go on in our house on a daily basis.  Now, I need to get my butt in gear because I need to pull out my short skirt for when S and I go out tomorrow night! Hey, it's getting warmer out, you know?

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