I could really go for a freaking soda right now (AKA: I feel like everything in my house smells like puke.)

Yes, both of those titles are perfectly applicable to what my last week has been like.

You missed me didn't you?

The soda thing?  Ohhhhhh, since I'm not one to do Lent, I hopped on the "giving something up for a month" a little late.  Better late than never?  So I have decided to try this little challenge:  The No Soda Challenge from SkinnyMs.


How's it going for me so far?  Well, I had to slip a little bit on my very first day....because I was so ridiiculously nauseous from the weird ass 48 hour flu that was rampant in our house (that would explain the puke smell), that I really DID have to have a few sips of flat gingerale.  Does that even count?  Wait, really, does flat soda count?  Yeah I'm pretty sure it does.  Oh well, it helped my belly.  This challenge has been pretty easy for me so far since I never really drink soda at home.  It's a challenge at work, which is where I knew it would be.  When you're standing in a hot kitchen and literally 6 inches from a soda machine all the time between expediting food, making salads, etc.  It's easiest to just grab a nice cold, bubbly, fountain soda....sigh.  So I started bringing my own 30oz bottle of water from home (yes, I refill it).  I find this makes it easier to have my own bottle right there and it reminds me to drink that instead of grabbing a glass.....of soda.  As maybe you can tell, even though this has been a somewhat easy challenge for me, I'm still craving it wicked.  But, it WILL be interesting to see if, between this challenge, and starting running again, what happens with my weight.

So I guess I better stop talking about it.

My house smelling like puke?  

Well, I know it dosn't smell like puke.....maybe the smell is stuck in my nose?

Last week for us was pretty busy all week.....Monday we had playgroup and appointments to go to, Tuesday we walked to the library and hung out for a while, Wednesday the Princess had her 15 month check up so the Dude stayed with his great grandmother for a couple of hours.  When the Princess and I were done, we went and hung out with them at her house, where S. joined us for lunch, and I worked on some crocheting (finally!). 

Thursday?  Shit started getting bad.  I had to work that night, so I was ready to go by 3 or so (I was leaving around 4), and right about the same time, Dude puked alllllll over the couch, and the pillow he was laying on, and himself, and the floor. 

You may remember me writing about the Dude puking about a month or so ago, when he had a wicked ear infection.  ( http://mystayathomemamalife.blogspot.com/2013/01/throwing-up.html ).  Well imagine that, it hasn't gotten any easier to deal with since then.  He then threw up in the bathroom and cried a lot, and I started contemplating not going to work.  Then a few minutes before S. was due to be home, Princess woke up screaming in her crib, I run in, and oh yeah, there it is......Princess and her blankets, and her bed...covered with puke.  This was the first time Princess has thrown up.....crappy.  I actually took off my shirt so that Princess wouldn't rub her puke covered hands all over my work shirt, and grab this poor kid to throw her in the bath while making soothing noises to try and stop the sad whimpering and on the way to the bathroom knocking frantically on the kitchen window because I can see S. outside (thoughtfully) scraping the snow and ice off of the truck for me, and I want him to come in NOW.  I got baby washed and a load of laundry started, the whole time feeling like an asshole because I had to leave for work while my babies were puking.  I talked to S. about me staying home, but he said he was fine (even though I know he can't handle puke very well), so I went, with the determination to leave as soon as possible.  Come to find out, the kids puked some more, the Princess actually puking on S.....that's a good father right there. 

Friday?  I layed on the couch all day.  Could. Not. Move.  Didn't go to work.  Had a splitting headache.  Cleaned up more puke (the kids, not mine).  But Dude did seem to be feeling better, so S actually took him ice fishing for a while to get him out of my hair so when Princess went down for a nap I could too. 

Saturday?  I woke up feeling amazingly better.  The Princess was not.  But it was also S.s birthday, so I bucked up and bundled Princess up to take her into town to do the shopping that there was no way that I could've done on Friday.  S. and Dude headed out at the same time to do some more ice fishing (yes, they both love it and they've been catching a lot of fish!).  Did I forget to mention that S. told me to get some gas at the local store before driving the 15 minutes into town because the gas light was on?  Did I forget to mention that I completely ignored him thinking, "I've made it into town on this much gas before." ?  Yup.  Didn't work so well, this particular day, and about a mile down the road past the first gas station you come to when you come into town (I didn't stop there because it's much more expensive than the gas stations 10 minutes away), while going up a hill......putter putter putter.  This is where I started swearing and leaning forward in my seat hoping that would help me get up the hill and into town.  It didn't work and I ended up stalling/driving into the parking lot of a big apartment building.  Pretty awesome considering I had given the phone to S. to use since he would be on the lake.  Needless to say, someone stopped and let me use his phone, and S. headed out.  He filled me up, he was annoyed, he got over it pretty fast.  The Princess and I went shopping.....after going to the gas station.  And the rest of S.s birthday was good, considering that we were all still sick.

So, here we are, almost a week later.  Dude has thrown up a few more times, and it really took Princess a few days to get back to normal, but everyone is fine now.....I've done so much laundry it's ridiculous.  But apparently I still have more to do....some of the blankets are obviously going to have to hang outside on the clothesline to fully get rid of the smell.  So gross. 

And a tidbit about the Ex?  She texted us to ask if we had gotten a message that she had sent us on Skype....GASP!  But wait, this bitch complained and complained and fucking complained that she didn't want us sending her messages over Skype because it wasn't convenient for her....so what the hell is she doing sending US messages on Skype?  She had wanted to ask if S. wanted to have weekly conversations with K....but then decided against it because K.s therapist said it wasn't a good idea.  Um, how about you go with your gut?  You say that K is bored and that she may need more regular conversations?  Then TRY it and see how it goes....but that would be too easy wouldn't it? 

Then she goes on to tell S. that she and K are ok with Dude and Princess being involved with the calls, if they can't go to bed early because I'm at work that night.....meaning, they should have the calls even when my work schedule conflicts with the calls.  Um, no again.  Since I know you stalk my blog, you should really not ignore me when I say this....my kids will not talk to your kid unless I'm involved.  S. knows this and it will not change.  Don't even waste your time trying to change it.

So, because S and K haven't talked in a bit because they're so busy and my work schedule changed a little, we texted, and messaged the Ex on Sunday to see if K wanted to talk.  We got ignored. Surprise.  Then we finally received a text informing us that a call would not be happening that night, and in the future we would have to ask a day in advance?  Really?  Your slutting it up is taking up that much of your time?  We're trying to work with you here!  Sometimes we don't know until the day off if a phone call is even possible that night.  Try being a little bit more flexible and maybe you won't be talking about how K is bored and dosn't really want to continue talking to S. 

Just a thought. 

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