I completely own up to the fact that I am a Pinterest Whore.

And why shouldn't I?

Have you seen this sight?

If you yourself are not a Pinterest addict, then I commend you. 

I on the other hand, have fallen down a wicked spiral of knitting patterns, workout videos, recipes, and dream home ideas.....spiral of WICKED AWESOMENESS that is.

I have whipped up so many awesome dinners, and desserts that even S. has remarked on it.  I have made things for my children, gotten so many ideas for being a prepper (a different blog in the making), AND I have successfully shed my post and pre baby weight......so suck it if you think Pinterest is stupid.

I don't even really remember how I came across this little piece of housewife Heaven, but I think it's actually been about a year since I started "using" this sight.....have I pinned EVERYthing there is to pin?  Of course not, mainly because, well, lets face it, this sight is neverending.  BUT here are a few tidbits, and some of my favorites that I have fallen back on time and time again over the past year, and have been helpful for our family in some way.

The first pin that I ever actually did something with....

Yes, I still use this laundry soap to this day, it's crazy easy to make, takes no time at all once you get the hang of it, and it works great! Seriously.

Then there's this awesome sandwich recipe that I've fallen back on more than a few times.....

I don't add the seeds, and I always use whatever bread or rolls we have on hand at the time (usually the end of an Italian loaf).  This sandwich is so ridiculously good.....now I want to make some....soon.

Then there's this butt workout from Cassey Ho that literally killed my ass for DAYS....if you haven't heard about this girl, then you're missing out, because she's awesome inspiration and although annoying to listen to, her workouts are brutal.

Source: youtube.com via Celena on Pinterest

Then there's my new favorite hair-dos.....

Source: zszywka.pl via Celena on Pinterest

Yes, that bottom picture is of Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2, don't judge, her hair is freaking awesome. At least I'm not copying Jenelle Evans' hair with all of her Kesha hair feathers......

Source: diylol.com via Celena on Pinterest

Then there is this craziness, where, if you like to look at scary things, then this picture of this doll is for you.

And then, there is the most recent yumminess that I've baked...easy enough for the Dude to help me!

I could probably go on for quite a while about how much I love Pinterest...you know, I've even used Pinterest to advertise my blog, and advertise my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/CSFWorks?ref=si_shop  ) and it has helped me find new ways of making money and helping out my family financially.....is there anything that this sight CAN'T do?

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  1. I LOVE pinterest!! I could get sucked in for hours! Thanks so much for linking up to Give Me The Goods Monday!
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  2. Good God, I don't know how I ever existed without Pinterest LOL!! Alright, that's a little overdoing it! But I love it!! Thanks for stopping by and for hosting Give Me the Goods!

  3. That sandwich I could go for right now......Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


    1. You should really REALLY try the sandwich!! It's so good and there's lots of room for inventing and using what you have in your fridge...I've even added spinach Yummo :) Thank you for inviting me to your blog hop! And I'll definitely be back next week :)