Guess what?

The Ex has consistently claimed that since SHE is Ks mom, that if S and K talk, the Ex WILL be involved, and that she WILL be nearby or that K will be in her lap.

Well, if K decides that she wants to talk to MINE AND S'S SON, then the Dude WILL be sitting in my lap.  Just like he was last night.  Because guess what?  That's where he feels most comfortable in new situations and since he hasn't spoken to K or even sees pictures of her, it's a new situation.  Sound familiar?

And it speaks VOLUMES that your daughter won't even acknowledge me while she and the Dude are talking and he's in my lap and I'm completely visible.  It speaks volumes on how YOU are raising your daughter to be incredibly rude and what you have brainwashed her into thinking about me. 

Good job.

But trust me, S and I had plenty of laughs over how mad she got at you.  Good parenting you've got going on there.

So, you might want to start brainwashing K into thinking that she dosn't want to talk to Dude, because I WILL be involved, so if S and I have to look at your ugly sour puss the whole time he talks to K, then you WILL see ME if K and the Dude talk.  :)

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