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Writers block is still plaguing me.....I'm forcing myself a little bit to write this because I know it's been farrrr too long, and because I think I'm at the point where I will have to force myself to wrte...like training myself...maybe I should consider it a workout also??

You guys would NOT believe the craziness that is going on in our lives!

Since I last wrote....there was an electrical fire in our "attic"....that sucked.  I should find more time to write about it because it sucked so bad.  We didn't lose anything important, the kids are fine, the pets are fine, S. and I are fine....it was ridiculously stressful....and I almost cried watching more and more firetrucks show up and park on my front lawn.  Oh, and it happened on Halloween....so we were lucky that the fire decided to smolder for hours during the DAY and not at night....otherwise we could have very well come home from trick or treating to NO house.  We did take the kiddos trick or treating that night, they needed to have some fun after that craziness, and they had a good time and Dude was hysterical with his costume :)  We then proceeded to spend a few days at my parents house, until the electrician could get some power back to our house.....and the contractor could put a ceiling back into our bedroom and bathroom!  There has been a lot of cleaning and organizing, and things are still a little crazy around here, but things are better.

Don't laugh.  We decorated
it at about 11pm the night before
the party because that's when I got home from work...
Both Princess and Dude had birthdays!  Dude turned the BIG 3 and Princess turned the BIG 1!!  They had such wonderful birthdays and to see Dudes face when he realized that we had gotten him the Buzz Lightyear action figure that he's been wanting desperately for MONTHS now, was absolutely priceless!  He STILL thanks us all the time for getting him his Buzz Lightyear! This is a picture of the cake that S. and I decorated for the Dude.....which yes, I got the inspiration off of Pinterest, here  come on, you all know I'm a pinterest fanatic....but there is no way I'm going to spend a ridiculous time decorating a cake for a 3 year old whose only concern is figuring out how to blow out the candle faster to get to the cake part!  So we used the pin as kind of a blueprint.  And of course we had to add "snow" ......


And for Princess we got this huge music table with tons of buttons and turning things, and she can't get enough of it!  It's awesome how much she already loves musc and she seriously dances her butt off! I also made her this ridiculously cute tutu....as in I'm jealous that it's not really ok for me to wear something like this all the time....  The first time I put it on her to judge the length and such, she pitched a fit when I took it off of her!  And of course, in case you're interested...this is the pin that I used as inspiration: ...I made her tutu a lot longer so that it was more dress-like....the Dude said when I put it on his sister.."Oh mama, she looks like a Princess!" 

How appropriate.


And so that I can start "training" myself to write more....I'm leaving other stuff to write about later.....

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