Throwing up.....

is no fun at all.

Flashback 24 years or so...

I'm a sweet little 6 year old and wicked sick.  It's late at night and mom is reading to me in bed as I'm drinking Thera-flu.  Have any of you ever had this?  It basically tastes like hot lemonade and it was the nastiest thing I was forced to drink when I was sick as a kid.  I hated it.  With a passion.  One time when mom made me a cup, I sneaked into the bathroom and poured it down the sink...of course mom knew what I had done and she made me another cup and watched me drink it.  Gross.  This night in particular, I had been sick for a few days and I was tired, and mom was even more tired I'm sure, from being up late at night and listening to me cough...I'm a cougher when I'm sick.  A few pages into my book (Sleeping Beauty)  I told mom that I was feeling really bad and I thought I was going to throw up.  Mom, being her tired self, told me to keep drinking my Thera-flu and I would feel better.....I didn't.  I ended up throwing up all over my precious book.  Gross.  I don't really remember what happened after that, though I'm sure that I, and the book, were cleaned up, and the Thera-Flu was dumped down the bathroom sink.  Mom never made me drink it again.  And to this day, we laugh about it, and Mom informs everyone, that if I say I'm sick and I'm going to throw up, they had better believe me. 

Flash forward to today....I'm now 30, and have two sweet babies of my own.  S. and I have had to deal with the Dude throwing up a few times, and it never gets easier.  There's nothing worse than listening to your baby cry because they're wicked scared because there's weird shit projectiling out of their mouth.  I totally understand kid.  So, both the Dude and Princess are sick.....Dude's definitely running a fever as of this morning, and even though Princess is snotty and coughy, she's still the happiest baby... While S. was out in town making an emergency trip to stock up on fever reducing meds, Vicks, sore throat lollis, and tissues, I was sitting with Dude on the couch trying to force him to drink his cup of juice so he would stay hydrated and Princess was playing with our dog.  I should have thought about all those years ago and what happened to me when I was forced to drink something even though I didn't want to.  Because all of a sudden Dude said he was going to throw up...and he did....all over his face and the couch and me and his blankets and his stuffed bear....then he stood up and threw up all over the couch and me again and the floor.  Gross.  I got him into the bathroom and stood him there as he threw up about 3 more times and is crying and I'm trying to comfort him then I'm running back into the living room to get Princess (where she was already heading for the puke on the floor).  I strapped her into her high chair and ran back into the bathroom and I'm trying to comfort Dude some more while stripping him down and turning on the shower.  It sucks when you have to put your kid in the shower then run out again to clean up all the throw up.  I talked to Dude the whole time, and I think that the steam helped some....so that's a plus....  Princess is crying at this time, I think more because Dude was crying and from the sudden tension... 

Dude got out of shower and into a towel and sat on the couch and then finally dressed in some clean PJs. Then we all cuddled and waited for S. to get home.....poor guy...Dude, not S.  He is still refusing to eat anything, but we gave him a sore throat lolli, and a little gingerale and next thing I know, as I come back from putting Princess down for a nap....Dude is sleeping hardcore up against S.  Oh, and snoring, don't forget snoring....poor guy.  Looks to be a long night already.

Things I have learned today?  My son is apparently more like me than I had thought, and from now on, I probably won't force him to drink anything if he says "no" and I definitely need to start remembering all of these things that happened to me as a kid.

Side note, I still have that Sleeping Beauty book, it was of course, like I said, cleaned off really good.  Maybe I'll read it to Dude later today for old times sake. 

I hope that some day Dude will look back on these experiences like I do, and laugh...and then remember to learn from these experiences with his own kids. 

The rest of our day?  Will be a snotty, coughy, hot, sweaty, humid, Vicks, and shower-filled day.....

Love you mom <3

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