How did last weeks conversation with K and S go?  Of course it went awesome!  They typed back and forth on the Exs IPad (which by the way is awesome since she's living off of our child support!!) typing letters and S got to see how good K is at spelling different words.  However, as soon as the conversation was over, the Ex sent us a message over Skype saying that she would be deleting us as "friends" because this type of communication for her was no longer "convenient" so we would have to "re-friend request" her every time that S and K were supposed to talk.....hmm.  That makes a LOT of sense.  She said that she is hardly ever on Skype so for us to send her messages that way didn't really suit her.  Yup, that's ok, all you had to do was let us know.....not "delete" us....so, we found her again, re-friend requested her, and told her to stop trying to fuck things up for S and K.  You better believe she accepted that shit.  God she's so childish.

However, it was fun for me to sit off to the side of the Skype screen and laugh about how much like shit she looks....still fat....with a horrible short hair cut that makes her look even more fat. 

And the business about sending S a million pictures of Ks report card?  The Exs response?  "I thought you would like regular pictures of K rather than just seeing her every 2 weeks."  Yeahhhhh, the problem with that is:  she was going to send us pictures of Ks REPORT CARD...not pictures of K!!  Send all the pictures of K that you want, but we dont need pictures of her report card....nevermind the fact that we reminded her that she can send the pictures to MY email address (S never gets on his email!)  that option was apparently never considered.  And then....there was the Ex trying to send messages to S via Skype about how it's not appropriate for me to be on screen with S during his calls with K because I no longer care about K.  Yup, like any real stalker should, make sure to read what I wrote correctly, because what I wrote in my last blog, was that I do still care about K, but that it would take a long time to rebuild our relationship because of her crazy ass mother.  Quote me correctly if your're going to stalk my shit.

In other news, the masses are all a-twitter because Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem.  Who cares?  Really?  We all know the woman can actually sing....what's the big deal?

And, I am deeply saddened that this show about Honey Boo Boo is even on the air, never mind the fact that it became its own spinoff from that horrible "Toddlers and Tiaras" bullshit.  Don't watch this crap, maybe it will eventually get pulled off air.

However, the new show, "The Following" is prime shit and everyone needs to check it out.  Although S is confused as to why Kevin Bacon looks like such shit ("Did he have a stroke or something?  Why is one of his eyes half shut all the time?") The show is phenomenal and ranks up there with "Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story", some of the favorites in our household.
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