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Because it's taken so long for Ss ex wife to finally let him start talking to his "daughter" again.

After much stupid and pointless negotiating.

I couldn't remember the last time that S. had talked to his "daughter"  (Why the quotations?  Because I, and many other people, highly doubt that this girl is actually Ss kid, but that's besides the point for this particular entry). because S. knew that there was no way that Ex. would let him talk to K.  But then S "friend requested" Ex on Skype, there were some texts sent back and forth.....a lot.  The Ex finally accepted our Skype request.  Then the even more ridiculous text messages started.  The Ex needed to talk privately to S. first to teach him how to talk to K.  She needed to get the feeling that S. was serious about this.  Blah Blah Blah.  Some of the things got hammered out, but of course S never had a private conversation with the Ex first, he dosn't need to be "taught" how to talk to a 6 year old, and he dosn't need to spend time looking at or talking to Ex....HIS words exactly.

Seriously?  The texts messages were so ridiculous and this "negotiating"  took literally a couple of weeks, and S. telling the Ex numerous times that if he wasn't committed to talking to K, he would have given up a long time ago because of all of the bullshit that the Ex was trying to demand out of him before he could actually talk to K.  I couldn't be around, mine and Ss kids couldn't be around....blah blah blah.  She seems to have forgotten that mine and Ss kids, actually come first to S. and he wasn't going to hide away in another room in the middle of the day so that he could talk to K, while of course K was sitting on the Exes lap, because according to the Ex this where K is most comfortable.....lets disregard the fact that the Ex has been pining away for S for years now and just wanted to butt into his and Ks conversation and try to get back into Ss life. 

Finally the day came when S got to talk to K....S and I even put the kids to bed a little early so that this could happen....and that supposed 5 minute conversation that the Ex was convinced that they would have?  Yeah, it turned into a 45 minute conversation in which K was very open, asked questions, and was happy.  During this time, the Ex got a more and more pissed off look on her face, god it made me laugh!  Because even though I was off screen as I had promised I would be, I was still able to see this little girl that at one point I had cared about deeply....I used to babysit this kid for gods sake while the Ex went to school!!  K used to cuddle me as much as she did her "dad".  Of course I still care for K, she will after all, one day be my stepdaughter, but she's been out of my life for so long, that it will take time to rebuild the relationship that we once had, and it will be hard with her mom convincing K that I'M the crazy bitch in this scenario (yes, the Ex taught K to call me a bitch a few years ago, nice thing to do with your 2 year old).  So K and S talked, he showed her our cats and our dog, she showed him her new Furby, and I laughed over the Exes pissed off face.  The conversation went awesome and K even told S to tell Dude and Princess "hi" for her, S asked if K wanted to say "hi" to me and she said "sure" so S turned the computer so we could see each other and we talked for a second...no problem. And K told S that she wanted to talk again next week instead of 2 weeks from that day as was originally agreed upon (yeah, S used to be able to talk to K every week, but now he only gets a Skype call twice a month?  That's pretty cool).

The next day or so, guess who we got a Skype message from?  That's right.  The Bitch Ex.  She expressed that S would have to enforce a time limit on his calls with K, and that K was upset that I had been on screen for a minute, and that the Ex thought it was pretty inappropriate that S forced K to talk to me, and that S should have more respect for K by being alone while he was talking to her.  Seriously?  Basically the bitch was just mad that I had talked to K.  I don't care. 

S told her to stop being so jealous, and childish, and mad that his conversation with K had gone so well.

Of course she denied it all.  So sad.

Last Tuesday, S messaged the Ex to make sure he could still talk to K last Thursday as K had said that she wanted to.  Of course he got shot down because the Ex was still harping on the fact that I had been involved and because K hadn't been sleeping well during the week and Ex wanted to make sure K wasn't up late again with another 45 minute Skype call.  You want to know what I pointed out to S?  That he's about to get screwed wicked, because if the Ex was already making excuses to not let them talk, and using bullshit like K wasn't sleeping well, what makes him think he'll be able to continue to talk to K?  I personally don't see this happening for too long, because let's face it, the Ex dosn't want K and S talking, she dosn't want to share her daughter with S.  And more importantly, she's scared that K and S will actually build a relationship so that one day, when S tells K all of the nasty shit her mom has done, K will actually believe S. 

So here we are a week later.....S is supposed to talk to K tomorrow.  How will it go?  Who knows?  But I'm pretty sure it's not going to go nearly as well because the Ex is crazy and is going to try and get as much screen time as possible with S.  Oh, and a few days ago, she sent the most pleasant text message asking for Ss email address because she has 6 or 7 pictures of Ks report card and reading assessment......really?  Ss response?  A better idea would be for K to show him the report card and reading assessment over Skype so that she's actually involved in the bragging....Goodness, that would make much more sense wouldn't it??  Of course we haven't received any response. 

That generally happens when she knows we're right.

to a "t" you crazy bitch

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