a pile of leaves on our window sill

today, dude was playing in our room for a while, no big deal since this a regular occurrence.  he comes out and tells me that he made a pile of leaves and made a fire.  no, i didnt freak out. we dont leave fire-starting tools where dude can reach them.  and i didnt smell smoke, so i said "oh yeah? thats cool buddy."  and left it at that and went back to whatever it was that i was doing at the time.

later, as the whole family was in our bedroom for whatever reason....i look over to our window, which i leave cracked open during the day (theres no screen on it, so i only leave it cracked so the cats dont get out) and i see a small pile of ripped up leaves on our inside window sill. apparently, dude can reach the bush thats outside our window. i smile, show S. and call dude over.

"hey bud, whats this all about?  is this the pile of leaves that you were telling me about today?
(S. is laughing)
"you can reach the leaves outside our window?"
"yeah.  its leaves for my dinosaur."
"oh. ok bud."
(as he proceeds to show me how he can reach out the window and tears up some more leaves to add to his pile)

i love him <3