holy SHIT!! athletes have sex at the Olympics?!?!

big surprise.

but thank you so much Good Morning America for reporting about this.  i for one, do not care about how many condoms were stocked for the athletes.  actually, all in all, i dont care that they have sex, and i dont think that its necessary to report about this.  i didnt realize that we had reverted back to the 50's and finding out that someone was having sex was such a huge news story. 

tell you what, you go ahead and get a ridiculously bangin hot body....go to another country....have the opportunity to have sex with someone else who ALSO has a ridiculously bangin hot body...and tell me what you would do?  ESPECially if youre celebrating the fact that you just kicked ass in front of millions of people......OR if you just lost the biggest game of your life, and you need to get screwed 10 ways from sunday to feel a LITTLE bit better about yourself. 

regardless.....yes, adults do have sex. if its consentual (sp?), does it really need to be reported about on the morning news? 

to all of you Olympic athletes that are going to get laid while in london? good for you!  have fun, use those condoms that were stocked up for you (although some of your babies would be gorgeous), and maybe at some point, you could try to also protest the fact that your uniforms were made in China.......