Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

is it possible, in any way whatsoever, to get carpal tunnel from patting your babies back and/or butt all. the. time??

because im pretty sure thats what happening to me.

our daughter, "princess," is now almost 8 weeks old, and sometimes i swear she has a look on her face that conveys...."whatever slave. just keep patting my butt/back/whatever body part you want to pat so im distracted enough that i wont cry."  honestly. 

another interesting conclusion that S. and i have come to in the past 2 months? 

we. will. never. buy. huggies. diapers.

princess has had numerous NASTY blow out shitty diapers....as in, shit running down her leg and making it necessary to do ANOTHer load of laundry.  i want to puke when this happens.  S. has seen only one of these miraculous happenings because of his work schedule..i have been subjected to many.  apparently princess likes to poop (if thats what you can call it) mid morning.  at least the laundry is done in a timely fashion instead of having to do it at night.  you may be asking, how this relates to huggies diapers?  because we received them as a gift, so we use them, but these were what she was wearing EVERY SINGLE TIME this has happened...if YOURE the person who gave them to us, im sorry im complaining, i know it was a gift, but we cant deal.  we have been using them up BEcause they were a gift, and theres no sense in getting rid of them.....thank god theyre almost gone...now i just mentally cross my fingers whenever i put one on her that she wont shit in the next hour or so....or i make sure to put a pampers on her if its midmorning...why is it necessary to schedule the time of day that i put certain diapers on my daughter??